How to Remove Attachments from Thunderbird MBOX?


If you want to remove attachments from Thunderbird MBOX, you’ve come to the right place. Of course, read this blog where we will discuss a reliable method of extracting attachments from MBOX files which can be followed without any problems.

Users can save thousands of emails attachments in MBOX format. It’s responsive and compact, which means you can share and access it from multiple platforms and devices. However, the MBOX file size continues to grow due to regular sending and receiving of emails. Email attachments are the main reason for the size of MBOX files. Attachments can contain data that can take up a lot of space. Hence, users need to remove or save attachments from MBOX file

Remove Attachments from Thunderbird MBOX  – Automatic Software 

MBOX Attachment Extractor Tool is a completely professional application. The simple user interface can be operated by both technical and non-technical users. The best part is that you don’t need to learn any special technical skills to operate this tool. It provides separate options to extract and remove attachments from MBOX files so that users can easily reduce MBOX file size without facing any issues. The software removes all attachments from MBOX and saves all attachments to the destination location and saves MBOX files at the same time. This tool is a standalone application. The extraction process can be carried out without installing any external application. This tool handles everything with ease.

How to Remove Multiple Attachments from Thunderbird MBOX:  Step-by-Step Guide

  • Download the Tool on your system

Download MBOX Attachment Extractor

  • Click the MBOX/MBS radio button and select the Add Files option


  • Select the MBOX file you want to extract the attachments from and click the Open button. Click Next to go further

Select MBOX Files

  • Check the boxes for the desired folder hierarchy options and choose between creating folders for each file type or just one folder

Folder hierarchy

  • Click the Change button to select a destination location for the result file, then click Next

extract MBOX Attachments

  • Use date filters and data filters to select specific data and data types to include or exclude

  • Specify a naming pattern for attachments and folders in the Naming Convention field and click Extract tab.

extract MBOX Attachments files

Manual Method to to Remove Attachments from Thunderbird MBOX

Method 1: – Use the Thunderbird Attachment Extractor plugin

Thunderbird offers a free plugin that allows users to extract attachments from MBOX files

  • First, download the Thunderbird Attachment Extractor plugin from Mozilla Thunderbird official website: –
  • Open the Thunderbird app and select Add-ons
  • Hit on the gear icon and choose the option to have the plug-in from disk
  • Choose the XPI Thunderbird Attachment Extractor file and press the Install Now button to begin the installation
  • Once the installation process is complete, re-start the Thunderbird email client application on your computer
  • Select an email folder and right click on it and select Extract all attachments to … option, then click Browse to select where to save MBOX attachments
  • After they are successfully saved in the target location. You can access the resulting attachments without any problems

Limitations of the Thunderbird Attachment Extractor plug-in

  • It only works with Thunderbird, so it won’t work with any other MBOX-compatible email client.
  • This plugin is not compatible with the latest versions of Thunderbird (60+)
  • Cannot extract attachments from MBOX files with this Thunderbird plugin


This blog focuses on user specific questions on how to remove attachments from Thunderbird MBOX. Simple tasks can take a long time if you don’t follow the correct procedures. Likewise, users with no technical skills may have a hard time extracting attachments using free attachment extraction plugins. This plugin is no longer compatible with current versions of Thunderbird. So, let’s dive into the easiest and most reliable way to quickly extract all attachments from Thunderbird emails to maintain data integrity.


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