How to fix QuickBooks error 12007?

How to fix 12007 error in QuickBooks


While downloading the payroll or updating the QuickBooks Desktop software, you might find an error 12007 on the screen at times. It usually happens when the QuickBooks is not connected to the Internet properly and there is an issue with the update. To prevent the network and connectivity issues, you can download the QuickBooks file doctor. It is a tool that solves the network errors in QuickBooks and helps to recover the damaged company files. The 12007 error can occur due to multiple reasons. Sometimes the antivirus in your system or the Firewall application prevents the QuickBooks desktop update. The incorrect browser and security settings can also interfere with the update. Let us see how you can resolve the QuickBooks error 12007.

How to resolve the error 12007?

Follow the step by step guide to finding the solution of the 12007 error.

  1. Internet Connectivity– The first step is to check whether your system has proper Internet connectivity. The QuickBooks Desktop software functions effectively on the Internet Explorer browser. Make sure that it is selected as the default browser on your system. Then, check if you are able to browse through other secured websites on your system.
  2. Review browser settings- After you have made the Internet Explorer as your default browser, the next step is to review the settings as it might be interfering with the download of QuickBooks updates. Follow the below-given procedure to review the settings of your browser:
  • Open Internet Explorer. In the menu bar, you will find a tools option. When you click on that, you will see Internet Options. If you can’t find the tools option, press Alt.
  • After that, go to the Security tab where you will find a globe icon. Make the security level to medium-high.
  • Then go to the Connections tab. If you do not use the dial-up-node on your system, select the ‘never dial a connection’ option otherwise, click on the ISP option. Choose OK.
  • Now, go to the LAN settings and select the automatically detect settings option. Here, you will have to check whether you use a proxy server. If the box is selected, then copy the address and port. There, if you see that the port is port 80, unselect the proxy server box. But, if the port is not 80, then do not clear the box.
  • Next, you have to press OK and go to the Advanced tab and click on the Restore advanced settings option. In the settings, you have to find the Use TLS 1.2 option. Make sure that it is selected.
  • Now, you can exit from the Internet Explorer and reboot your system.
  • Once the system restarts, you will have to go to the QuickBooks Desktop and begin with the update again.

Security settings- After following the above-mentioned steps, if the 12007 QuickBooks error is still unresolved, you will have to check whether another application on your system is preventing the QuickBooks. For this, you must configure the firewall settings, Internet Security settings on your browser, and other parental control applications that are running on your system.

If you are still not able to resolve the 12007 error, you can also try restarting your Microsoft windows in safe mode. Then, download the QuickBooks desktop update once again.

  • Other solutions- In case any of the above-mentioned steps are unable to resolve the 12007 error, you can also try other solutions to overcome the issue. 
  1. Download QuickBooks file doctor. It will resolve some of the network issues that prevent the update download.
  2. You can also try downloading the QuickBooks desktop update manually. For that, you will have to close the QuickBooks desktop software and the company files. Now, find QuickBooks Desktop in Microsoft Start option. Click on the right button, and run the QuickBooks desktop as administrator. Then go to the Help menu. You will find an Update QuickBooks Desktop option. Click on that, select and save all. After that, click on the update now option. You will find a reset update box. Select that. After a few minutes, you will find the recent update. Download and install that. After the installation of the recent QuickBooks Desktop version, restart your system.


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