How to Execute a Factory Reset on Windows 7 with CD and Without It

windows 7 factory reset

Factory settings generally mean executing a reset of your system to its initial settings. It restores the system to the configuration as it first was when you bought it. A factory reset is also called a reset to factory settings or factory defaults. It deletes all personal files, pictures, movies, and any installed applications or drivers that weren’t a part of the original configuration of that system. In this article, you’ll find how to factory reset on Windows 7. You can restore the factory settings with the installation CD and without it. 


How to Factory Reset on Windows 7 with Installation CD

You can use the Windows 7 installation disk to execute a repair of your system. Follow these steps.

  • You need to run System Restore or Startup Repair from the disc.
  • To do it, start your system and hold and press the F8 key. 
  • Select ‘Repair Your Computer’ at ‘Advanced Boot Options.’
  • Hit Enter.
  • Choose a keyboard language and tap ‘Next.’
  • When you are prompted, sign in with an administrative account. 
  • Select ‘Startup Repair’ or ‘System Restore’ at the ‘System Recovery Options.’
  • Follow the instructions of the wizard for continuing with the options above. 


Factory Reset Your Windows 7 without CD

Many computers have a recovery partition that enables the users to reset the system to factory settings. Adhere to these points to know how to do it.

  • Hit Windows Logo and E keys on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • The ‘File Explorer’ will open. Right-tap ‘Computer’ and choose ‘Manage.’
  • Next, tap ‘Storage’ followed by ‘Disk Management.’
  • Check if your system has a recovery partition. 
  • Switch off your system and disconnect all peripherals except the mouse, monitor, and keyboard. 
  • Hit the Power button and switch on your computer. Before the Windows logo comes on the screen, hit the ‘Recovery Key’ on your keyboard repeatedly. The key varies according to different computers. Here is the command to access the recovery partition for most computer brands.


  1. Acer – F10
  2. Dell – CTRL + F11
  3. Asus – F9
  4. Advent – F10
  5. HP – F11
  6. LG – F11
  7. IBM – Lenovo – F11 
  8. Samsung – F4
  9. MSI – F3
  10. Sony Vaio – 10 or F8
  11. Toshiba – 0 or F8


  • Adhere to the instructions on your screen to reset your system.


Final Words

Now you can easily execute factory reset if  Windows 7 won’t update. Keep in mind that it will delete all the applications and data on your system. If you face any issues while doing so, seek the help of technical support.

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