How To Keep Your Horse Warm On The Field?

Winter can’t differentiate between animals and humans. It affects everyone the same way, everyone. But the fact is humans have enough solutions to cope with winter but what about animals? They could sense the cold but can’t really do something by themselves to fight the cold. Animals, especially horses, spend a lot of time in an open place like a field. So don’t you think your horse also deserves some special treatment to fight against the cold? Here this article serves every solution you can count on to keep your horse warm in the open places.  

A Suitable rug- A horse rug plays a major role in keeping your horse warm on a winter day. Generally, a horse has natural abilities to cope with the winter but providing a suitable rug works the best. Turnout rugs specially designed to give your horse the special comfort that it deserves while standing on a field. Such rugs have a waterproof component that could protect your horse from sudden snowfall or rain. Also, this special type of rug is very breathable that never ruins your horse’s comfort. So if you wanna give your horse the comfort of flexibility, breathability, and warmth, this rug would be the ideal choice.

Make your horse walk- don’t let your horse continuously stand in one place in the field. Make your horse walk or run to increase the internal body temperature of your horse. This is an effective yet natural way to make your horse’s muscles warm. Also, such a walk not only keeps your horse warm but energizes as well.

Keep your horse hydrated- No matter if it’s winter or summer, proper hydration is important. When your horse stands on a field for a long time there is a probability of temperature dropping that could cause your horse to feel uncomfortable and cold. You could simply solve this problem by keeping your horse hydrated. Just make sure your horse drinks enough water in a day. The right amount of water keeps the PH balance of the body accurate and that could keep the internal temperature of a horse’s body appropriate to resist the cold. 

Plan the diet well- To keep your horse warm even in open places like the ground you should make your horse strong internally. That you could do by preparing the right diet chart that contains enough calories. Increasing the calorie of your horse’s body is important to make your horse able to fight the cold naturally. Feed your horse frequently if it’s a riding day or a day to stand in the field. This will keep your horse’s body energized.

So, we could say if you could just follow the above-mentioned tips, it won’t be tough for your horse to stand on a field even if it’s winter. 


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