How to Speed Up and Improve Performance in Windows 11


If Windows 11 computer is sluggish or taking too long to do things that would be done quickly? Now just one question arises in your mind that is how to speed up Windows 11 computer.

Thankfully, with a little housekeeping and care, you can get Windows 11 to operate as quickly as it was designed.

If you switched to Windows 11 recently from older Windows, then your computer most likely has a slew of temporary folders/files & unneeded apps that are straining its resources. There can also be outdated or lacking drivers that require updating.

In this blog, we will see how to boost performance &  speed up Windows 11.

  1. Install latest updates
  • Navigate to Settings> Windows Update> Check for updates
  • Install the available updates if any
  • Restart computer

2. Disable Startup Apps

  • Navigate to search bar and type task manager or simply press Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  • Once the task manager opens click on More details
  • Select Startup options and disable the app you want by right-clicking on the app and select Disable

Startup options

  • Restart computer

3. Disable restartable apps

Whenever you log in to computer, Windows 11 restarts various background apps to improve your experience quicker and better. However I f you have good configuration computer, then this can be a useful feature. Nevertheless, removing it on older PCs will help you in increasing  speed of Windows 11.

  • Navigate to Settings> Accounts> Sign-in options
  • Toggle off “Automatically save my restartable apps and restart them when I sign back in”


4. Uninstall unnecessary tools

  • Open Settings>Apps> Apps & features


Now select the tool that you do not use and uninstall it. uninstall5. Delete temp files

  • Open Run by pressing Windows+R key
  • Type &temp& and click OK


  • In the temporary files, folder delete all temp files

temp files

6. Use Storage Sense

Storage Sense is a feature in Windows 11 that will automatically clean Windows 11 at regular time intervals.

  • Open Settings> System
  • Toggle on Storage Sense

Storage Sense

7. Disable animation

  • Open Settings> Personalization
  • Open Colours> Toggle off Transparency effects
  • Open Accessibility> Toggle off “Transparency effects” and “Animation effects.”

8. Use Advanced System Optimizer


Advanced System Optimizer may surely provide an immediate performance increase. This computer cleaner also organises and deletes unwanted files from computer’s hard drive. It also provides a variety of scan kinds for the user’s comfort.

Advanced System Optimizer is a PC tune-up & cleanup application that has a powerful scanning engine which searches each region of hard drive for issues and resolves them in just a single click. ASO  Advanced System Optimizer helps clean duplicate files, junk data, deletes privacy revealing traces, temp files, & other unnecessary items that impede overall computer performance. After scanning & correcting problems, you should notice a considerable increase in speed.

Advanced System Optimizer is a collection of various tools that constantly optimizes your computer for maximum performance. Various examples are trash file cleaner, disc defragmenter, & backup and restore of system files. It is a useful tool and every PC user must use it for highest speed & performance.


  • Useful feature set
  • Comfortable user interface
  • A free version is available.
  • Simple download and setup


  • Windows-only
  • Relatively costly

Features of Advanced System Optimizer:

  • System Cleaner

System Cleaner searches for and eliminates unnecessary files from computer. Junk files generally slows down computer because they take up precious space that could be used for anything else. emoving these garbage files improves the speed & functionality of your computer.

Defragmenting hard drives improves data access rates and the overall performance of your computer. Advanced System Optimizer will help you defragment hard drive.

  • Secure Delete

This capability allows you to remove data quickly & permanently for final disposal. It’s useful for those who deal with sensitive papers or if you want to erase the data on computer prior selling, giving, or discarding it.

Advanced System Optimizer offers an utility for backing up and restoring important data, other files. It is recommended that you take back up of computer on a regular basis to limit the impact of any data loss occurrences. Consider the anguish of missing all or a portion of computer’s data without backup.

You may also backup system files & restore old files as necessary.

  • Game Optimizer

By running computer games in the dedicated sandbox mode, users may experience distraction-free gameplay. A sandbox is indeed an isolated region that allows you to run applications without impacting the rest of your computer. Playing video games in sandbox makes them run more smoothly and quickly.

Memory Optimizer quickly frees up the temporary RAM on computer for any running processes. The more RAM you have available, the quicker your computer’s software will run.

To prevent unwanted access, users can encrypt essential files.

To safeguard the online identity, users can remove browsing data & tracking cookies.


There are various issues that users are facing in Windows 11, and one of the most common issues is the lower speed issues. In his blog, we have suggested various ways users can increase their productivity and performance on Windows 11. However Advanced System optimizer is a tool that will do all tasks that a user wants to increase productivity. All the methods suggested in this blog are tried and tested that have given positive results to the users.

Try the methods suggested in this blog to speed up Windows 11, and let us know your views in the comments section below.


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