How to search for BPO jobs in Mumbai


There are many scam job portals and websites trying to misguide people about alluring job opportunities with high packages both within India and abroad. Hence it is very important that people should not fall prey to such ads or portals when you are looking for BPO jobs in Mumbai. Avoid job offers that seem too good to be true.

BPO jobs in India

But the main question is what does a candidate who is desperately in need of a job and the ones who are not able to crack the several interviews that he has attended.

Hence there are some points that should consider while choosing a recruitment agency or a consultancy.

Things to Consider While Choosing a recruitment agency for BPO Jobs in Mumbai.

1) Asking for Money – Are they charging you for an interview? Are they charging you to directly place in a company? If your answer is Yes to these questions then, you should really think about opting for the services of that consultancy. The only question that one should ask themselves while choosing a consultancy or a recruitment agency is that. Why I should pay for a job, where I would be helping them in optimizing their work which is going to help them earn monetary profits.

2) Insufficient Contact Details – Mostly fake firms never have a business email like [email protected] Instead, they use google mails or any other free email options. Also, some of these scam sites do not have real addresses and contact numbers on their websites.

3) Free Data Entry Job Sites – Sites that provide form fillings or data entry jobs are mostly fake sites. The process of data entry online is like. They will give you the work and tell you to complete it with a >90% accuracy and when you would complete the work, they will find mistakes in your work and not pay you. So here both your crucial time and money are wasted.

Hence these are some of the red signals you should understand while going for an interview or while choosing a consultancy.

From all the Sites I have gone through there are many trusted sites too which can actually help you to get a job easily through online portals. One such trusted site is MyGlit.

MyGLIT is built to make hiring easier for the Recruiters. Glit trains you at various intervals through Pop-ups and Tickers about various updates in hiring along with new hiring Demands that we may get from Existing Clients or new Clients.

You can find Jobs from all the sectors here Sales & Marketing, Banking and Finance, HR etc.


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