How to know what t shirt colors works for men?

It might be difficult to match your t-shirt with the appropriate clothing. The t shirt colors must not only match your jeans, shoes, jacket, and other accessories, but it must also complement your complexion and eyes. That’s a lot for a man who simply wants to put on his favourite shirt and leave the home .If you are searching a t shirt logo maker to enhance your look you can checkout the free t shirt logo maker tool.

Consider this color wheel. It will serve as a useful guide until you master this color thing:

t shirt Colors That Go Together

This is the plan we will primarily concentrate on since it is the most secure. Any t shirt colors that is immediately opposite the other is complimentary. That is, these hues and their tints tend to work well together. Any hue of red, for example, looks wonderful with green. Oranges and blues go well together.

Because of the contrast, complementary colors work effectively. Allowing various components of your attire to shine out produces a visually appealing balance. Can’t wait to show off your new khakis? Because it will be in brighter yellows or golds, combine it with a deeper indigo or purple shirt, tie, or other item.

Colors that are similar

These are hues that are opposite each other on the color wheel. This would include any hue of indigo and teal for blue. Colors that are analogous to one another are the most harmonious, but some contrast is required to prevent matching colors too closely. Without a keen eye, things may quickly become sloppy. Also, make sure one hue is the centre, with the other two functioning as support.

Colors that are monochromatic

As you may expect, this is utilising the same hue for a complete outfit. Though this is feasible, it is also possible to produce a dull and/or overbearing aesthetic. If you’re new to putting together outfits, avoid this scheme unless you’re wearing black on black.

How Do I Know Which Color Is Best for Me?

Not all colors appear well on everyone due to differences in skin tones, eyes, hair, and other factors. Though there will always be exceptions, here are some basic principles for selecting the best color for you.

Skin Colors

Remember that contrast is essential. The one hard and fast guideline is to avoid wearing items that are too similar to your skin tone. Avoid lighter shirts with a light or pale complexion, such as white, beige, pastels, and yellow. These hues will make you seem washed out. Choose deeper hues such as browns, dark reds, and violets.

The reverse is true for darker complexion tones. Too many darker hues may muddle your appearance. However, anything bright may make you stand out. Take advantage of this.

You’re fortunate if you have olive skin and/or reside in the centre. As long as there is sufficient contrast between your clothing and you, most colors should look wonderful against your skin.

Color of the Eyes

Return to the color wheel to pick the correct colors to complement your eyes. Colors that complement your eye color will be placed next to your eye color. If you have green eyes, a light blue or yellow will look great on you.

Choose a complimentary hue and wear that contrast if you truly want to make your eyes shine. Orange or gold will look fantastic with those blue eyes.

Choosing a color depending on your skin tone is an excellent approach to limit your wardrobe possibilities. Now that you understand how color theory works for clothes and for you, it’s time to decide what to wear.


Experiment with what works for you.

Even the most trendy guys will experiment on innumerable color and apparel combinations before deciding what to wear for a night out. Few people are born with the sixth sense of having a wonderful eye for fashion.

What a result, do as the professionals do and experiment. This does not necessary imply wearing an outfit for the full night to see whether you receive the desired reaction. Instead, stand in front of a mirror and experiment with the many shirts, buttons, coats, and so on that you’ve amassed over the years.

Don’t be concerned about trying on every shirt. Simply drape each one over your body and analyse your first response swiftly. Displaying these various shirts in front of you not only allows you to observe what basic colors work—and which don’t—but it also allows your eye to practise picking out what looks well on you.

Most of the time, you’ll be astonished at how fast your brain tells you what to retain and what to throw away. As you “try on” each garment, consider the following three questions:


Does this shirt look well on you?

Is this garment making me appear good?

Is this shirt appropriate for the situation?


Yes, make three heaps. No. Maybe. I believe you can figure out what to do with them, but as THE all-encompassing guide, we’ll break them down for you.

Yes, this shirt strikes all the right notes. It looks wonderful, makes you look great, and is very appropriate for the occasion.

No, this shirt might fall under one or both of the categories. Still, if it fails to meet all three, it must be a no.

You should eventually be able to cut down your selections to a small number of shirts. Repeat this approach until you have a clear winner. This shirt will serve as the foundation for the rest of your outfit.

When it comes to pants, less is more.

Basic is usually always preferable when it comes to putting together a traditional fashion design for pants. But don’t believe this makes things any easier. There are still several styles, colors, and cuts to pick from. If you’re new to complimenting your shirts, we suggest starting with these three basic colors:

Jeans in black

Jeans in blue


Anything else is normally reserved for collared shirts, finer clothes, or more advanced styles. There are certain fundamental criteria to matching your trousers with your shirt, as discussed in our T-shirt Matching Article. Here’s everything you need to know:

Never combine black and brown.

Nope. Never. Forget about it. If you wish to wear a black t-shirt, avoid wearing those khakis. If you’re wearing a brown t-shirt, keep your black pants hidden away so you’re not tempted. This look has never worked and will never work.

Instead, try blue jeans with a brown shirt. Consider either black or blue pants with a black shirt. Another common guideline is to never overmatch. This implies that if you’re wearing a blue shirt, you should avoid wearing blue pants. Skip the khakis if you’re wearing brown. Contrast is typically to your advantage.

There are, however, always exceptions to the norm. One of them is dressed in all black. Colors will always look great—and will undoubtedly give you a kickass edge.

Probably Not Black + Navy

This isn’t as strict as black + brown. Combining black and blue has becoming relatively fashionable, and more individuals are successfully pulling it off. Even yet, if you don’t have an adept eye, these hues might seem sloppy in an instant.

Assume you aren’t the most fashion-forward reader of this site (yet). As a result, we recommend avoiding wearing black and blue together until you’re more comfortable mixing and matching styles otherwise it look with ruin thriugh these t shirt colors combination.

Cool & Casual = Blue Jeans + (Almost) Anything

Blue jeans are as timeless as they come. And thankfully for the stylishly challenged among us, matching jeans with a shirt is relatively simple.

Contrast is the most crucial guideline. This is an excellent opportunity to consult the complimentary t shirt colors wheel. Try a lighter shirt with dark blue pants, for example. Do the reverse for lighter jeans. Simply avoid colors that are too similar to that shade of jeans for all those jeans in the centre.

Keep your shoes simple.

As with jeans, a basic shoe is usually the best option. Sure. Those Nike shoes with 30 hues, 14 straps, 8 springs, and an eject button are great, but the odds of them matching your outfit are one in a million.

Look. Shoes are difficult to find. They’re a bit of a wildcard with so many variations, and we all have our tastes. If you’re searching for basic guidelines, keep it simple and discover a few of solid pairings on which you can always rely.

Don’t believe that sticking to black and brown means you have to wear formal shoes or boots, but we’re always fans of dressing things up. Those iconic black Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars go with everything. To maintain that easy but fashionable attitude, pick brown Sperry’s Boat Shoes.

Also, make sure your shoes match your clothing. That’s simple if you’re wearing brown or black trousers, but what about blue jeans? It’s really a toss-up, and most jeans will look well with either hue.

Instead, ensure that the shoes complement your clothes. Wearing brown shoes with a black shirt, for example, is inappropriate. Also, make sure the hue and/or tone of your shoes match the rest of your accessories on the color wheel.

Let’s Dress Up

Alright. We’ve mastered the fundamentals by focusing primarily on your basic t-shirt. That’s a good place to start, but most of us can’t go through life wearing just shirts.

Now that you’ve mastered t shirt colors theory, it’ll be simple to elevate the look. All it takes is a sharp jacket, sports coat, or blazer over a nice t-shirt or button-up.

Essentially, if you’ve followed all of the above recommendations to build your appearance, all it should take is a beautiful jacket in a color that contrasts with your foundation shirt, khakis, or a decent pair of jeans and you’re done! You’re all set to hit the town in style.

Everything else serves as a complement.

Hats, jewellery, ties, and other accessories as well as t shirt having logos should be complimentary for considering best look ,free t shirt logo maker provide you a chance to avail this feature. Take another look at that color wheel, and all of those other garment items should coincide with the complimentary colors. If you wish to wear a black or brown accessory, base it on your jeans, much as your shoes.

Overall, looking good in any shirt isn’t that difficult when you break it down into four easy essentials: Your Look, Your Pants, Your Shoes, and Your Accessories. When you carefully analyse each choice, you should be able to make the shirt you wish to wear appear like a million dollars.

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