How to Find the Right Gardeners in London


How much does the professional gardeners cost in big cities like London? How to choose the right solution? Read below some of our ideas and tips on how to find the correct gardening professional and pay a reasonable price for the finest level of job realisation.

It may sound strange to you but some people feel a tiny bit embarrassed to hire someone for garden maintenance. Even extremely modestly-off families expected to pay someone to help out in the eighteenth century. If you hire a gardener to perform the dirty work, you can feel a little bit like a fake because it will “not be your garden” any longer. However, most people nowadays are lacking enough time, the big bunch of needed tools or of course, the needed skills and knowledge.

Important Things to Ask Yourself 

professional gardenersBefore hiring a gardener, you should first decide what you want the person to do. Almost everyone agreed that the major issue is communication. Expert gardeners suggest that you make a good conversation with the hired specialists so everybody can know what to expect. Most clients range from those who are informed about horticulture to those who simply want a beautiful garden with little effort on their part.

  • Do you want a gorgeous garden filled with trendy plants and must-haves? Or a neat, well-kept green area that you don’t have to worry about?
  • Do you want a gardener who will complete your tasks quickly for you? Are you looking for someone who can improve your garden or simply someone capable of handling the tasks you’re unable to do?

Do You Have to Look For Highly Qualified Gardeners?

landscape gardeningWould you visit a hairstylist without training? or a plumber or an accountant? Would you pay someone to do your hair, your math, or your boiler repair if they could do it better than you?

RHS, City & Guilds/NPTC, Lantra, and credentials from horticultural colleges are among the credentials to seek for.

Some gardeners gain knowledge by working for more seasoned cultivators, perhaps in a public garden. Therefore, it’s not just about a gardener’s credentials on paper, but also about who they’ve worked with or for.

Consider Both the Medium and Long-Term

Beautiful borders require some planning if that is what you’re going for. Clients might not be aware that when caring for plants, you often plan 2-3 years ahead when it comes to pruning management, herbaceous divisions, or the spacing of new plantings to allow for growth. Some professional gardeners in London say that they are working up to 3 years ahead to bring a garden up to scratch.

Look around the internet or ask neighbours for advice to find the right solution. Nowadays, there are hundreds of gardening contractors based everywhere so you can be sure that if you look around you will find a suitable choice!



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