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Have you ever heard that approximately 91% of small businesses’ websites aren’t mobile optimized?

This is a worrying statistic especially if you’re a small company owner who has websites. Being mobile-friendly doesn’t mean that your site isn’t accessible or accessible via mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. This could result in lost customers as well as revenue loss.

This is not the only area in which your website may have issues that need to be addressed. There are many more areas, such as speed security, speed, and user experience which can be improved.

However, there are methods to make your website more efficient to make sure it meets all of these requirements. Here are some suggestions on how you can optimize your website’s performance:

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Mobile First

Since March, Google has been using an “mobile-first” index to rank websites. That means your site’s mobile version is the one that determines your ranking, not the desktop version.

If you do not have a mobile-friendly version of your site it’s time to develop one. In order to make your website mobile-friendly, you must follow these steps.

Use responsive design. This means that your site automatically adjusts to the screen’s size regardless of whether it’s a computer or laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.

Reduce the size of videos and images. Be sure that all your images and videos are of the right dimensions suitable for smartphones. If they’re too big they’ll take a long time to load.

Use a simple design. Make sure your website’s layout is simple and clear. Do not use too many fonts, colors and buttons.

Improve Web Speed

Your website’s speed site is crucial due to two reasons. It is the first reason that it impacts your rankings in search engines. Google has declared that website speed is a factor in ranking and websites that are faster are more likely to rank higher than slow ones.

Additionally, internet users are in a hurry. If your site is slow to load, they’ll be more likely to return and visit an alternative site.

To speed up your website’s performance begin by compressing all your images. It is possible to use a tool such as Tiny PNG to accomplish this. Also, ensure that you’re using a speedy web hosting service. Site Ground as well as WP Engine are both recommended by WordPress.

Link Building

Link development is the process of creating links for your site on other websites. These links are considered votes for your website so the higher number of votes you get more votes you have, the better your site will rank on search engines.

There are a variety of ways to create links however an option that is the most efficient methods is to guest blog. This is when you write blog posts for a different website within your area of expertise. After you have finished your blog post, you may include a link to your own site.

This not only helps in building links however, it can also help you gain traffic from another website. If you blog as a guest on a well-known website it is likely that you will receive lots of people visiting your site.

Hire Professionals

There’s a lot going in the process of optimizing a site It can be difficult to tackle it all by yourself. If you’re not sure of your abilities to optimize your site, think about employing a professional.

Web optimization firms can help to improve the speed of your website and design as well as its ranking on search engines.

If you’re looking to elevate the quality of your WordPress site to the next step, you should consider employing a web optimization firm.

You can find more details on WordPress services for optimizing websites here.

Optimize Your Website Today

Optimization of your website is crucial for any company, large or small. If you follow the suggestions provided in the article you’ll be able to make sure that the performance of your website is on par and your site is getting the best ranking possible on search engines.

These ideas are by Steven Fox. Steven Fox is Currently managing bliss coders which is Best Web Design and development Services In US


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