How to Extract Bulk Attachments from EML –  Get Solution

EML Attachments Extractor

This article describes a method for extracting bulk attachments from EML. Are you one of those people who want to extract bulk attachments from EML?  Then this blog is for you and here you will get the complete guide. So, if you want to know the solution, read this article.

EML is a file extension used for archiving emails for various email clients. As a result, millions of emails are sent by users every day and stored as EML files. Emails with shared attachments are widely used, which is why they are so popular. However, these accessories can interfere with people’s work. This is because saving attachments in emails increases the file size.

A simple solution to troubleshoot attachment issues is to remove the attachments from the EML file. But now the query is how to do it.

Automatic Software to Extract Bulk Attachments from EML

SysTools EML Attachment Extractor Tool allows you to extract EML attachments. The software is simple in design and has many advantages. You can easily extract attachments based on specific date ranges without any problem. You can use this product on Windows and Mac machines. This solution is one of the effective programs capable of extracting multiple EML attachments at once. In addition, this tool is easy to use and can be operated easily by all users, both technical users and beginners. This solution is one of the effective programs capable of extracting multiple EML attachments at once. In addition, this tool is easy to use and can be operated easily by all users, both technical users and beginners.

This utility also offers another excellent feature that allows users to extract attachments based on file types. Certain file types can be included/excluded from extraction. Include/exclude options to be selected and extensions for certain file types must be entered in the appropriate fields.

Steps to Extract Bulk Attachments from EML

Follow the simple installation process to run and install the software.

  • Download EML File Attachment Extractor and install

Download EML Attachments Extractor

  • Choose “Add File/ Folder options

Add EML Files

  • Select the desired folder hierarchy option

Choose Folder hierarchy

  • Select the desired filter date filter, file type, file size, etc.

Choose Filter Options

  • ClickExtract Button” to start extracting EML attachments.

Click on Extract Button

Entices Feature of the Software

  • Ease of User Use: Many users use non-process functions. That’s why we provide a platform where people can work easily without any problems.
  • Change or Select a Location of the Results: The product can support many advanced features, including destination paths. You can choose any location to easily save downloaded EML attachments.
  • Freedom of Choice of Location: the product allows you to choose the resulting path to save the newly extracted file. By default, the product selects the location of the computer desktop. You can select and change the location according to your needs.
  • Windows and Mac Compatibility: This solution is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows and Mac computers. You can simply install this utility on any Mac or Windows workstation or server. Furthermore, it is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 11.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: If you have any questions about the conversion, the technical support team is always at your service.
  • Extract Unlimited Attachments: You can extract an infinite number of EML attachments with this utility, and the resulting output can be extracted directly into EML later.


Here we explain how to extract bulk attachments from EML. There are multiple ways to perform this process. But using professional software is the best option to extract some EML files. It is a standalone tool and does not require helper applications to run EML files. A demo version of the app is also available, where users can check out the work process and functionality. Read the whole blog and get rid of the problem.


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