How to Look Remarkable in a Basic T-shirt and Jeans

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When you build a wardrobe with perfect-fitting, timeless wholesale womens T-shirts and jeans, you will never want to take them off. Most women love the basic style elements of a T-shirt and jeans as a go-to casual daily attire. But did you know that you can easily dress up your jeans and T-shirts to maintain the perfect figure on almost any occasion? We are here to provide you with a style guide to help you understand how to look more stylish and classy in T-shirts and jeans, so you can get the most out of these basics.

  1. Wear T-shirt and Jeans with a Patterned Coat

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    Take away the number one style trick of fashion editors and use an attractive coat as a top layer to dress up the most basic costumes. Here, you can see how layering on a long plaid coat instantly enhances the basic weekend garment of classic black jeans and a white lace t-shirt, making it worthy of street fashion. If you want to have a sophisticated look in the office, or meet stylish friends for brunch, go for a classic plaid coat as pictured shown. You can also try a gray or brown checkered hound tooth plaid coat, or play up your weird side in a more playful patterned coat, such as a coat with floral prints or polka dots.

  2. Add High Quality Accessories to Them

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    Dressing up a t-shirt and jeans does not mean you have to add layers of garment. On warmer days, when you want to show your T-shirt style entirely, even the most casual and relaxing ripped jeans can be immediately dressed up by the following methods and create a street style worthy of matching. Simply choose the fashion trick used by the most fashionable women in the world, and then add some designer accessories to enhance your look. An exquisite brown leather bag, a pair of stylish sunglasses, and high-quality footwear make you look more expensive from head to toe, which has the effect of “rich women on the weekend”.

  3. With a Blazer Suit for the Office

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    Are denim jeans allowed in your office? This is a simple way of dressing up T-shirts and jeans, which seem to come together at work. You will be comfortable and meeting-ready all day in this go-to clothing of high-waist jeans, a black t-shirt, and a burgundy plain blazer suit. The reason why this simple garment is quite appropriate for wearing work is the perfect fit of all parts and high-quality accessories. If you want to wear something around your neck, consider adding a pretty silk scarf or a personalized necklace.

  4. Wear T-shirt with High-waist Skinny Jeans

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    High-waist skinny jeans are a popular trend for women that’s still going strong. This sexy jean cut can magically smooth curves on larger bodies, and create the appearance of curves on straighter figures, which can flatter almost all types of bodies. This is also a fashionable way to add instant style to even the most basic clothes in jeans. We like the trendy, casual style of basic T-shirts and high-waist skinny jeans to create an instant stylish silhouette. Make sure to tuck in the shirt at the waistband to get the full effect of the high waistline on the body curve as shown in the picture here. Add a long trench coat for coverage, and go for high-quality accessories to take this chic daytime outfit to a new level.

  5. Rock Them with a Long Cardigan

    shestar wholesale color blocking pocket buttoned jersey cardigan

    This is a relaxed, stylish casual outfit you can wear from running errands, to picking up your kids from school. A go-to casual day look of lightly distressed jeans and a white t-shirt will become a stylish upgrade, when you layer on a long, plaid cardigan and a pretty leather shoulder bag. This stylish and chic garment can be wore for many season, which flatters every figure and is comfortable to wear all day long. You can keep it stylish in the look of jeans with simple ballet flats or sneakers, or dress it up a bit with knee-high boots or high-heels.

  6. Try a Double Denim Outfit

    shestar wholesale lapel collar single breasted denim jacket

    Double denim is a trendy fashion style, but it is a way that many women think is worth challenging. This is a way to add a denim jacket to a basic jeans and a t-shirt outfit, to create an excellent look for casual weekend hang-outs with friends. Start with a well-fitting pair of skinny jeans in a dark blue, vintage wash, and then add a boyfriend-style jean jacket. Opt for a designer-look purse and lightweight sneakers, and you will get the perfect weekend outfit.

  7. Throw on a T-shirt with Black Jeans

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    If you do not have time to pull together a dressy outfit, try this confident, classic fashion combination, which can be wore on almost any occasion. Pair it with well-fitting black jeans and a tucked-in white T-shirt, then add delicate accessories to upgrade your look. The combination of light at the top and dark colors at the bottom is flattering to all shapes and sizes. In addition, wearing pointed black high heels can also help create a long, slender legs to achieve an overall slimming effect. For a city-chic style effect, go for black-and-white accessories to keep the monotonous effect.


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