How To Start a Esports Business with Esports Tournament Website

Esports platform development
Esports platform development

Esports is a globally growing industry where skilled professional participants are playing video games competitively. Esports platform development solutions have seen growth in revenue as well as viewership. Esports is experiencing growth over the years which causes huge investments in esports businesses. The number of people watching esports videos is rising, due to which the number of sponsors, broadcasters, organizers are also increasing.

What is Esports?

Esports are similar to traditional sports, the only difference is that the esports involves many video games and participants are treating it as a professional sport.  This industry includes traditional sports FIFA, NBA as well as counterstrike, Dota, starcraft, etc. The players can earn money or join organizations to compete for large cash amounts.

Esports is growing fast with the involvement of huge amounts, as there was a large amount of prize money involved with the tournaments. The game developers keep developing new esports games that cause incredible growth in the industry.

The Market Scenario of Esports

There are more than 80% of people around the world, who are engaged in the esports industry.  In the year 2019, the online streaming platform has increased by more than 30%, with 56,000 average live channels. Newzoo predicts that esports will rise by more than $1.5 billion by 2021. Esports will generate more than $ 1.5 billion in revenue with brand investments. Along with that sponsorship contribution in generating revenue is increased by 40%.

As per the record of the World Esports Association (WESA), service structures for professional esports are developing over the years. The association keeps implementing rules for tournaments, setting schedules, updating the pay shares, and many more. There are more than 20,000 players in the industry, who are contributing to the growth of the esports industry.

Esports Games Genre

There are many video games involved in esports other than traditional sports. The top variety of esports genre are as follows:

  • First-person Shooter games
  • Mass multiplayer online games
  • Multiplayers online Battle games
  • Real-time strategy
  • Fighting Games
  • Card Games

Best Esports Games in 2020

Best Esports Games in 2020
Best Esports Games in 2020

There are many games involved in esports but based on players, popularity, viewers, streamers there are some top esports games. There are several competitions, tournaments, and competitions that are set-up around these popular games. The best esports games in 2020 are as follows:

League of Legends

These games were launched in 2009 and developed by Riot Games. In the year 2019, this game has huge prize money of $ 8 million. These games are under first-person shooter games. The LOL is considered as a professional game in Europe and the U.K. The levels of tournaments are always updated and fresh by Riot Games.


This game was released in 2016 with an average of $14.4 million monthly users. It is mostly played in the United States. This game is organized by Blizzard Entertainment for international players under the genre of first-person shooter games.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

This game is very popular among the participants and released in 2012. The most trending and latest popular counter-strike series was of FPS multiplayer games. It is known as one of the most influential games in the esports industry, especially in the United Kingdom.

Starcraft 2

This game is more popular in Korea rather than in any other country. It was launched in 2010 with several leagues such as North American Star League, Global Starcraft 2 League, and many more. It falls under the category of Multiplayers online Battle games.


This game was released in 2013, under the category of the multiplayer online battle arena. It was on the top of Twitch and other online streaming platforms. The international tournaments are sponsored by publishers with the prize pool of $1.6 million to make a tournament the biggest competitive gaming event globally.

How to Launch an Esports Tournament Website

With the increasing potential of esports markets, the organizers start investing in the esports market. It involves competitive and organized video games for players. To enhance the business esports tournament website can be helpful for the operators. Some of the popular esports tournament websites are as follows:

Esports Website Builder

This approach of developing esports tournament websites is automated in nature. These tournament builder sites have all required features involved such as leaderboard, social networking, reports, and many more. You just need to have a web hosting portal for the website. These builder sites have various templates and management tools. The advanced technology in website builder sites such as helps the organizers to create an effective website esportwebs, esportsify, and many more.


It is another way of developing a website where the organizers do not need to consult the professionals. The website can be created with the help of plugins and personalized themes. This approach also helps in analyzing statistics of the website and can be easily integrated into the websites. The organizer’s cost to make an esports tournament website only includes hosting, theme, and plugin and no cost for the developers.

Custom Development Approach

The custom development approach is a better way of developing an esports tournament website. It needs to have a professional expert to build an engaging platform for the users. This approach involves appropriate tools, features, and a better look at a website. There are few things which need to be considered while developing an esports tournament website:

  • Target Audience and country
  • The type of games for developing esports tournament website
  • The kind of product (custom development or white level)

After this, it is required to have certain factors that help develop an esports tournament website:

  • Wire-Framing: It decides the structure of the website before the content is added.
  • Designing: The designers maintain the website by designing a user-friendly interface and an attractive site for the users.
  • Development: This part includes coding in the website to make it responsive.
  • APIs: The application programming is a set of protocols that ensure the interaction of the users with the website.
  • Quality Assurance: Quality assurance is helpful in detecting errors and tested website performance.

How to start your esports business?

Once the esports tournament website is developed, the organizers can consider the following aspects to develop an esports organization.

  • Once the esports tournament website is developed, the organizers can consider the following aspects to develop an esports organization.
  • If you like to develop a multi-gaming organization, you need to find a game before finding a player. Developing a logo is also helpful for developing your brand in the market.
  • You just need to have legal incorporation work done such as opening a bank account, article of incorporation, office place, etc. This legal work helps in creating a contract with future sponsors.
  • You need to find a team and offer them small or huge prize money. It is important to lay down the rules in the contract for your team.


Esports is undoubtedly a growing sector in the iGaming industry. You can start your business successfully by launching an esports tournament website. There are various games available in esports that help generate revenue and attract large numbers of audiences. There are certain steps stated above that help develop an esports business. Thus the organization must opt for the esports industry to attain the goal of the business.


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