How to get a student visa for Canada in 2021?

canadian student visa

Getting a Canadian student visa in 2021

Canada has gained notoriety for its diversity and economic development. It has made a society of blended dialects, cultures, and religions. Canada has been found as one of the top decisions for students planning to study abroad. Consistently, more than 130,000 global understudies decide to learn at Canadian universities. Many global students apply for full-time/part-time study courses. Research, scientific publications, and international collaborations are three of the principal angles that Canada and its scholastic establishments focus on. But how difficult is it to obtain a student visa? known as a Canadian study permit.

Sorting this out will assume a vital part when you choose where you want to study. Unfortunately, getting a visa is a little complicated. If you have got admission into your aspired university, applying for a Student Visa is the subsequent stage. In this guide, we cover the essentials of visas. How and what to do to get a student visa to Canada. We give you a handful of tips. 

canada student visa


What is a Canadian Student Visa? 

A Canadian Student Visa is a study permit document issued by the Canadian immigration authorities that serves as permission for foreign students to study in Canada. To legitimately go to school in Canada, every foreign candidate, that is, those without Canadian citizenship should initially acquire a student permit. International students can’t study in Canada without getting a substantial study permit. This permit allows the student to incidentally live in the nation to go to an affirmed school, language program, scholastic exchange program, and so on. 


Getting the Study Permit: 

You are needed to carry the Letter of Introduction alongside all the predefined documents to Canada. At the air terminal, you would meet with an Immigration Officer. Present the Passport and the Letter of Introduction to the border control agency official who might then approve the equivalent and whenever discovered satisfactory, issue you your Study Permit. 


Entering Canada with your Study Permit / Approval Letter:

As of October 20, 2020, international students attending a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) that has been specifically approved by their provincial government as having a COVID-19 readiness plan will be able to enter Canada. Students must pursue a valid study permit or a letter of introduction that shows they were approved.


Study Permit Measures for entering Canada:

  1. Pre-takeoff negative COVID-19 test (for air travel): 

Getting COVID-19 test outcomes is the obligation of the traveler. All travelers above five years old entering in Canada via air should show negative COVID-19 test results before loading onto their flight. The test outcomes should be no more than 72 hours old at the hour of boarding. 

  1. Required Quarantine and Isolation Plan: 

Anybody entering Canada will be compelled to enter obligatory 14-day isolation. You should set up a quarantine plan ahead of time of arrival in Canada specifying where and how you will finish your isolation. This isolation is being enforced and those breaking isolates might be liable to fines and prison time. Certain exceptions will be made for essential workers and in certain empathetic circumstances. Select areas in Canada are testing another format for compulsory isolate with decreased obligatory isolations joined with testing. 

  1. COVID-19 testing and required inn stay upon arrival (for air travel): 

All air travelers will be needed to take a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival in Canada. At that point, while travelers wait for test results, they should be isolated in an administration-ordered inn for as long as three days at their own cost. 

  1. ArriveCAN application: 

All those venturing out to Canada via air should utilize the ArriveCAN application to submit data with respect to their travel/contact information, isolate plan, and COVID-19 self-evaluation.


Qualification standards for Canada Student Permit 

To apply for a Canada Study Permit if you qualify by the following criteria:

  1. You have been acknowledged by a designated learning institute (DLI). 
  2. You need to demonstrate that you have sufficient assets to pay your educational expenses and everyday costs. 
  3. You need to demonstrate that you have a clean background.
  4. You ought not to have any criminal record. The aspirant needs to submit a police authentication to prove this. 
  5. You need to submit a clinical endorsement that confirms your great well-being. 
  6. At the hour of the visa interview, you need to persuade the visa officer that you will leave Canada once you complete your studies. 
  7. The candidate applying for a Student visa should exhibit that they have strong connections to their nation of origin for example resources, financial balances, family.

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Canadian Student Visa Application Process: 

  1. Get an acknowledgment letter from the desired University, needed for the visa application. 
  1. Check in the event that you need to apply for a student visa in Canada 

You can utilize the official Canadian study permit tool to see whether you need a student visa or permit. You needn’t bother with a student visa in the event that one of the accompanying circumstances suggests:

  1. If you are a family or staff member of a foreign representative in Canada, who is accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada.
  2. You enroll in a study program that lasts less than six months.
  3. You are a member of foreign armed forces from the Visiting Forces Act.
  4. You are a citizen of another country, but you have an Indian status registered in Canada.

Remember that the study permit/visa doesn’t go about as a standard visa, which permits you to enter or head out to Canada. For that, you will require a travel visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). 

  1. Start your application for the Canadian understudy visa, privately known as a student permit.
  1. Apply online for your Canadian student visa, on the CIC website 
  2. If you are unable to submit the documents online, Send the visa application documents by post 
  3. Provide an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution (DLI)
  4. Deliver proof of sufficient financial resources to support your studies (tuition fees and living expenses).
  5. Present proof confirming you have no criminal record.
  6. Submit clinical health report; if required, submit complete medical examinations.

As indicated by ongoing visa guidelines, if you have a family member working or applying for a work permit in Canada, the application for your study permit will be processed in about 15 days. 

You may restore or extend your study permit if: 

  1. you wish to proceed with your studies
  2. your program has an augmentation 
  3. you change your university

The study permit expires 90 days after your studies are completed. That is when you receive a notification of the program completion. 

  1. Prepare all required documents
  1. Fill student permit application form
  2. The original letter of acceptance from the university
  3. A valid travel document (passport), which also allows you to return to your home country.
  4. Two recent passport-size photographs, with specifications of name and date of birth on the back
  5. Proof of financial support during your study program. (10,000 and 11,000 CAD per year).
  6. A letter of intent
  7. Acknowledgment of study permit fee (150 CAD)
  1. Language requirements

Canadian universities will ask you to submit a document of proficiency in the English language. Accepted language tests:

  1. IELTS Academic
  2. TOEFL iBT
  3. PTE Academic
  4. C1 Advanced
  1. Biometrics appointment and interview

Depending on your nationality, you might have to show up at a Visa Application Centre in your country to have your biometrics taken. The biometrics fee is 85 CAD. This fee is in addition to the regular visa application fee. Some countries are exempt from this biometrics requirement, so their citizens won’t need to visit an application center at all.

Depending on your individual situation, you might also be called for an interview. Local visa application centers will charge a small fee for using their services.


How long does it take to receive the Canadian study permit?

After applying for your Canadian study permit, the processing time may take up to 90 days, but it’s usually faster. This also depends on the situation in your home country.

You can use the Student Direct Stream to get the study permit faster. Fees start at 150 CAD and the processing time is usually around 20 calendar days.

You can find more up-to-date information about the Canadian student visa on the official student visa page of the Canadian government.


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