How to Overcome FM WhatsApp Messages Not Entering If Not Opened

fm whatsapp apk download

Fm Whatsapp For Android

In WhatsApp for Android, if a user has turned on Notification Previews, every time a contact sends you a message, you will receive it as a notification in your phone. In this case if the contact accidentally long presses the message notification and blocks it from entering into your device then it won’t be received by you but only the sender will get notified of this action.

If any such thing happens then there is no need to panic since anyone can overcome this without even deleting the number from your contacts list or reinstalling WhatsApp. Here is how

Steps To Overcome The Problem

Go to settings > Apps > Downloaded apps . In ‘All Apps’, scroll down and find ‘atsApp’ app which needs to be opened. Open it and click on ‘Storage’. Here you will see the option Clear Data and Clear Cache . After clearing these two options, restart your Android device or just simply close WhatsApp and then open it again for checking if this issue has been solved or not.

Note: Clearing ATS App data and cache is necessary to overcome this particular issue, however we recommend you not to clear other App’s cached data.

FM WhatsApp Messages

FM WhatsApp Download Messages is a plugin for YSFlight. The plugin sends messages on channel 13 to all of the people in your mission that have YSFlight running, with voice acting by the user’s choice of either Ray William Johnson or Downtown Abby Brown.

It works by spawning an aircraft that has a randomized name and color, about 10 minutes into the mission, which contains a text file containing FM Radio-style jingles between each message. It also includes two optional plugins – one to change the ambient sound volume of other players to 0 after they have read their messages so you can listen uninterrupted, and one to spawn someone else’s aircraft instead of making our own when they get their message.

The program information from FSX/P3D is also included in the messages, so that aircraft type and location will be displayed correctly.


-Windows Vista or Higher (Does not support Windows XP)

-YSFlight 2.0 RC2a or higher (Does not support 1.9x/1.10x/1.11x)

-Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile

-A microphone to record messages with if you wish to take part in them yourself (This is optional, despite the requirements section saying otherwise). Station messages are always sent by computer text-to-speech.

How to Install:

1. Download FM WhatsApp Messages from the download page, and extract the archive anywhere onto your computer (e.g.: Desktop).
2. Open YSFlight if it is not already open, go into Options -> Plugins, then click “Browse”.
3. Navigate down to where you extracted the plugin’s folder in Step 1 and select FMWhatsApp_vX, then click “Open”
4. Either restart YSFlight or change channels with CTRL+1 through CTRL+0
5. Go back into Options -> Plugins, scroll down to FM WhatsApp Messages under Miscellaneous, and checkmark it.
6. The plugin is now installed and ready to go, but you must make a new mission for it to work (read the next section on how to do this)

How to Use

1. Make a new YSFlight Mission in whatever way you usually make one (using Plane-Maker or by converting an existing FSX/P3D mission, etc.), then save it using whatever method you usually use (ctrl+s, File -> Save As…). It doesn’t matter what name or location, because when FM WhatsApp Messages starts up, it will automatically search through all folders of your missions for the file “FMWhatsApp_vX” and load them as needed.. Instead of searching for an already-existing file, you can simply name it “FMWhatsApp_vX” but make sure to type the _vX (e.g.: FMWhatsApp_v6) at the end of it somewhere for easy identification. 2. Once you have loaded your mission in YSFlight, go into Game -> Start Mission, and make sure that all plugin settings are correct (see below).

3. Now that everything is set up correctly, start your mission by either switching to 1PV and clicking “Fly Now”, or continue through the single player campaign and get your flight graded like usual (though this plugin will not interfere with any of your flights at all). 4. Once you have successfully completed the mission, go back into Options -> Plugins and make sure FM WhatsApp Messages is still checked, then load a new mission or return to Single Player if it’s already loaded. To see messages for this flight, make sure you’ve read the “How Does It Send Messages?” section above!

5a. If everything works correctly, congratulations! You now know how to use one of YSFlight’s best plugins (in my opinion)! Using this plugin, you can now customize your own messages that will appear every 15-30 minutes in between songs instead of hearing/seeing generic broadcast jingles, station identification announcements (for both aircraft name and location) and weather reports! 5b. If you wish to add your own messages, read on below after this section.

How to Add Messages

1. To add a new message, open FMWhatsApp_vX/Resources/Missions/FMWhatsApp_vX.lua with a text editor (e.g.: Notepad++)

FM WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp Messages is a plug-in for FM Go and FM Touch designed to bring the full power of Whatsapp to your football management game.

FMWhatsApp – The plugin that allows you to receive and send whatsapp messages, assigns an agent to every player/staff member which will handle all the messaging. All received messages are converted into notifications.

FMWhatsAppMessages – This component needs the first one in order to work correctly and makes use of its services and classes and it’s responsible for managing all sent and received messages from agents or from other players managers.

This is a list of features

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2. And this is a second point in the list

3. You can also add subpoints…

4. like this one here!

5.  And if you need even more points, you can make new lists!

What’s New in Whatsapp 2.16.282 Apk

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that will help you to connect with your friends and family without wasting time on typing message, status updates and sharing images.

WhatsApp calling is the new feature released now by WhatsApp Inc. Company . You can make voice calls to your friends from now on with WhatsApp! To use this feature you need to update WhatsApp app on your Android Smartphone or iPhone . After updating , open WhatsApp and click on the call button as shown below:

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to download updated WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.282 Apk latest version for Android smartphones , iPhone & other smartphones like Windows phones , Symbian etc.

WhatsApp Messenger 2.16.282 Apk Android Latest Version is available for direct download at . You just need to click on the link and you will be directed to an another page where you can simply download WhatsApp messenger 2.16 beta version apk Android latest version using a single click .

Description of Whatsapp Messenger 2.16.282 Apk:

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger that lets iPhone, android users , Windows phone & other smartphone users chat with each other over an internet connection instead of spending money on SMSs which have been expensive in most countries around the world . In case if you use WhatsApp



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