How to lure a man into bed

his secret obsession

Don’t be intimidated or immoral by wanting to learn how to attract a man in bed, and let me tell you that the reason many women are stopping learning or getting motivated to learn about the subject has made men get bored very quickly.

And in most cases, a woman who is bad in bed is the perfect excuse for a man to look in other directions for what you have stopped giving him or simply never given him, but don’t panic, now is the perfect time for you to take control of your sex life.

Also, learning to be an Aphrodite in bed will be your magic spell to attract your perfect man.

Keep in mind that not only is it a matter of having the man you want, but also of knowing all the secrets and tricks that these experts in love keep and that they rarely share.

How to attract a man in bed if he is a womanizer

That should not minimize you, because the fact that he knows many women does not mean that you have to be predisposed to think that you will not be able to meet him, because the reason that he goes from flower to flower does not mean that he has not had good meetings.

If you intend to give him more than one good moment of passion, then see to it that he thirsts for you and longs for nothing more than to be with you again.

As soon as you have the first opportunity, then make sure that you expose all your skills in bed so that you can captivate him from the beginning.

Getting that man to fall at your feet will achieve nothing more and nothing less than your way of being.

How to use your charms to attract a man in bed

I’ve always seen how they carefully recommend that you be the same as them all the time, but that can come to play against you as well as for you.

And the ideal is that you highlight your feminine qualities if you are not one of those who fix a lot and anywhere you prefer to be as basic as possible, let me tell you that this may be the reason for the man you want to attract does not reach you even with a miracle.

1. Beauty does count

The way you show yourself to him will be crucial to how you attract a man in bed because if you simply don’t show him your natural beauty and how careful you are about your well-being, you will never even be able to get to the bedroom door with him.

And no offense to those words, but the idea is that you open your eyes wide and know how much it costs to have that crazy man for you, or rather, don’t think about what it costs but about what it will be worth from now on.

Take care of your appearance, I do not pretend that you should be who you are not, and is that if there is a time to open fully to a man to attract him in bed you must first start by that you know beautiful as you are by nature.

If you have something to change about your physical appearance, do it only because you will feel more comfortable with the results and you want them for yourself as a sign of personal affection.

That will help you a lot to notice your own security and know that you love and accept yourself as you are, from there his attraction to you will grow like a well-cultivated plant.

2. The seduction is not of more

It’s never enough flirting for you to keep it tied to your bed, you have to keep that in mind because men are attracted to female mischief more than anything else and you can’t afford to waste that.

Always have something charming to say to him, when you compliment him on his physical appearance or the clothes he is wearing you are taking him straight into the game of love.

Once they are in bed do not stop complimenting him, because that will keep him more enchanted with you.

Also, use these infallible methods of seduction:

Play with your hair sensually when you’re having sex with it.

Your movements should go delicately from soft to intense and vice versa.

Don’t let him reach orgasm so soon, stop moving for a moment while the excitement goes down but don’t let him lose it.

Get a sex toy that he can use with you.

As for the lubricants to use, try to make them rich in flavor, like chocolate.

Don’t limit yourself to movements in bed, try to make sure that in their sexual encounters they use everything they have available to please each other, the pleasure should always be enjoyed by both of them.

3. Save yourself the embarrassment

In order for the two of you to enjoy yourselves much more and to be able to attract a man in bed, you must bet everything on learning all the possible sexual positions that are necessary for you not only to attract him but also to make him fall in love with you.

If you already know some of them but you are embarrassed to ask him to do them with you, try to lose all kinds of shame and show him that in bed you can be as a lioness as he can imagine, fill yourself with energy beforehand and discharge it completely in his moments of passion.

Understand that this is your intimacy and in it, you can both give yourself completely without pain or fear so that the moment is remembered in the most ardent and exciting way, especially by your man.

Determining how to attract a man in bed should represent for you more than a challenge, a process of learning and knowing about your own limits and that man’s hidden needs and desires.

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