How To Fix Quickbooks error code h505?

Troubleshooting of QuickBooks Error code H505

We cannot know what might have caused an error while working with Quickbooks. It can be because of a single thing or a combination of various factors. But one crucial thing in this is to keep a calm mind while solving the error, as we don’t want to trigger another error while resolving the current one. In the H series, the error is generally triggered when the user tries to access the company file or other data from another computer and that system is not configured correctly for the hosting setting. 

So when the QuickBooks Error Code h505 occurs, it displays the following message: “This company file is on another computer, and QuickBooks needs some help connecting.” The reason for H505 triggers is when the user tries switching to the multi-user mode. So it’s safe to say that something is blocking the multi-user connection between you and your server, which is generally a misconfiguration of the hosting system. 

QuickBooks Error Code h505

Various Reasons That Causes The Error Code h505

All the possible reason for this error is mentioned below

  • There is an issue in the hosting device configuration (which might be incorrect) 
  • The Domain Name Setting or DNS is configured incorrectly
  • The firewall or a third-party antivirus present on your system might be blocking it
  • it might disconnect the server and the workstation from one another
  • The database server manager was unable to find the host system IP address
  • The .nd file may be damaged or missing, or incorrect, which is accessible by the entire network

Symptoms To Look For That Will Help You Verify The Error Code h505

These signs will help you to identify the Error Code h505 quickly

  • You cannot switch from single-user to multi-user mode
  • You cannot access the company file that is present in the hosting system
  • The QuickBooks application screen may shut down suddenly while you are working with it.
  • Your system will start to freeze momentarily at random times

Solutions To Fix The QuickBooks Error Code h505

Method-1 Using the QuickBooks File Doctor

The QuickBooks File Doctor utility is used to fix a wide range of error codes in the system. 

  • Go to Intuit’s official website and download the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • After that, install the application on the server system. Once it’s finished, please open it
  • Navigate to the Company File Issues tab and click on QuickBooks File Doctor. It will start downloading on the system. After it finished downloading, run it
  • Select Repair both Company File and Network option, and it will fix all the errors
  • Try to reaccess the files to see if the error is resolved

Method-2 Check whether the Services are Running on your Server System

  • Press your keyboard’s Win + R key to open the run command.
  • Type services.msc in the tab and click on enter
  • Locate the QuickBooks DBXX and then double click on it to open additional options
  • Select the automatic for the startup type
  • Ensure that the service is running or just getting started
  • Now click on the Recovery tab and select Restart the Service from the drop-down option for First Failure, Second Failure, and Subsequent Failure.
  • Click on Apply and then Ok
  • Now repeat the same process for QBCF Monitor Service also

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Method-3 Alterning The System Firewall to Allow Exceptions

The firewall might also be blocking your connection to the server, so it’s essential to make sure that we create an exception for it

  • Press the Win + R key on your keyboard to open the run command
  • Type the control panel in it and hit enter. Control Panel will open up
  • Click on the firewall setting in the control panel
  • In Firewall Settings, click on the Allow a Program option. Next, you will see an option name Add Program at the bottom. Click on it.
  • Now select your QuickBooks 20XX version in it, then add it to the exception list
  • Click on the Ok button to save the changes and then close the control panel
  • Restart your system 


We hope that you resolved the error and understand a little bit better about the H-series error so that next time you encounter one, you will better understand what went wrong or what triggered it. You are welcome to contact our error support team for additional assistance at the number mentioned below. We won’t keep you waiting and will be happy to assist you. For some other additional information, please write to us at the email address mentioned below.


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