How to Learn Singing and Become a Singer?

Through this one post, I cannot make you a singer, but I can definitely tell the singing tips on how to become a singer

How to Learn Singing: If someone has talent for singing since childhood, then he or she can easily become a singer. It is said that singing is a natural talent; this type of natural talent is seen in very few people. In earlier times, the one whose voice was nice could only become a singer. But now a day, even if your voice is not nice, you can become a rap artist or do some rock music.

You just have to have a passion that “I have to do something in this field”. If you have this kind of passion then you will make your own path. Like someone first worked hard for 3 years in singing but could not become a successful singer due to poor voice, then he started making rap songs, wrote Lyrics for the song himself and did the editing himself. Later uploaded on YouTube, and where the big industry could not get success, he got success from YouTube. I am talking about Dino James, you can go to YouTube and see Dino James’s channel has only 10 videos but the subscriber is almost 12 lakes.

A new singer has not one but thousands of questions in his mind, he does not know how to learn singing and how to make his career. So friends, if you are completely new in this field, then once read the posts of Singing Series.

How to learn singing or how to become a singer

Through this one post, I cannot make you a singer, but I can definitely tell the singing tips on how to become a singer or how to learn singing. Then it depends on you whether you take a singing course, join classes or learn singing online from the internet. Just after reading these tips anyhow, start learning to sing. In today’s post, some basic tips will be shared which are necessary for a beginner singer.

1. Drink more water

Singer should father maximum water in a day to keep his throat clear. You see in any singing audition what the people who come to audition do. Those people will keep drinking water before singing the song. Drinking more water clears the throat and clears the voice, so keep a good proof of drinking water in your routine. And whenever you start singing a new song, then definitely drink half-class water.

2. Do singing exercises

While singing, the mind of a singer should always be calm so that he can sing well. To relax the mind, wake up early in the morning and do meditation. Meditation gives energy to the mind and the mind becomes completely relaxed. Just like there is exercise to make a good body, similarly there are some exercises which you should do to make good voice.
Just like gym workout keeps the body healthy, in the same way voice exercise keeps the throat good. Most of the professionals follow these exercises and techniques. In this, breathing exercises can increase the vocal range and open the voice. You can learn these exercises through videos on YouTube. All you have to do is go to YouTube and search for Singing Exercises in Hindi. You will get the complete video list, watch it and add it to your routine. There are many such channels on YouTube that only teach singing, subscribe to those channels.

In starting, there is definitely some deficiency in the voice of every singer and to overcome this deficiency, the voice has to be made smooth. For which it is necessary to exercise voice and eat the right food. At the same time, one has to stay away from smoking and oily foods as due to them the sweet voice damage gets worse

3. Watch singing shows and movies

Whenever I watch a motivational movie, I get inspired from inside to do something big and become strong towards my goal. Just like this, if you also watch singing shows or movies, then your dream will also be close to you and you will continue to get motivation to fulfill your dream. Before learning singing, you must watch a singing motivation movie or any short motivation video once, and then see how much power you learn singing with.

4. Know the singing idol

From this point you must be thinking that how to learn singing like this and what is the benefit in it. The advantage is friends; this point has the biggest advantage. When we read the struggle story of our favorite singing, we know about its struggle, and then we also get inspired to work day and night like him. If your favorite singer will be there, then you should read biography about him.

5. Listen to the song which is being sung

The song you want to sing or which you want to give your voice in the song, listen carefully to it at least 5-6 times by putting headphones. Try to understand how the singer is singing, what is the melody of the music, what is the sentiment. Then after listening to the song, slowly repeat it in your mind, then sit in a quiet place and start singing your song.

6. Record your voice

If you think your voice is perfect and you can sing well, start recording your voice now. And yes don’t forget to do deep breathing before singing. Record the song in mobile, then listen to the recorded song and check what is missing in the voice. Share your recorded voice with friends, relatives, family and get reviews from everyone.

7. Watch Live Singing Performance

Whenever a singer is going to come to your city, then definitely attend his live performance show. Because from his live performance you will know how he sings and how you should sing. And the special thing is that with live enjoyment, live motivation will also be available. Therefore, if possible, attend such shows, and this will give the answer to how to learn singing.

8. Learn Singing from YouTube

If you know English well, then there are many such singing tutorials available on YouTube that you can learn to sing. I would suggest that you must watch videos of singing tutorials on YouTube in free time. And download whatever video you like from YouTube and save it in your mobile.

9. Join Singing School

Just like a best teacher is needed for studies, similarly a singing teacher is needed to learn perfect singing. So if possible, join a good singing school. biggest advantage of joining a singing school or singing classes is that you will not be confused about what to do and how to do it because you will have a singing guru to guide you.

10. Watch Singing Audition Videos

This method is the most interesting, why here you do not have to do anything, just look carefully at the mistakes of the people. There are many singing shows happening in our India and in the world, which is auditioned before the show. And such audition videos are easily found on the internet. So all you have to do is to open such audition videos and see how people are being selected, don’t select the cue and find out what mistakes. By doing this i am sure you will have a very good improvement in singing.

11. Learn Singing from our website

There are many people who do not have the money to join singing classes or do not even have a singing school in their city. So if you also come in this then you can learn singing online for free through various website.

12. Your Motivation Your Strength

In the singing field, there will be someone for you as a singer whom you want to be, that is, he is your idol. So now do something that your idol will teach you singing. From now on whenever you are singing or practicing a song, imagine that singer, if he was a singer, how would he sing this song? And one thing to become a singer, listening power should also be good. So whenever a song is playing, listen to it carefully and try to learn something from it. Apart from this, definitely read the biography of your singing idol so that you keep getting motivation.

13. Make your own song

How to write a song? How to sing a song? or how to make your own song. Before bringing yourself in front of the people, it is necessary to make some songs of your own so that you can create your own unique identity from the self compose song. People think that Music Studio, Instruments and many departments are needed to make your own song, but friends, just think that your starting point is now and are you making songs for Bellwood from starting? No no, so you can simply write your song with stock music and sing that too without investing any money.

I hope I have been successful in giving complete information on how to learn singing. And if you like the post then does share on social site. See you in your next post till then take care.


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