How to Deal With Your ED (Erectile Dysfunction)?

ED Pills

Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) is a prevalent male disease, characterized by the inability to achieve and maintain an erection in a state that ensures sexual intercourse. Sometimes Erectile Dysfunction is called Male Impotence; it’s like a second name.

Erectile Dysfunction: it’s the penis’ boogeymen, but the fear is real. 40% of us experience it before 40, and that number rises to 70% by age 70.

More than 3 million people in the United States of America (USA) experience Erectile Dysfunction every year. In other words, it’s a widespread condition—one that is easily treatable and often curable.

The disease leads to progression, although very few people go to the doctor. Because he thinks it is a matter of shameful. But now there is no shame.

It can be a sign of physical causes or psychological conditions. It can cause stress, anxiety, relationship strain, and low self-confidence. Symptoms of Erectile brokenness vary from a total incapacity to get an erection, and incompatible ability to do so or a tendency to maintain only brief erections.

If you have difficulty obtaining or maintaining erections more than 25% of the time, you should promptly see your health care provider or doctor.

Alternative Name:

Erectile Dysfunction, Male Impotence, Sexual Disorder – Male

How do you feel you have a problem with Erectile Dysfunction?

Essentially, at the age of 20 or 70, most men lose their erection in an untimely manner in their lives. This doesn’t inevitably mean you’re dealing with Erectile Dysfunction. However, if you have a diminished desire for s e x and a persistent inability to achieve or sustain an erection, you may have erectile problems.

What is ED Symptoms?

Here, Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms,

  • Trouble getting an erection.
  • Trouble keeping an erection.
  • Premature Ejaculation (PE) or Lack Of seminal fluid from the urethra during sensual intercourse;
  • Decrease physical desire.
  • Cause of Erectile Dysfunction
  • Drug’s use;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Obesity;
  • Excessive use of some medications such as antihypertensives, antidepressants, and antipsychotics;
  • Psychological Causes such as – stress or anxiety, depression, injuries, fear, dissatisfaction or diminution of the libido;
  • Chronic disorders with kidney failure or diabetes.
  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
  • Sometimes erectile dysfunction problems occur because of the fear of failing with a new partner.


Like most situations, the first step in treating an ED problem is to ensure that you are in the best health possible. Here are some superb ways to improve your health:

  • Exercise (Aerobic) three times a week (or daily),
  • Stop Smoking and Tobacco products
  • Decrease alcohol consumption to 2 drinks, 1-2 times a week (or stop altogether)
  • Eat fewer junk foods, fatty foods, and fatty food
  • Lifestyle changes (medications, stress, reduction, reducing exposure)
  • Eat more fresh vegetables (green vegetables), fruits, and healthy meats
  • Practice yoga or meditation to help reduce stress and Anxiety
  • Food and diet changes
  • Continue having s e x with your love partner — do not stop!
  • Consider speaking with a s e x therapist
  • British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Physical activity
  • Institute of Psychosexual Medicine
  • Relate Therapist

Non-Medical Helps

Acupuncture and natural supplements are helpful for some men. Scientists have studied supplements such as L-arginine, Propionyl-L-carnitine, Yohimbe, Red Ginseng, and Maca. While some are more beneficial than others, they should only be taken with proper permission.

L-arginine, according to the Mayo Clinic, can interfere with Viagra medications and should never be taken together. Like all medications, supplements can have interactions and adverse side effects such as diarrhea, acne, stomach pain, increased anxiety, and an irregular heartbeat.

Other help is non-medical help that a man might use would be a p*nis ring or a vacuum pump to improve penile size. Both of these can increase the blood supply to the p e n I s and allow it to become engorged with blood to become erect.

ED Medications (PDE-5):

These medications are available by prescription only; specific medicines can help treat Erectile Dysfunction issues.

Viagra / Sildenafil Citrate: The most popular of all erectile medication is Fildena 100 Generic Viagra. It is also available in its generic form, Sildenafil Citrate strength like 100mg. The generic way is cheaper, but they both work to increase blood flow to the p*nis. This Medications work approximately 60 minutes and can last for 4 hours.

Conclusion: Does not improve sensual arousal. Medication has to be taken before planned intimacy—excessive alcohol mixed with this medication headache, dizziness, or an unsafe drop in blood pressure (BP). Possible side effects are headache, runny or stuffy nose, dizziness, upset stomach (nausea), back pain, and muscle pain.

Stendra / Avanafil: If you want a quick medication for fully-enjoyment intimate, use timing tablets in Pakistan to treat ED. Avanafil is similar to Sildenafil Citrate; they both work the same way to raise blood supply to the p*nis, but this medication works much faster.

Benefits: The body can absorb this medicine in as little as 15 minutes. The medication lasts up to 5 hours.

Conclusion: A large meal can slow down absorption. The p*nis will not harden without physical intimacy; this medication must be used in tandem with intimacy.

Tadalafil / Cialis: Vidalista 40 Tadalafil medication works just like Viagra and Stendra, but it can last much longer in the man’s body.

Benefits: It can be taken up to 36 hours before intimacy. This medicine has been approved for men who suffer from high blood pressure. It is also called “Weekend Pills”.

Conclusion: Similar to Viagra

Vardenafil / Levitra:

Like Generic Viagra, this Vilitra 20 medicine helps men achieve an erection.

Benefits: Works faster than Viagra and often has fewer side effects. It is also considered safer for men who have hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. The medicine also has a shorter half-life, which means the body can remove the treatment faster.

Conclusion: The shorter half-life means it does not work as long as Viagra.

What are the Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction?

Although rare, Sildenafil or Tadalafil side effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Loss of hearing
  • Stomach pain and nausea
  • Headaches
  • Flushing
  • Redness or Warmness in the face, neck, or chest
  • Stuffy or Runny nose
  • Diarrhea
  • Nasal congestion
  • Back pain
  • Memory problems
  • An inability to differentiate between the colors green and blue (blurred vision)

Some Prevention Step for Erectile Dysfunction:

To prevent erectile dysfunction, you should first step into a healthy lifestyle. You need to eat healthy foods or fruits and go in for sports. It is not recommended to smoke and (Drinking) abuse alcohol. . In no matter you use narcotic substances;

If the doctor prescribed any PDE-5 medication to you, you must strictly follow the regimen and dosage. This is especially true for psychotropic medicines and drugs that impact the nervous and hormonal systems.

It is necessary to have a regular physical life without prolonged abstinence. physical excesses are not recommended either. If you have injuries of the small pelvis, injuries of this area, hypertension (HP), or diabetes, it is necessary to consult a urologist;

Also, you can use a vacuum erector; Folk techniques recommend eating more garlic, see foods (figs, oysters), watermelon, ginger, walnuts, and honey. An herbal decoction or Herbal timing tablets in Pakistan will help tone the whole body.

Today almost all cases of this male erectile disorder are treatable. Erectile dysfunction occurs in many men, and there are many methods to treat it, but as of now, many of us do nothing about the disease.

Key Takeaways

Erectile dysfunction occurs in many men, and there are many ways to treat it, but as of now, many of us do nothing about the disease.  Arming yourself with the facts, however, can help you prevent ED in its tracks.

Treatments like Sildenafil and Tadalafil are useful in the vast majority of men, while lifestyle improvements can knock the problem on the head for good. If you have questions about treating Erectile Dysfunction, visit our site AllDayGeneric store.

Remember that this disease can serve as a symptom of another, more severe disease. The crucial point is not to delay treatment and undergo a specialized center diagnosis at the first symptoms. Your health is in your hands.


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