How to curtain cleaning without removing from the eaves

It is difficult to imagine a complete and cozy interior of any room without curtains and curtain cleaning. Therefore, when decorating a house or apartment, special attention is paid to their choice. In addition to choosing and buying curtains, the problem of caring for them subsequently also arises. If they are massive and multi-level lambrequins, then it is extremely difficult to remove them for curtain cleaning or washing.

In this case, it is recommended to clean the curtains directly on the eaves. The choice of the best method depends on the material used, the design and the type of curtain. Let’s consider the simplest and most effective ways to clean the curtains without removing them from the eaves.

General tips for cleaning curtains

Regular care of your curtains will extend their lifespan and maintain a fresh, neat and presentable appearance. However, routine machine washing can damage many fabrics. In addition, it is quite difficult to remove and hang multi-level structures.

Experts recommend cleaning the curtains without removing them with a vacuum cleaner and steam generator. This will freshen the curtains without washing, clean the air in the room and avoid damaging expensive fabrics. To do this, it will be convenient to use special brushes on the vacuum cleaner, paying special attention to the folds and brushes in which dust accumulates. This procedure is recommended to be performed at least once every three months. At the same time, with regular curtain cleaning ballarat, you should shake off the curtains so that the deep dust does not penetrate into the structure of the fabric.

In addition, before carrying out any cleaning, you should check which method is suitable for a particular fabric. In some cases, only dry cleaning can be used, while for other materials, normal washing is possible, but without spinning. If in doubt, it is better to entrust the work to specialists. Professional cleaning of curtains will avoid damage to the fabric and guarantee a perfect result without effort on the part of the wearer.

Regardless of the method, cleaning should be carried out only after examining the composition of the fabric. Some of them cannot be wetted at all, otherwise the fabric shrinks a lot. For example, for velvet curtains, only dry cleaning can be used with a special soft brush, which smoothers the surface of the fabric and returns it to a well-groomed appearance.

In addition to the composition of the fabrics, attention should be paid to the design of the curtains. For example, Roman shades are more convenient to vacuum or use a steam generator to clean them. When cleaning without removing it from the eaves, care should be taken to clean the fasteners, eaves and other small parts. To do this, just wipe them with a soft, damp cloth.

Curtain cleaning options

To make cleaning the curtains easy, it is recommended to shake off dust from them at least once a week or even use a special vacuum cleaner brush. However, such cleaning will only get rid of dust, as well as prevent its penetration into the deep layers of the fabric structure. In addition, this procedure will make the air in the room cleaner and fresher.

n addition, stains may appear on the fabric, which can only be removed with the help of special detergents. If dirt appears on the fabric, different cleaning options can be used depending on the type of fabric and curtains.

Dry cleaning

It consists in using a special nozzle for a vacuum cleaner or a soft cloth such as microfiber. This care method is suitable for all materials. However, the vacuum cleaner should be used at minimum power, and the nozzle should have a soft nap so as not to disturb the structure of the fabric.

Steam cleaner

The use of a steam cleaner is allowed only if the material does not decay, does not fade, and there is no large layer of dust on the curtains. In this case, the generated steam penetrates between the fibers, dissolving the dirt molecules, but does not pull them out. Therefore, the dust remains inside and then it will be even more difficult to remove it. In addition, some types of fabrics, when treated with steam, instantly lose their appearance, therefore, in this case, you should either clean them dry, or order a professional dry cleaner.

Washing with soap and water

Recommended for stains that cannot be removed with a dry method. An excellent solution for fabrics that are not afraid of moisture and does not shrink. Wiping with soapy water allows you to freshen the appearance of curtains made of delicate fabrics and in the case of unusual multi-level sewing, when it is extremely difficult to remove and re-hang curtains. For tough stains, a stain remover can also be used.

Regardless of the method, it is quite difficult to clean the curtains at home. For a perfect result, it is best to order a professional curtain cleaning Bradford. This will minimize the risk of damage.

Cleaning various types of curtains

Wet or dry cleaning of curtains without removing is recommended depending on the type of material and its degree of soiling. In addition, the design of the curtains should be taken into account when choosing the optimal cleaning method.

Regular fabric curtains

Dry or wet cleaning of classic textile curtains cannot replace its full washing or dry cleaning. This is due to the peculiarity of the material, into the structure of which dust and dirt eats in very quickly, and an unpleasant odor also appears, especially if the curtains are hanging in the kitchen. However, cleaning by weight can be an excellent temporary measure to help delay the required high wash.

In this case, cleaning the curtains will include the following steps:

Dry cleaning. To freshen up the look of fabric curtains, just shake them to remove dust. If you carry out this procedure regularly, you can delay the need for a full wash or dry cleaning. Experts recommend shaking the curtains at least once a week to keep dust out of the fabric. Dry cleaning can also be done with a vacuum cleaner. To do this, use a soft brush and low power.

Remove stains. The main step in cleaning curtains is removing stains. They can appear from spilled drinks or get dirty at the bottom. Therefore, you can delay washing your curtains by removing these stains. This will require a soapy solution or mild bleach, brush, or sponge.



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