How to Seal Tiles at an Affordable Price

Ever witnessed your tiles slowly lose color over time? Wonder why the tile and grout seem dull, dirty and nothing like when you first bought them? Tiles are prone to dirt and debris accumulation, and the process is so gradual that one often does not feel the difference initially. It is only when the effects completely alter the condition of tiles when they come into notice. This change puts owners off, since their monetary investment and the overall look of their place both get affected negatively.

Buying and installing tiles is a burdensome and time taking process, not to mention it involves the expenditure of a handsome amount of money. This is a major reason why tile owners spend their time and energy in maintaining the quality and durability of tiles. Several tile cleaning processes and prevention against future stains hacks are opted by people worldwide to hold on to the authenticity of tiles for as long as possible.

Contamination, mold, and mildew are also notorious for residing in tile and grout surfaces. The accumulation of all these agents on and within tiles is not only unsightly but problematic as well. Additionally, permanent stains and cracks are also a side effect of tile contamination in the long run. Direct exposure to longstanding dirt and fungal growth has proved to be hazardous for the health of individuals, which is why it is of utmost priority to observe all measures to prevent tiles from staining agents and allergens.

For the above-mentioned issues and for preserving the sanctity of tiles, a process called tile sealing exists. This process is neither too cumbersome nor too costly. Fitted according to the world over tile requirements, this is the best solution for anyone who is looking to revamp the look and elongate the lifespan of their tiles. 

In the simplest of explanations; tile sealing refers to sealing tiles from persistent and recurring contaminants. The professional process involves the use of a suitable sealer, the choice of which is made according to the prevailing condition and material of your tiles, which is applied in the form of a protecting layer on top of tiles. 


Types of sealer range from water-based to solvent-based sealers; and according to their nature of function are classified as penetrating and surface sealers.

Given the current ever-rising global pollution scenario, mostly environment-friendly products are recommended. Water-based sealers fall under this category and are therefore popularly utilized. 

Tile sealing, by definition, seems like a simple process. However, proper implementation of this task requires professionally trained teams. Several factors are considered before the process is carried out; inspection of tile and previous sealers condition, choice of sealer, area of tiles in need of sealing and time calculation are just a few to name. Since applying a sealer is the same as renewing their condition, the removal of previous seal tiles is necessary. If a sealer is applied without eradicating the pre-existing sealer, then both the durability and the outlook of the sealer will be destroyed. A layer of sealers forms which will cause deterioration in the tiles underneath. 

Advantages of Sealed Tiles

Sealers do not only protect your tiles, but they also add a shine to them which leaves them looking as good as new. Alongside this, it increases the durability and longevity of your tiles and upholds their original quality. In the long run, investment in sealed tiles proves to be beneficial because of its long-lasting impact and guaranteed results.

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