How to plan a vacation in Turkey

Goreme town on sunset in Cappadocia, Central Anatolia,Turkey

Turkey is a famous destination for tourist. It is a stunning country with beautiful mosques, delicious breakfast and the friendly atmosphere. The place has almost 19 world heritage sites. Many ancient empires ruled Turkey from time to time that is why this place contains a lot of history inside it. Turkey is a full package. Anyone can come and enjoy in the place they want. But it is difficult to plan for Turkey without a guide as it is the 18th biggest country of this world. So, to make it easy for you, we have explained every detail for your tour in Turkey.

1) Best time to visit Turkey

When is the best time to visit a place? The time at which you can enjoy all the activities in the country, the time on which you find less tourist, so you can enjoy more peacefully rather than being in a hustle of market and buildings, and you miss watching great things. So generally according to us the best time to visit Turkey is April to October, but you can plan according to your mood of weather by our guide below:

Spring: March till May

In March the weather starts to become warm. It is neither too hot nor too humid. The flowers start to bloom, and the country is filled with bright colors again especially Istanbul. During this period many flowers’ exhibitions are held in the country.

Summer: June till August

This is the peak vacations time and so you will find every place in Turkey busier than usual. The temperature gets hot, and you may also find prices a little high during this time. But this is a good time for you to enjoy beach and swim on the Mediterranean coast.

Fall: September till November

In this season, the amount of tourist decreases. However, the temperature is still warm, and you can go for the beach trips and swim in warm waters. You may still find a lot of crowds in public places such as the blue mosque, but that will be still less than the summer months. In the month of October rainy season may start, so we will advise you to keep a raincoat and an umbrella.

Winter: December till February

These are very cold months in Turkey with snow in lots of regions especially the northern parts and Istanbul. Though you can still plan to visit the classic sites and do activities such as hiking and skating. Just take your winter clothes and hats with you.

2) How much does it cost?

The currency of Turkey is Turkish lira.

The cost it is going to take you to spend your days in Turkey depends on many factors. Firstly, it depends on how many days you are going to spend there. Secondly, the hotel you stay in and the activities you choose to do in your tour. The tourist season is on peak from April to October, so the prices are also high. However, it is going to cost you 150 TL – 200 TL per person per day if you decide to stay in one- or two-star hotels and eat at inexpensive restaurants. If you decide to stay in 3- or 4-star hotels and eat at nice restaurants, it may take up to 400TL – 500TL per person per day. For staying at luxury 5-star hotels, dining at high-end restaurants and travelling by plane it will cost around 1200TL.

3) Pre-trip planning

Before you start to plan, make sure your passport is ready. Also apply for visa for Turkey as you won’t get entrance in the country without it. Then start your research of planning of which areas you want to visit in Turkey. Your planning should base on whether you like to visit historical places or go to beaches and mountains. Decide the places according to the time you are willing to spent in the country.

4) When Should You Start Booking Your Trip?

It is never too late to start your booking for the trip. We advise you to first start with the hotels so that you get the hotel of your choice, and you get the best room available. Book your flight from your country. You can book it at least 6 months earlier and directly land on the beautiful international airport of Istanbul. You will have to book few activities beforehand to such as the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. Be sure to read the refund policy of that activity so that if you miss them, you don’t lose your money.

5) Which places should you visit in Turkey?

There are many places in Turkey that you can choose to travel. We are going to start our guide from the most stunning city that lies in two continents, Istanbul. It is the most visited city of Turkey with loads of activities for you to do. You can go to Hagia Sophia, the blue mosque, Topkapi palace, and Bosphorus boat tour. You can also visit the Grand bazaar, have the famous Turkish bath, and enjoy the local food.

Up next is the place of Cappadocia which is the unique landscape. You can visit the fairy chimneys here, visit the underground cities and also enjoy the hot air balloon ride.

Travel along the Mediterranean coast to visit the cities on Antalya, Cirali, Kas, or Fethiye. You can enjoy the sun at these places, and do different activities such as hiking paragliding, rafting or just simply enjoying the beach.

Also don’t forget to try the food of which ever place you go as every area is famous for its own dish.

6) Transportation in the country

There are many ways of transportation you can select to travel between cities. Firstly, you can choose air transportation to travel between the cities, but that maybe an expensive option. In place of that you can choose either a bus or a train. This will take a little more time of yours, but will be cheaper than air travel. The third option can be to rent a car. You may have an advantage after renting a car and that is you can travel to the smaller towns of Turkey easily. You can find taxis too, just check the meter of the taxi before you start your journey.

7) Language and travel insurance

Very few people in Turkey know English. You may find a lot of market people who only communicate in the Turkish language. So, it is advice for you to learn few Turkish words such as saying yes, no, hello, or asking the money for a certain price.

One of the most important tip is to get your travel insurance. This will help you in a lot of ways such as if you get ill, the health cost will cover all the expenses of your treatment.


This was a short, simple, and easy guide for you to plan your Turkey vacation. It is a lovely country with sweet kind-hearted people who will be available for your help at any time. They can guide you to the best of the places and essential tips. I hope after reading our article you can make the best plans for yourself for your trip to Turkey and you have your best time there doing all the activities.


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