How To Get The Best Deal On Gaming Systems

How To Get The Best Deal On Gaming Systems

Bargain hunters are everywhere nowadays, and with the price of living rising significantly, it makes a whole lot of sense to scour the market for the best bargains! This article will give you some insight into how to bag yourself the very best deals when looking for a new gaming system!

Coupon Sites

Online coupons are big business now, and you have probably found yourself scouring Google for that all-important promo code when it comes to checking out online once or twice. The nice thing about coupon sites is that they run all year round, and most sites have various different offers running at any one time, so it is just about how good your detective skills are in finding those codes.

You can spend hours digging around blogs and forums, or you can use coupon sites which do a lot of the leg work for you, but either way, you can bag yourself something as small as free delivery, up to 30% off in some cases, so there are substantial savings to be had by doing a quick search.

There are also great little Chrome extensions like Coupon Bird which will automatically pop up in your browser if they find a code. While their supplier list is not extensive, it’s something that takes two minutes to install, and you will likely save some money at some point with it!

Deal Days

Businesses often run special deal days, Black Friday probably being the most popular. Black Friday occurs after Thanksgiving in the US but has now spread to other countries and offers huge discounts, especially on things like TVs and gaming systems, where the profit margins are usually quite high. If you can wait until November to gift yourself your new gaming system, you can save a packet on this day.


Another way to save money is to purchase everything you need from one supplier. Many businesses will offer bundle deals, whereby if you purchase your computer, monitor and other accessories such as keyboard, mouse and headphones in one bundle, they will give you a discount. If no other larger discount options (like coupons or Black Friday) are available, then buying a bundle is probably the best way to save a few dollars.

Lenovo gaming PC deals are always changing, and a variety of different bundles can be found, so it’s worth keeping an eye on your chosen supplier to see which offers are occurring. Don’t be afraid to haggle either. Sometimes, asking if they can price match or knock some more discount off if you add another item is a great (albeit slightly cheeky) way to grab some extra savings.


If you are able to wait, November’s Black Friday offers are likely to save you the most on your gaming system. However, coupons and bundle deals are both very viable ways to grab a little extra discount at any time during the year. Even a $50 saving is going to get you another game, right?!


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