How To Prevent Your Display Boxes From Shoplifters?

Displaying products is very important when you don’t want that your potential clients ignore them. It is as essential as the manufacturing of products. If you didn’t present it appropriately then you may have to face a huge loss. For that reason, custom display boxes are used to present the products efficiently. The retailers are considering the best options for the displaying of their products and investing a lot of money.

But where the display packaging supplies are highlighting the product in the eyes of clients, potential thieves are also considering the product to steal. Many retail storekeepers won’t take it seriously and later they found that their products are gone. Due to that reason, the owner has to face a huge loss. I am sharing my experience in that regard along with its solution so, that people don’t have to face huge losses.

Five years ago, my uncle open a one-dollar store. He was rich and it was almost his third brand of the store in the same city. It was not only his source of earning so, he was very chill about the stores. My uncle has only one daughter who was a doctor hence, no one was available to take care of his stores. He was a very dear friend of my dad and both were business partners. So, uncle requests me to help him in stores. Initially, I was not interested but my dad won’t allow me to join his business as he want me to do the job for experience first. I don’t want it and I consider my uncle’s option. I know uncle from my childhood so, I thought it’s better to accept his offer rather than do a job in any other company.

My qualification was limited to graduation. I don’t like to study. Therefore, he doesn’t want to take risks and wants me to search job and understand my worth. He always wants me to continue my studies but I don’t want to. So, I join uncle’s store. I just need to sit on the countertop. My happiness was leading to a very high level as I don’t recognize my responsibility yet. I get the best display boxes from Custom Packaging Australia
for displaying all the products in the store. By asking the sales staff, the whole products displayed. I won’t see them properly but had looked once and also made a selfie.
After one month of ignorance, I found the records of the store in very bad condition. The store gets into a loss. It was tragic for me as I was expecting very good results but things were the opposite. On that day, the first time I visit the store. I saw all the displaying items looking very empty although uncle said he just refill the store before I join.

In the store, two boys were present for seeing the people but they were also careless because I was not interested. That was my horrible experience. I want to know what exactly happens and see the CCTV footage of the shop. I finally realize what had just happened. Many people were not buying the products but stealing them. Due to that reason, I had to face a huge loss. It was hard to believe that people can do it. There were many ways they were stealing. Few are mentioned below to highlight you so, that you don’t have to suffer as I do.

  • Some of them watching here and there. Found no one and hide the products in their bags
  • Many of them were coming in groups and hiding the product by making circles of people around the products.
  • Few of them were very efficient and made me amazed as they were stealing right in front of the sales boy.

Preventive measures to save display boxes from stealing

It was very shocking for me so, I take a few preventive measures to avoid that kind of circumstance again. Uncle wasn’t very interested and he has no issue concerning loss so, I had this chance and I don’t want to lose it. Few preventive measures are as follows. I am sure it will be helpful for you too if you want to save your display boxes from stealing.

Install security cameras

The security cameras were installed in the store but they were not adequate. I order more cameras and all the rows covered from all angles cover properly on CCTV footage. There was not a single corner that was hidden from the screen. Uncle doesn’t have any issue in regards to budget so, I hire one person to monitor the CCTV footage regularly. Any unusual activity was detected immediately. Further, the CCTV also warned about the unusual activity. So, the chances of stealing are minimized. I can’t say finished as it was very difficult to stop some highly potential thieves. So, I take a few more measures.


In each row, the mirrors are installed on both sides. Whether the customer sees their right side or left, the mirror will be right in front of them. There were two purposes of mirrors, first to warn the thieves and second it will be easy for the sales staff not to see the client directly and few potential customers don’t like it. The sale man can judge the thieve from the mirror easily

Adequate staff

I hire many more sales staff for the floor. In all the rows at least two salespeople are available. It was also very helpful as the thieves warned by seeing the salespeople right in front of them everywhere.

Increase exit security

In the end, I hire two-guard to see all the products of customers and match them with invoices. Further, putting a stamp on the invoice is essential before leaving the store. I know it is essential to display all the products in the store as it is not possible to sell your products until clients won’t find Display Boxes in front of them. But you don’t want to face loss therefore, take all these cautions so that shoplifters never dare to pick up products without paying money.



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