How to Prepare Teachers to Support the Next Generation of Innovators?

How to Prepare Teachers to Support the Next Generation of Innovators?

Almost all schools have different education standards around the world, especially when they are limited to traditional learning. But, for most schools, the curriculum outline is similar to make it easy for a student to shift on a need basis. However, with the introduction of online schooling in the country and globally, the modern-day education system has taken up a new shape. And, now virtual schooling is becoming the big thing in next generation of innovators. With the online homeschooling option available due to innovation and technological advancements, students can experience a learning space that is suited well to the changing dynamics around the world.

Given the popularity of virtual schooling and the increasing awareness and adoption of online schooling in India, along with students, teachers also have to keep up with the next generation of innovations. Let us discuss some of the ways educators can prepare themselves and the teaching methods to support the upcoming generation of innovators with online homeschooling below. 

New Ways for Next Generation

The next generation is looking for increased space and encouragement to successfully adapt to the changing needs, especially with online schooling. At present, in traditional learning, the main focal point is theoretical content-based teaching. However, the need is to encourage students to think creatively and critically to increase their learning capabilities significantly. Here are some of the new ways teachers can support this new generation of students who are looking for practical knowledge as opposed to theoretical, content-based learning only. 

Encourage Practical Activities

As mentioned above, with the introduction of virtual schooling in India, students are becoming more aware of what they wish to do and how they want to study. One clear declaration of this new understanding amongst students is the need for practical knowledge to prepare them for their future career choices more efficiently. For the same reason, teachers should therefore encourage the involvement of more practical activities that challenge the minds of young students to help them prepare for the competition in the future. 

Instil Life Skills Through Activities

It is believed that the early years for students play a vital role in building up their characteristics as a person when they grow up. For the same reason, the need for creativity and innovation soon highlights the requirement for various amendments and alterations in the current teaching methods. For future generations, teachers should adopt a new approach that is open to creativity by planning out activities that teach students about the necessary life skills that will come in handy when they grow up. Activities like sharing and caring, analytical and critical thinking, constructive question answers, etc., can all be a great addition to instil life skills with online schooling in India. 

Provide Flexibility

There is nothing better than giving a student the convenience of choosing how much they can dedicate to a particular subject or topic in a day. This is also an added advantage of online schooling. Students can explore topic- and subject-wise courses online without the hassle of enrolling in long-term study plans. However, even with the popularity of online schooling in India, teachers have to understand and provide the necessary flexibility to students to help them learn and grasp knowledge faster. Allowing students to take a short break before burnout or giving them the freedom to ask and communicate their problems freely is thus a necessary change that needs urgent attention from teachers to prepare for the next generation. 

Encourage Self-paced Learning

Another major advantage of virtual schooling or online homeschooling is the opportunity for students to choose their pace of learning as per their learning capabilities. This is crucial as with the increasing demand for online schooling, the competition in the market is also increasing. And, to better prepare the next generation, teachers need to encourage students to decide their part in learning by creating new opportunities each day to get them curious to think out of the box. One thing to remember here is not to push students to compete with each other as this will hinder their learning progress and will force them to give up faster than they would when they are held accountable for their progress. 

In a nutshell, there are multiple ways teachers can change the current classroom setup to encourage young minds to be more creative and innovative with their learning abilities. Online schooling in India has come as a revolutionary change that is also garnering popularity faster than any other technology today. Along with added convenience and flexibility to students, it also benefits teachers to plan their schedule and methods as per the needs of students which is necessary to support the next generation of innovators.


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