How to Make Pro-Level Videos with Your Phone

Smartphones have become indispensable, not just as communication tools but also as creative devices used to create videos. Plenty of phone apps make it easy to create pro-level videos using just your smartphone. 

Nowadays, a video is more than a simple recording on your phone. It can be a powerful promotional tool and an entertaining material to share with friends and family. With a little know-how, you can make pro-level videos easily with your smartphone. 

Here are ways to make Pro-Level Videos With Your phone.

1. Keep Your Phone Steady

The first step to creating quality videos with your phone is to ensure that it remains steady while recording. To hold your phone at a comfortable viewing angle, you can use a smartphone stand. It is made of a lightweight and portable material that you can easily carry around to different places. 

This makes your video shoot more exciting. You can purchase smartphone accessories like the GorillaPod or anything that will hold it still, which allows you to mount your phone on a tripod or place it on any surface to easily position it for the best view and make a quality video.

2. Edit Your Videos

Making pro-level videos requires editing using video editing apps available for smartphones. You’ll need to learn the controls and how each feature works to make both pro-level video and audio to edit your videos. With that said, editing the video is an aspect that requires practice and expertise. 

For example, you have to know more about programs like a background remover for your video editing. These apps can easily remove unwanted objects that may be in your background. For example, you can remove the background noise in a typical restaurant scene. It’s all about creativity, and these apps enable you to do just that.

3. Use Proper Lighting

When it comes to lighting, you need to see the screen. Hence, it’s best to use a light source that is brighter than what you normally would use on your smartphone. Sure, dimmer lights are available, but brighter lights should do the trick with your phone if you look for quality video recordings. 

However, make sure that the light doesn’t cast many shadows, so your phone’s screen isn’t too dark. A bright light will make your video look crisp, clear, and easy to see. Also, it’s a good idea to place the light further away from your phone for your camera lens to see the screen properly.

4. Adjust Your Settings

You’ll have to change certain settings for your videos to be high quality. The focus and exposure settings can be quite tricky, but this shouldn’t pose a problem with good videos. All you have to do is take note of your light source, the quality or resolution of your video, and the type of shot you want to make. 

Users have different opinions when it comes to the quality of videos. Some go for high-quality shots, while others prefer lower resolution settings. This can vary with each type of shooting scenario. If you use your smartphone to film a party or something else that moves fast, you’ll want to shoot at a higher resolution to zoom in and edit later on without much hassle.

5. Hold the Camera at Eye Level

When making smartphone videos, it’s important to hold your phone at eye level with the camera facing what is happening around you. If anything is blocking your sight range, move out of the way before shooting your video. 

This is vital for making professional-looking videos with your smartphone and capturing good audio during recording. Also, try to avoid shooting videos straight on when you can. In other words, don’t just hold your phone and film what’s in front of you. Try shooting at an angle or move a little to the left or right, which can make all the difference in your video quality.


Smartphones are powerful devices that can make any video look professional, as long as you know some essential tips and tricks. Using your smartphone to record videos is no longer a daunting task. With the right apps, techniques, and know-how on shooting quality videos using just your phone, you’ve got yourself a pro-level video recording device.


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