How to Hire Most Talented Web Developers?

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There would be more than one million programming jobs, up for grabs in 2020. But, sadly it’s getting tough for companies to find great developers with brilliant coding skills. In the case of web developers, the scenario is more or less the same.

For some recruiters finding qualified candidates is also a challenging job today as they not only need to hire people with great coding skills, but also the ones who can fit into their company culture.

Depending on your project specifications and needs, you may want to hire freelance developers or part-timers to execute short-term projects. After all, it depends on your eventual goal and what you want to accomplish.

Recruitment of a web developer also largely depends upon your project requirements or tasks – there might be cases when you need to hire freelance or part-time web developers to get the job done for you for short-term basis project. Making an accurate judgment about the caliber or skills of developers becomes tough for recruiters in such cases.

To solve such recruitment problems, the article will provide detailed information about types, qualities of a web developer, onboarding practices and best places to hire web developers online.

Such quality information will help recruiters in hiring most skilled and talented web developers who are most suitable to complete their project goals and milestones.

You should write down the requirements that you are looking for in the web developer. This is one of the crucial steps that you should perform before hiring a web developer. Below are some questions that you can ask yourself to narrow down your requirements:

  • Do you need a front-end, backend or a full-stack developer?
  • What are the skills, e.g. React Native, PHP you want in the web developer?
  • How long will you need the developer?
  • How soon do you need the developer?

Types of Web Developers

When you are looking to hire a web developer, you should know exactly the types and overall qualities of them. Here are some of the popular categories of web developers that you can choose or hire from:

Web Designers

Web designers are specialists who work upon improving the aesthetics or overall look of your website – right from choosing color schemes, typography and setting the overall structure of the website.  They are also known as UI/UX design expertise with skills to deliver amazing user experience by designing interactive sites.

Frontend Developers

Front-end developers are also known as client-side developers because they work upon transitioning a visual design into a fully-functionaL website that users can see or interact with. Front-end web developers use technologies like CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc. and popular web design frameworks like Bootstrap, Backbone, Angular JS to create gorgeous-looking websites.

Backend Developers

Maintaining the functionality of a site is the main task of backend developers. For example, let’s suppose you need to fill and submit a form on a website. The task of backend developer here is to ensure that the form is fully functional, i.e., taking user inputs, password validation, etc. Backend developers work with various languages and web technologies like PHP, Phyton, Ruby on Rails, Java, etc. Having a good knowledge of databases like Oracle, MySQL is also a must for a good back-end developer.

Full Stack Developers

Full Stack developers are experts who work with both technology stacks, i.e., frontend and backend. They are a combination of best of both the worlds which enables them to lead or drive the entire web project seamlessly without much assistance. However, they’re not fully versed in both stacks all the time. Hence, you should consider hiring a full stack developer when the project is not complex.

Benefits of hiring in-house developers:

  • Inhouse web developers are culturally fit as they own great knowledge about your company project, goals, values and culture
  • Inhouse web development specialists provide direct feedback
  • Communication and project management gets easier
  • Cos-saving option, you don’t need to invest in additional resources like third-party developers benefits, hardware cost, etc
  • Project changes are easy to incorporate

Benefits of hiring remote developers:

  • Significant cost-benefits, you don’t need to invest in renting office spaces, purchasing equipment, and tools, etc.
  • High productivity
  • Access to Global web development pool, working on the latest technologies
  • Decreased absenteeism

Top Online Portals to Find Best Web Developers

Some of the best places where you can easily find quality web developers online include Upwork, Freelancer, Remoteplatz, Toptal, Indeed, AngelList, etc.

These are some of the leading online platforms to hire professional web developers designers, or web specialists on full-time, part-time or hourly basis. You can also specify your project requirements, budget, and development time on these portals to hire the best personnel.

You also have an option to look at the past work, projects and other milestones achieved by the freelance web developer or specialist that you are looking to hire for your company/individual project.

Top Onboarding practices for Web Developer

What you need to do is to develop a simple on-boarding system to:

Make an Accurate Record of Hiring

As a recruiter or HR team member, you should always maintain an accurate and complete record of an employee hiring date, roles & responsibilities, past experience. Having proper documentation as per your company standard is vital to keep things sorted on your part.

Orientation and Welcome email

Your recruited web developer should feel welcomed on the very first day when he joins your team/company. Especially in the case of remote developers, you should put your best efforts to make them feel inclusive or part of your firm by sending a welcome email and arranging a proper orientation.

Establish a  Remote access policy

Data security and GDPR compliance are some things that are often overlooked by new joiners in a firm. While hiring web developers make them very clear about their access rights to the company’s servers. Having a remote access policy, highlighting the names and responsibilities of every new hire can help you greatly.

Add developers to your Chat and Project management Software

If your company uses project management tools or chat apps like Slack, Trello or Jira, you should add new joiners on these channels to get regular updates about their work in your firm.

Summing Up…!

Hiring a quality web developer with amazing skills can be a challenging and time-consuming task for recruitment companies, especially startups. Narrowing down your recruitment-specific needs and following the above steps can help you greatly to hire a candidate in less than one month.


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