How To Increase Market Value Of Your Ugly House?

Listing your home for sale is one of the tedious tasks as it requires a lot of planning. You should make sure that your old ugly house is ready for showtime. You should put effort into home staging.

Even though you do not have enough time and money for home improvement, you should do at least necessary repair and quick makeover.

Your small home improvement efforts will significantly enhance the sale value of your house. There are thousands of home remodeling projects but it is important to pick the right projects.

Here, we are going to discuss all the important things that will help you to sell your old ugly house soon at a good price.

1. Improve Your Facade

The good curb appeal of your house will leave a good first impression on your potential home buyers. On the other hand, a bad first impression will disappoint potential home buyers. Therefore, it is important to maintain a good home exterior, especially facade.

It should be stylish and charming as well. If the facade of your home look crumbling and paint is peeling off. Applying a fresh coat of paint can significantly uplift the visual appeal of your house. You should choose subtle and soothing colors such as white, cream touch, etc.

You should avoid bold hues, because some potential home buyers may not like it. Make sure you find a hue that is universally appealing. By improving the visual appeal of outdoor space, you can easily list your ugly house for sale.

2. Uplift Windows & Doors

Outer doors and windows also contribute to the visual appeal of your house. Good doors and windows also make your house energy-efficient and secure as well. You should change old doors with insulated front door and windows as well.

Energy-efficient doors will prevent the escape of heat during the winter season and also prevent the escape of cool air of AC during the summer season.

Though you may find this investment an expensive one, it will help you to get a good return on investment. These investments will help you to sell ugly houses fast.

3. Increase Usable Outdoor Space

By improving usable outdoor space you can easily attract potential home buyers. A house with good outdoor space appeals to various home buyers and appears like a good investment to them. Preparing an outdoor room is a good solution to increase the utilization of your outdoor space.

The outdoor room can be used as a guest house and it will significantly increase the value of your house. There are various other uses of this outdoor room such as rental room, home office, etc.

If you have no idea how to use your outdoor space, then you should contact landscaping professionals. They will suggest the right ideas that can boost up the value of your house.

They will come up with creative ideas that will make your home attractive and appealing. Constructing an additional room in your spacious backyard is one of the considerable investment to sell your house for topmost dollars.

4. Bathroom & Kitchen Styling

According to an old adage i.e “bathroom, and kitchen sell home”, you should consider putting effort into these two sections of your house. Your potential home buyers may be searching for timeless designs in your kitchen and bathroom. But, it does not mean you have to completely renovate them.

You just need to give them a quick makeover. All you need to do is to invest in small but considerable improvement such as giving finishing to old faded wooden cabinets, installing new lighting fixtures, etc.

It is recommended that you should aim for simple and significant improvement in the kitchen and bathroom. Make sure your bathroom is clean and free from bad odor.

5. Deep Clean Your Home

This task does not require any kind of investment but it will help you to grab a good deal in your hands. A clean and de-cluttered leave the impression that your house is well-maintained and does not require huge investment for after repair.

Properly maintained house sell at high prices. If you get a huge return on investment (ROI), then deep cleaning should not be ignored. In addition to this, the decluttering process also helps in removing your personal stuff from your house.

It is very important to depersonalize your house along with decluttering so that home visitors can imagine their future life in your house.

6. Examine And Fix Hidden Problems

You should search for hidden problems in your house and it should be fixed immediately. You should hire a home inspector who can thoroughly examine the condition of your house and find out hidden issues in your house. You should try to get rid of these problems as they will help in improving the market value of your house.


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