How To Earn 5 Extra VISA Points Through NAATI CCL for Australia VISA

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NAATI CCL is a test that examines the candidate’s potential to convey the context of a conversation from English to other languages, LOTE (Language other than English) and also from LOTE to English. NAATI CCL is offered in many different languages like NAATI Hindi, Punjabi NAATI CCL, NAATI CCl Gujarati, NAATI Spanish, NAATI Sinhala, etc. You can choose the language for the NAATI CCL test according to your convenience. NAATI CCl test if passed, then you get the extra 5 VISA points. Many applicants who are applying for the Australia VISA on a points basis opt for this test.  

This blog will explain the NAATI CCL test’s test format and what procedure one should follow to crack this exam and score these 5 extra VISA points.  

NAATI CCL Test Format

  • You are required to score 65 points in the NAATI CCL test to get 5 extra VISA points. 
  • In this test, you are required to listen to a recording and need to translate that recording from English to a language other than English or vice-versa. 
  • Topics of the recordings are based on the daily base conversation in Australian society related to Migration, Health services, Employment, etc. 
  • Every recording will have two dialogues to be translated and interpreted, consisting of 300 words with different 35 words.
  • The time limit of this exam is 20 minutes, so I suggest you take up the languages you are more comfortable with. 

Steps To Prepare for NAATI CCL Exam

  1. Get aware of the test and test format 
  • It is important to know what is NAATI CCL test all about and how this test will help you with your visa application. Before giving or opting for any test, you need to do a background check about that test and know if giving this test will help you or not. 
  • Once you are done knowing what the test is all about, then research about the test format and what all things and aspects are included in the test, and on what basis you will be examined in the test. 

2. Decide if you want to join NAATI CCL coaching classes 

  • Once you are done with researching and knowing everything about NAATI CCL, you need to decide if you want to join any coaching institute or prepare for the exam on your own. 
  • This is an important decision as you want to crack this exam and if you are preparing on your own, you have to be sure that you can study by yourself. 

3. Study Material 

  • Once you decide how you want to prepare for the test, the next step will be to look for study material for your preparation for the test. Make sure that you look for study material that has all the topics and aspects covered for the test. 
  • Study material must cover all the aspects as that is the only source that will help to cover all the important aspects and help you crack the test. 

4. Prepare a time table 

  • Once you figure out which material you have to refer to for preparing for the test, then make a schedule or timetable about how much time you are going to invest in completing a specific topic. This will help you in being on track and also help you analyze your growth in the preparation. Make sure you stick to the timetable as that is the most difficult part. 

5. Mock Tests 

  • Giving mock tests is important to calculate your growth with the preparation of the test. Mock tests will help you know which areas you are good at and which areas you need to work on. 
  • With the help of mock tests, you will realize what mistakes you are making and how you can avoid making those mistakes in the exam. 

6. Work on your weaknesses 

  • Once you start giving the mock tests, you will know what all mistakes you are making. Once you know that, you can start working on improving those mistakes and see in the next mock test whether you are able to avoid those mistakes or not. 
  • This will help you save those marks which you were losing earlier. This is important as our main goal here is to crack the exam, and we need to consider all the aspects from where we can score marks and avoid losing marks. 

7. Analyze your growth 

  • Once you start working on your weaknesses, again give mock tests and see if the tips and tricks that you are using to avoid those mistakes are working or not. If now then look for other alternatives and how you can avoid making those mistakes. 

8. Revision 

  • Once you are done with all the preparation and tests for just one last time, go through all the important aspects you need to remember. This will help you know if you need to look at some topics again or not. Revision will help you with going through all the mistakes you have made in the mock tests so that you don’t repeat those mistakes in the exam

9. Stay Confident 

  • Once you are done with all the preparation and revision, stay confident and believe in yourself. It is very normal to be scared before the day of the exam but believe in the process and your efforts, and you will be good to go.  


For every test, you are required to follow a procedure to achieve your desired marks. Following the procedure and sticking to the timetable is the toughest part, but it can be easily achieved when we keep our goal clear. The steps mentioned in this article will help you crack the NAATI CCL tests and achieve those 5 extra VISA points for your Australia VISA.

It is not an easy procedure to get Australia VISA; it requires patience as you have to go through a lengthy process. You can achieve your desired marks in these tests with hard work, working on your weaknesses, and strengthening your plus points. All you need to do is identify the weaknesses and work on them to achieve positive results. I hope you find this article helpful and it helps you to achieve your desired scores in NAATI CCL test.


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