How to Move Thunderbird Email Files into Office 365 and Outlook?

There is a wide variety of email platforms present in the online market. The organization chooses email clients according to their suitability, purpose, and budget. However, with the ongoing time, the need to switch email clients may arise anytime because of business growth and some other uncertain reasons. Let me take an example of one of the most popular email conversions nowadays. Thunderbird is an open-source email application of Mozilla which is ideal for small businesses or personal emailing purposes. But with the growing need of organizing a company using Thunderbird as a default email client might want to switch databases to more sophisticated applications like Office 365 and Outlook.

When we talk about email migration the only thought that comes to our mind is how to switch Databases from one platform to another without losing any files. Also switching databases requires lots of planning and a good amount of investment. Moreover when the quantity of database is large then the process of conversion becomes more complex and there might be chances of error and corruption of the file. Thus it is necessary to ensure that the medium you are using for conversion is trustworthy and risk-free for completing the conversion in the most accurate way.

The blog post shows you how to move Thunderbird email files into Office 365 and Outlook in the simplest way. To know the complete tutorial, read the blog till the end and follow the instructions carefully.

Simple Way to Move Thunderbird Data to Office 365 and Outlook

When we plan for email migration then various free manual approaches come to our mind. However expert does not recommend manual methods for bulk exporting Thunderbird data to Outlook and Office 365 account because of security and data loss concern. CubexSoft Thunderbird converter is a professionally designed tool specialized in migrating unlimited databases from Thunderbird accounts to Office 365 / Outlook environments. The tool provides 100% guaranteed outcomes at a pocket-friendly rate. There is no need to install the Thunderbird application in your system to perform the conversion process. You need little or no technical expertise to handle this tool. The software is programmed with a variety of features and enhanced functions. Let’s have a look at a few amazing features of the Thunderbird converter!

Why Choose Thunderbird Converter Software?

  • The software completes Thunderbird file migration to Office 365 / Outlook in just a few minutes. It allows exporting complete Thunderbird profile data in just one go.
  • The filter option is available for the user’s convenience. You can choose any suitable filter for selective Thunderbird migration to Outlook and Office 365.
  • The tool maintains mail properties throughout the conversion process. It also keeps the hierarchy of files and folders intact.
  • It is a complete mailbox solution that allows exporting emails, contact, calendar, and attachments in precise form.
  • The software asks for choosing any desirable location to save converted files for easy management of data after conversion.

Final Words

Exporting a database is a complicated task for those users who are not familiar with the technicalities.  That is why manual approaches are not successful in providing accurate and easy solutions on how to move Thunderbird email files into Office 365 and Outlook accounts. In this blog, we have discussed automated ways that support moving Thunderbird email directly to both the Office 365 and Outlook accounts.

If you want more clarity then utilize the demo edition of Thunderbird Converter. The demo edition provides a guide to exporting batch Thunderbird files into Office 365 / Outlook accounts. You will also get free migration of the first 20 Thunderbird emails into any desirable file format.


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