How To Exchange PayPal USD To Skrill USD.

You will get a reference number

Once you have completed your payment, we will send you a reference number. This is needed to make an exchange and you mustn’t alter or remove the reference number from the payment details.

If you are sending money with PayPal Goods and Services option, please do not add any notes to your payment (e.g., “I want my Skrill USD”) as these may delay the processing time for our team members.

You should also avoid sending funds from credit cards because they can be declined by banks due to fraud risk assessment protocols in place globally which prevents processing at times when funds are withdrawn from them instead of being deposited into their accounts as intended by consumers who use these methods often enough over some time without realizing what causes such problems until it’s too late!

Send your money to our PayPal account

  • You will need to verify your PayPal account by providing the following information:
  • Once you have verified your PayPal account, we’ll send you an email with a reference number and instructions on how to proceed with the payment.
  • Once we receive your money from PayPal, we’ll deposit it into our Skrill USD account and provide updated transaction details for future reference purposes (e.g., if there are any discrepancies).

Fill in the form and send it to us

  • Fill in the form and send it to us.
  • We will transfer money to your Skrill account, and you will get a reference number.

We will transfer money to your Skrill

Once your payment has been processed, we will send you a notification email with the amount of money that was transferred to your Skrill account. You can track the status of the transfer at any time by logging into your account on PayPal and clicking on “Transfers” in the left-hand menu.

You may also choose to withdraw all or part of this cash using Skrill directly from PayPal’s website by clicking on “Withdraw” under “Withdrawal Methods.” If this is how you want to do things, then just follow these steps:

  • Go back into PayPal and click “View Details” next to each withdrawal amount; 2) Click “Request Withdrawal” at the bottom right corner; 3) Follow instructions are given when prompted about whether or not any funds are waiting for them (if so, please ask us about their status); 4) If everything looks good then go ahead with making payment!

Exchange USD from PayPal to Skrill in 5 minutes

  • Speed of the exchange: The exchange takes only 5 minutes.
  • The convenience of the exchange: You can do this with just one click and you don’t need to go anywhere else.
  • Security of the exchange: This is done by using a third-party payment processor that has been approved by PayPal itself, which makes sure that your money will be transferred safely and securely from your Paypal account into Skrill’s account at all times.


We are happy to help you with PayPal USD for Skrill USD exchange. We provide support in 5 languages – English, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese. If you have any questions or need more details about our service, please contact us through our live chat box or visit our website at


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