How to organize an international move?

international move
international move

If you’re international move internationally and don’t know where to start, we’ll give you some tips so you can start getting organized for all the details.

When we talk about International Movers & Overseas Shipping Company, one word comes to mind: bureaucracy. Despite so many details and care to be taken, a good prior organization at these times makes everything easier.

Below we will give you some tips for those who want to carry out this process with peace of mind and without being scared of possible expenses and inconveniences that you had not planned. We will cover the main steps and procedures of this process and also indicate what belongings you can and cannot take with you when moving internationally.

1) What is allowed to take with me when moving internationally?

 Food and drinks

Under no circumstances may you take large amounts of food or drinks to another country. In fact, some countries have very strict rules about this. If you don’t want to have your luggage held up and your trip delayed, avoid taking this kind of thing.


Many people who move to another location want to take their pets, such as dogs, cats, among others, with them. You can do this perfectly. The only concern you need to have is with the animal’s documentation that needs to be up to date, in addition to all required vaccines.

Each country has a list of required documents. So the ideal is for you to consult what you will need for your specific location. Arrange everything in advance to ensure you don’t need any documents that you don’t have the time to arrange. You can take a maximum of two animals per flight , but it is always good to confirm with the company beforehand if the plane will have space to accommodate them on the flight you want.


Here we have two situations: vehicles are not allowed to enter United State, but they are allowed to leave for other countries, with some exceptions for people with specific positions such as diplomats and ambassadors.


You can take your electrical or electronic equipment on an international move. However, you cannot ship excess items , that is, everything you are going to take must be for your own use and not characterize illegal trade. It wouldn’t make sense for a person to ship 10 televisions for an international move, even if they have a wife and children.

Also check if the characteristics of your equipment are compatible with the operation of the destination location. If the equipment you need to ship is some kind of machine, saw, or even tools that you use for work, you will have to ask your company to write a letter confirming this. Even so, it is better to confirm with the company that will carry out the transport.

2) Packing your luggage

The time to separate the items that are going to be shipped to another country is very critical and if it is not done calmly and in advance, it can become a real headache. But why is this process so important? It is he who will prevent your belongings from being lost or damaged or worse still stopped by the inspection, which could delay your trip.

To make your life easier and for those who will check your items at airports, use standardized and mainly identified cardboard boxes. The ideal thing is that you separate the objects that you will put inside them by environment and type of product. This will make it easier for you to make your list of belongings that will be used in case of loss and conferences.

This declaration of goods can be very generic, it does not need to go into the details of each item, but it should indicate what is inside each box. For example: box 01 clothes, box 02 kitchen utensils, box 03 books, and so on. Afterwards you will need to indicate a total value for all belongings, in case any boxes are lost by the company. It doesn’t have to be the correct value, but rather a rough estimate.

You must print, sign all pages and notarize this declaration of assets. It will be one of the documents that you will need to have at hand until the end of the entire process, along with others that we will explain later.

Don’t worry about the maximum number of boxes to make, as there is no limit. There is a need for all of them to be identified and to be on this list.

3) Company for transport

When you choose the company to carry out the transport, be it air or sea, keep one thing in mind: always confirm which values ​​are included in the service. Also check how the shipping service will be .

Especially in the case of maritime transport, many people think they have already paid for all the necessary services and find that when they arrive at the destination they need to pay more fees to remove their belongings. Confirm that the time the company gave you to vacate the container will be possible or if you need more time. Remember that if you do not negotiate this period according to your needs, for each day of delay in vacating you will have to pay a fine. Avoid this inconvenience.

The most advisable thing is that you explain everything you need and request a service with all fees included. Only then will you be sure of the final and real value you will pay and avoid unpleasant surprises. Ask for these confirmations in writing and if possible in contract.

4) Proof of residency

If you are returning to United State, you can go to the United State consulate in the country where you reside and request a consularized declaration of residence. This document will indicate that you already resided in United State and will expedite the proof when you arrive in the country.

But for this to be valid, you need to prove that you have a current residence, it can be through a water, electricity, telephone bill, etc. Or, present a notarized declaration, made by a relative who will receive you as a guest.

Get a certified copy of your passport and don’t throw away your ticket. They can be requested by customs or at any other time.

5) Cargo removal

To pick up your cargo in the country of destination, you will need to have the documents provided when dispatching your belongings. Keep them very well because they are the guarantee that you will be able to recover your objects or receive compensation in the event of loss or any accident with the cargo.

In the case of maritime transport, you will need to consult a customs agent , who will help you both in the unoccupation of the container, in the separation of the load, in the verification of the items and release by the inspection. For this, hire a competent professional and not for the price, because a poorly done service will not be undone.

Before the international moveof the cargo you need to confirm that you have paid all the port expenses and for this reason it is important that the company hired before starting the trip inform you of all the expenses that you will have. The process to release the cargo is a little time consuming and depends on each country. So be patient.

After releasing the cargo, you can start the last process, which is the road transport of the cargo to the final destination. Hire a specialized company to have no hassles.

Now that you know what the process for an international move is like, check out the international moving company in New York experts who can help international move .



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