How To Find The Best Roofer In Your Area


Getting a new roof for your place is a serious and stressful business. Apart from choosing (roofer) variables, like which type of roof you want and how much budget you have, you need to relocate your precious items for the duration of work and spare time to supervise the whole affair.

All of these things can automatically fall into their proper place if you manage to get your hands on a professional. They can manage all the moving parts and ensure that nothing will be left behind when it comes to responsibility and quality of work.

To find the best roofer in your area. It may seem as easy as going online and typing the “best roofers”, but things are not that simple. There should be a robust vetting process to eliminate all the pseudo-professionals and hire the best of the best. This is where this post comes into the picture.

We will explore the whole process of landing on the best roofer in your area so that you have all the peace of mind while the crew is working on your site.

Shortlist The Best One’s Roofer

As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, you can, at least, start by going online and get some names for the best roofer in your vicinity. This will give you a good rallying point. Go with the one and if it does not come out to be satisfactory, pick another from this preliminary list.

Here how to pick the best roofer from the bunch.


The online presence of the companies depends on the feedback roofer receives from clients. This comes in the forms of reviews, comments, and ratings. While shortlisting prospective roofing companies, go through their profiles on trusted websites and their own and see what people have to say about them.

Years In Business

Due to increasing demand, there are many make-shift companies that claim to be professionals but there is hardly any truth in it. Research the inception of the company and determine how long they have been in business. This shows they have a reputation and will go the extra mile to keep it.

Go Local

Instead of choosing a conglomerate, go for a local company. The reason is that they are more invested in the community and be there at the shortest notice whenever you need them. Customer service is also better in local businesses due to the absence of red tape.

Insurance & License

There are many states, like Texas, where roofers are compelled by law to have a working license. This does not stop the professional companies from obtaining one. This gives a sense of assurance to the clients that the company has all the things that make it competitive and eligible to run a business in the market. There is a minimum criterion that must be fulfilled by the companies to get a license so check on that.

You could be putting your property and life at risk if you hire a roofing contractor that does not have insurance coverage. It means any injury or damage incurred by the roofing crew on your site will be paid for by your side. This can cause serious trouble. While researching potential candidates, pick the one that has maximum insurance coverage for employees as well as clients’ property.

There is a potential pitfall in the form of cheap rates for work in the absence of insurance coverage. Never fall for that.


Once you are done researching online, it is time to get out there and ask around the work and name of the companies. Start with your friends, family, and coworkers. There are chances that any one of them had some sort of brush with the shortlisted company in the past. This will give you insight into how that particular company operates in the real world.

Besides verifying online information, you can also ask additional questions about the acumen of the crew, pricing, and deadline adherence, social and communication skills, etc.

Multiple Quotes

It is standard that all established companies do not ask for any fee unless there is some real work done. This means you can get multiple quotes from contractors without worrying about the cost. This factor will affect very much about your final decision.

Written Estimates

There is no shame in asking for written estimates and quote while you are in contact with the roofers. Ask them to add each and every expense and give you an idea about how much the roofing project is going to cost.

Getting estimates in writing helps you in comparing different companies and even evaluate which company is adding more value to your property. All the terms and conditions, including timeline, deadline, number of contractors, etc. should be decided before the signing of the contract.

Communication Clarity

Before booking an appointment with a roofing company, it is best to check the soundness of their company structure and administration from the outside. Start by calling the representative and ask all the questions regarding the company and the particular goal you have in mind regarding your project. See how the rep responds. This will give you a clear picture of whether they are as good as they are represented online.

If there is a lag in communication and you are not satisfied with the answers you got to your questions. It is time to go to the preliminary list from the first postulate and start all over again.


The training of education of roofers does not stop after they are hired. They need to go through workshops and certification programs to obtain information about the latest materials and systems in the industry. Professional companies do not want to be left behind so they robustly train their crews to meet all the requirements of their customers.

Manufacturers organize these programs for the roofer to get educated. In turn, they offer warranties to only projects that have been helped by certified professionals. This is a big catch!

After choosing the type of roof you want above your head, ask about the certifications and other credentials in that specific category. This will help you in determining whether they are eligible to handle the material and the tools.


Roofing can cost a big sum of money. Most people do not have that kind of money to pay the sum at the end of the work. That is why there are roofing companies that offer to finance to eligible customers.

They have their own set of criteria and those who fall in that can get a loan term. This means they will get a roof and can pay the price in the form of small loan payments spanning a couple of months, and even years. This is a big relief for people who direly need a roof above their heads but cannot afford to pay the complete cost.

This loan is not like a bank loan or mortgage. And an established company can offer you a long-term loan even if your credit line is not stellar.

Once you are done researching and studying all the aspects of the deal, it is time to draft a contract. Make sure you go through it multiple times before signing it. Do not close the deal until you have no doubt about any term or condition in the contract.

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