How to Keep a Cool Head in Challenging Times

keep your head cool

Anxiety, stress, and fear are common in this pandemic situation. As a result, they are adding unnecessary tension to one’s life and relationships. People become more easily irritated, can think negative thoughts, and even think more than usual, they do. Not only that, even students feel the pressure of academia. Students who are serious about their studies always want to stay up among their class and in this process, they develop anxiety. But the smart student always looks for the smart option. For instance, you may have seen in your class a student who asked to “pay someone to take my online class” always gains high scores and never has any symptoms of anxiety. 


Usually, we all get into arguments with someone because we think that everything is going wrong, however, in reality, it is not like that it is our imagination (Chaun, 2020). In this pandemic situation, we all got affected by the tension, anxiety, and emotional stress in the air. However, by nurturing your thoughts and forgiveness you can cool down your inner fire.


7 steps to keep your head cool in challenging times 

Sometimes when both parties feel fire and have a heated disagreement then the one has to initiate the reconciliation and healing. Here are 7 steps to help you keep cool-headed. 

  • Cool off 

Process your own emotions and anger through yoga. You can watch free videos on youtube where the instructor will help you to feel calm. Work on releasing the tension throughout your neck and back. 

Humans can store emotion and pain in their body so make sure to find any mindful movements to release it. This will also help you by acknowledging your body and going from negative thoughts to paying attention to how your body world when you are in distress. 


  • Rest 

First, take a nap to reset yourself in order to recover from emotional and physical exhaustion. For some time, sit in silence in a peaceful environment. You can do whatever works for you to restore and refresh your energy. Make sure to calm your nervous system and recharge yourself by doing whatever helps you. Rest plays a vital role in keeping your head cool at challenging times.


  • Release 

Take a pen and draw dislike on the paper through shapes and drawing to express your thoughts, truth, and even frustration. Dreading will help you to channel your feelings without using your brain to logically think about the words. 

To identify feelings, images are a great way to effectively heal you. This technique will knock your subconscious mind while choosing creative, expressive, and restoration ways to channel your feelings. 


  • Open for the change 

Remind yourself of all the good things that person brings to your life. Recall any statement or memory that hopes to bring the significance of your relationship. 


It might be the toughest but most important step to decide what you want from that relationship. Deciding who that person is, only you know how far you want to keep that relationship or resolve the conflict. The best answers will only come to you when you are relaxed, feeling rested, and safe. When you are feeling good ask yourself “what kind of change I’m open to”.


  • Open your heart

Hold benevolence in your mind and heart to allow the tense feeling to slowly disperse. Go for peace more than the current uncertainty. Besides thinking of why this person is wrong or what he or she hurt you, the ocean of pain is not worth it but the peace all you want. 


Connect with your heart and feel the positive emotions. Feel the part of hope, love, and compassion inside you. Connect with your internal emotions to own your heart. Still, you feel stress then go back to steps 1, 2, 3. 


  • Have some space for forgiveness and compassion

The best way to heal yourself or experience serenity is by forgiving people and having compassion in yourself. No matter what that person hurts or harms, your anger is hurting you for what that person causes. Make sure to have a productive conversation to resolve the uncertainty between both of you.


If you want to take your relationship forward then there is no way other than peace and openness instead of attacking that person through triggering harsh words. 


You will know when you are ready to take the step of forgiveness and create benevolence for that person. If you want to be a bigger person then step back and go away from needing to win the conversation will set you free from stress,  anxiety, and anger.


  • Remind yourself this time will pass away

Keep reminding yourself that this time will pass away. Everything has time and that eventually ends. There is always the light of hope at the end of the tunnel. Keep motivating yourself that you will be soon on the other side of the tunnel. You will soon go through this situation. Remember that some problems take time to get out of them from others. Be patient and break those problems into small chunks rather than eat the whole elephant(Hix, 2022). For instance, if you have multiple homework at a time and submission deadlines are the same then divide it by taking some help from professional dissertation writing service.


Final thoughts

As it is not a good way to argue to win a conversation, staying back, having open-mindedness, and keeping calm is the best way to spark up sincerity and authenticity in that person about yourself. So whenever you feel struck with your assignments or any part of the life. Make sure you take a deep breath and let go your worries in a way to move on life. 

These steps will not only help you in building a strong relationship but help you to fix unspoken issues that will open other conflicts. 


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