How to create a own cryptocurrency wallet


Crypto wallet architecture

People use crypto wallets for transferring & storing cryptocurrency with high levels of security protocols followed. In order to have safer transactions, the architecture of the crypto wallet must be designed with security enriched. The architecture of crypto wallets is explained below for your knowledge.

The entire structure of a crypto wallet is built in a way to perform 4 different functions.

  1. The foremost is wallet management. After depositing the funds, the private keys ensuring the security process will be generated by wallet core and Level DB stores it.
  2. The Next mechanism is withdrawal and wallet address generation in which wallet-gateway tracks the transactions and supports data transfer using gRPC protocol between wallet-core and wallet-gateway components.
  3. The important component is ledger-monitor program, which injects new block events to MQ(RabbitMQ).
  4. Finally the ledger-consumer merges two MQ consumers, one is to maintain UTXOs for our system wallets and the other is deposit to handle user’s notifications.

Cryptocurrency wallet Development Company

Crypto-trading along with blockchain technology is going to be the future occupants everywhere. In this trading process, crypto wallets play an exuberant part making faster and safer transactions. Hivelance being the leading cryptocurrency wallet development company offers you highly dynamic solutions in making your own crypto wallets or updating existing ones.

Security features we offer 

  • Transaction history
  • Speedy transactions
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Login protocols
  • Wallet backups
  • Multiple currency integration
  • Two factor authentication
  • Eliminating fraud transactions.

Our crypto wallet development process

Analysis: We do various types of research and probe deeply about the latest technology and we gather all the benefits in crypto wallet development.

Planning and building: We assist clients for successful launching of crypto wallets and our working technique helps them to stand tall in organizational competitions. We finally build wallets with top-notch solutions.

Implementation: We implement the wallets and take control over the updates and corrections. When inherent user base growth happens in their business, we help them in scaling even after the project delivery.

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