How To Detect, Prevent and Get Rid Of Computer Virus?


If you are a computer user chances are you may have at least come across a computer virus. A computer virus is a program that inserts their own code by replicating themselves and modifying programs. Like a human body is infected with a virus, computers are also said to be infected. Computer viruses are not to be dealt with neglect because they are the reason for economic damage every year worth billions of dollars.

These computer viruses can infect our computers in many different ways, the most common being downloadable files. These downloadable files can be emailed to us or shared through social media; upon downloading them we give access to the computer virus into our system. Here is a guide prepared by professional thesis writers in Islamabad that can help you detect, prevent, and get rid of computer viruses.

How to detect a computer virus?

Detecting a virus is easy for people who know how a computer virus works but it can be a hassle for people who don’t. Here are some ways to detect a computer virus.

  • The speed of your computer will be slower. If your computer doesn’t have any heavy software then it should work smoothly and even if you have heavy software and your memory is greater than there should be no reason for slow responses but if you find your computer to be working slowly or taking a long time to carry out tasks then chances are your computer has a virus.
  • If the file sizes in your computer are changing as in there is an addition or removal of data from your files, then there might be a virus in your computer.
  • There might be a computer virus on your computer if you notice your computer is crashing when you try to access a program or an application.
  • It is an indication of a virus if strange and unfamiliar messages are popping up when you open files or try to access data.
  • You can scan your computer to detect viruses and opt for computer care programs that will help you detect viruses quickly.

How to prevent a computer virus?

  • Having Anti-Virus software installed on your computer can prevent any viruses to access your computer.
  • We often just install Anti-virus software and forget about it but running scans with it is also important. You need to schedule regular scans through your Anti-Virus software preferably within a week.
  • Refrain from opening or downloading a file or attachment if you are not expecting it and if it is from an unreliable source or website.
  • Keep updating your Anti-Virus software
  • Maintain a secure network by setting up strong passwords. Avoid using open Wi-Fi connections.

How to get rid of a computer virus?

This may require some work but it is for your own personal safety and your computer’s betterment.

  • Install Anti-Virus software that scans any potential and existing viruses on your computer. This can keep you safe from future viruses as well.
  • Disconnect your computer from the internet connection because some viruses spread through the internet and so the virus or malware fails to share your data. If your internet is connected via Wi-Fi, then disconnect it, or if it is connected through a wire make sure to unplug it as well just to be sure.
  • Allow the Anti-Virus software to run a complete scan through your computer and identify the virus. Once the virus is detected you can either choose to quarantine it or delete it once and for all.
  • Get rid of temporary files by deleting them and also clear your cache history. The files which are not used frequently may be the place for the virus to hang around. If you are taking steps to get rid of viruses then why not do it completely so that there is no chance of a virus on your computer.
  • After you are done with getting rid of the virus, you should update your operating systems and the web browsers you use.
  • Set a strong password. Avoid reusing old passwords. Update passwords for anything that is password secured such as your Email, your computer itself, or any other password requiring software or application.

There are ways to remove viruses manually but this is not for everyone because it requires complete knowledge and in-depth details of the operating system which not all of us know about. Getting rid of viruses through Anti-Virus software is easier and quicker, also it works step by step explaining everything.


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