How to Overcome WhatsApp Messages Not Entering If Not Opened


It feels really annoying, when I am engrossed in chatting with a crush, suddenly WhatsApp has an error, like the WhatsApp message does not enter if it is not opened.

No need to worry, through the following article we will share an easy guide on how to fix it. Watch the steps to complete!

WhatsApp (WA) is the best messenger application with the most users at the moment.

Only with the internet and smartphone, you can easily exchange messages with anyone, anywhere.

Almost everyone uses WhatsApp as a means of communication.

Despite this, WhatsApp also has its problems.

One of them is the WA message does not appear so that it interferes with chatting activity.

How to Overcome WhatsApp Messages Not Entering If Not Opened

wa message does not enter if it is not opened

Check WhatsApp Notification Settings

The way to deal with WhatsApp messages not entering if they are not opened first is to check the WA notification settings.

You need to make sure everything is enabled so you can get notifications when WA messages come in.

Of course, each device comes with a different UI, the notification feature is also placed in a different section. Therefore you must be able to adjust it.

This notification can be said to have a considerable effect, if it is not activated then you will not get an incoming WA message notification which in the end can be seen when the WA application is opened.

  • Please go to the Settings menu or Settings.
  • Select the Notification and Status Bar option.
  • Select Manage Notifications.
  • Continue by selecting the WhatsApp option and make sure you have given Notification Permissions.
  • Lastly is to make sure the Notification Sound and Vibration is activated.

Clean RAM Cache and WhatsApp

Yes, the RAM cache and WhatsApp that accumulate can make the application run less optimally.

For example, on HP Realme, there is a Phone Manager feature that can be used to clear cache and WhatsApp with just one click.

However, other devices also have a memory management feature, it’s just that they have a different name for each UI.

  • First, please open the Phone Manager feature.
  • Then, tap Clean Memory.
  • In that section you will see several options, please tap End All.
  • To clean all junk files you just need to tick all visible apps, then tap Delete.
  • Clean up WhatsApp database and go back to the previous point.
  • Select the WhatsApp Cleaner option.
  • Wait a few moments, then you can tap Clean Now.

Resetting WhatsApp Preferences

Another solution is to reset the WhatsApp application.

The purpose of the preferences here is to return WA to its default position, be it by setting notifications, saved files, tones and others.

No need to worry, because doing so will not delete all the files that are stored.

But if you are in doubt then you can do a backup first.

However, this option can only be done on cellphones with the latest UI.

That is, the Android OS Lollipop or below can’t do it.

Exit WhatsApp Web Mode

Another way to deal with WhatsAp messages not entering if it is not opened is to exit WhatsApp Web mode.

This is also a solution so as not to block incoming chats on WhatsApp Mobile.

Reboot the phone

Please note, the limited or much divided RAM space makes the WhatsApp application on the cellphone run less optimally.

That is the reason why messages cannot be entered if they are not opened.

Avoid Using Power Saving Mode

Next is to look at the part of the power saving features that are usually used to save on the use of HP batteries.

You can see, this one feature is indeed very useful and very useful, but without realizing it, it can also reduce background activity on applications installed on cellphones, including the WhatsApp application.

That is the reason why the power saving feature is so effective because there are several applications running in the background that are reduced or disabled.

Therefore you need to deactivate this feature so that WA remains maximal when it receives incoming message notifications.

  • Please go to the Settings menu or Settings.
  • Select the Battery option.
  • Finally, disable the Power Saving Mode feature.

Deactivate Data Saving Mode

Apart from the power saving feature, there are other features that you also need to pay attention to, namely data or quota saving mode.

This is the mode that is usually used to reduce or deactivate internet data usage in the background.

That is, by activating this feature or mode, incoming WA message notifications will not appear as part of saving internet data.

Therefore, if you want to keep chatting quickly and optimally, then you need to deactivate the data saving mode feature.

If you want to save data, the solution is not often – often play online games, watch YouTube or go to social media.

  • First, please go to the Settings menu or Settings.
  • Select the Network & Wireless Settings option.
  • Select Cellular Data.
  • And proceed with selecting the Data Saver option.
  • Disable the Data Saver section.
  • Scroll down and look at the WhatsApp section, if it’s still active then you can deactivate it.

Ensuring WhatsApp Background Data is Active

The next solution is to make sure the internet data on WhatsApp is active.

It could be that the background data is not active until finally the WA message cannot enter if it is not opened.

  • Open the Settings menu or Settings.
  • Select the Apps & Notifications option.
  • Select WhatsApp.
  • Make sure Cellular Data, WiFi and Background Data is active.

This is information about how to deal with WhatsApp messages not entering if they are not opened . May be useful.

2 Ways to Update GBWhatsApp that is expired and cannot be opened

How to Update an Expired GBWhatsApp – GB WhatsApp is a cool version of the Whatsapp application. Yup, so this application is similar to the WA application but it has been developed by other people so that it has more features than the original.

If you ask whether GBWhatsApp is safe, in general it is safe. But because this application is not official, so there is no guarantee whatsoever. So use it properly, if you need it. If you don’t use WA on the playstore it’s better.

So what’s the difference between GBWA and regular WA ??? Try to see some of the features below:

  • On GB you can send 100 images at once, if on official WA there are only no more than 30 images.
  • The size of the video that can be uploaded is up to 50MB. While in WA it is only about 15mban.
  • Can use 2 accounts at once in one cellphone.
  • Can hide status, last seen, or blue tick when sending messages.
  • You can read messages without the blue tick visible. Cool, right..
  • The theme from WA if you use GBWhatsApp can be changed.
  • And much more.

Those above are only some of the features of GBWA. Many cool features provided by the application.

If you have installed it for a long time, and it turns out that the application is asking to be updated, what is the solution ??

Yup, because this application is not in the Playstore, updating is not as easy as the PlayStore application, which only has one click to update.

You can use 2 methods which I will give below. Please choose and follow the steps correctly, ok?

2 Ways to Easily Update Expired GBWhatsApp

First step

  1. Open the GBWhatsApp application .
  2. Click the menu in the top right corner.
  3. Select GB Setting > Update > Web Download
  4. You will be directed to the official GBwhatsapp web download for updates.

how to update expired gbwhatsapp

5. Done.

Second Way (If GBwhatsapp expires and cannot be opened)

  1. Remove / Uninstall GBWhatsApp first.
  2. If you have previously backed up (usually auto backup) then all chats can be restored.
  3. Go to the official GBWA web
  4. Download the latest apk (the newest).
  5. Install as usual, if you can’t activate the unknown source on your cellphone first … enter settings – security / privacy – activate unknown source / unknown source.
  6. After installing, enter the number that was used earlier.
  7. If there is an option to restore, just restore it so that all your chat history returns.
  8. Finish your GBWhatsApp is up to date.

If it can’t be opened at expiration, use the second method, but make sure you have done a backup beforehand so that the chat history is back again.

But if it can still be opened, I recommend using the first method because it’s easier and doesn’t need to uninstall the GBWhatsApp application.

So that’s the article about 2 Ways to Update GBWhatsApp that expires and cannot be opened . If you have questions, you can use the comments column. I try to reply as soon as possible.

Please share with friends, if this tutorial is useful. Thank you for visiting, good luck and good luck.


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