How to Stream Your Town Hall Meeting

Town hall meetings are a great way to discuss and find solutions for businesses. But today many of them lack on how the process should be conducted. To help you conduct effective town hall meeting, this blog lists 10 tips to get you started. But before you proceed, let’s understand the meaning of town hall meetings.

Meaning Of Town Hall Meetings

Town hall meetings allow businesses to have open discussions on multiple topics related to the organization, such as updates, exhibiting the goals, etc.

It can also be referred to as a forum where a question and answer session takes place. An open discussion can help business owners understand how the business can continue to improve and clears all misconceptions and issues being faced by employees. 

Such meetings are helpful as this resource can then be used as an internal company video to be accessed when required. So, what makes a successful town hall meeting? Our next category lists the top 10 tips.

10 Ways To Prepare For An Insightful Town Hall Meeting

1. Appreciate the winners

The best way to start or end a town hall meeting is to appreciate the employee efforts in your organization. Your employees go out of their way, work long hours, develop new skills to help you achieve your brand’s mission early and in an efficient manner. It is always better to motivate these employees by appreciating their contribution.

Don’t forget to record such moments so that when these resources are saved as internal comms videos, any employee will feel happy and motivated to continue working.

2. Encourage participation

This is one of the most common issues faced in business meetings, lack of participation by the audience. A town hall meeting can be successful only when the full involvement of the audience is achieved. While most of them might stutter, have the host come up with different participation ideas. Have surveys, conduct team games, etc., to get employees to open up more. 

3. Create a plan

One of the best ways to conduct town hall meetings is to create a plan or agenda. This helps you cover all the essential topics that need to be discussed and prep the employees for what to expect. Also, when the latter happens, it becomes easy for employees to raise questions and expect an ultimate video streaming platform solution that improves their work. 

4. Test all equipment

In most cases, a technical issue can disturb an insightful meeting. We are still living in a pandemic which means that most town hall meetings today are conducted virtually. You need to ensure that everything is being checked, from microphones to other technical aspects. In case of any error, the issue can be resolved in priority, and the meeting can begin without any hassles. 

5. Create meeting URLs

Another drawback of a town hall meeting is the difficulty to join one. It is essential that meetings should start on time, so it is suggested that you create simple meeting URLs and send them to all employees. A calendar invite along with these URLs will ensure that everyone attends the meeting without any row.

6. Incorporate moderators when needed

The purpose of a moderator is to ensure that all actions conducted in a meeting are happening smoothly. For instance, using a moderator can help you mute employees’ audio as and when needed to avoid any background disturbance, screen sharing can be made possible by only those exhibiting any information, etc. 

7. Have a good host

A good host determines how well or poorly the town hall meeting will be. The responsibilities of a good host aren’t limited to just speaking, they ensure multiple actions are being undertaken, such as encouraging participation, making it convenient for employees to talk about any issues, ensuring all meeting topics are being covered, etc. Choosing a good host is necessary especially to conduct such crucial meetings. 

8. Rotate presenters

Refrain from having the same presenter in all town hall meetings. Another way to encourage participation is to allow everyone from different teams to take control of the town hall meetings. This gives a better outlook on the meeting agenda and lets everyone else on the team be aware of the team member in case of a large organization. 

9. Address issues

No company is perfect. It takes multiple mistakes to improve and deliver a good service. Allow employees to speak about the issues they face, which helps business owners understand the struggle and find solutions to solve it. 

10. Keep it simple

Lastly, to achieve the aim of a town hall meeting, ensure that the conference’s purpose is exhibited well. Use simple language when communicating or explaining business terms so that employees can understand better about multiple topics. 


A booming town hall meeting will impact business productivity as the goals and blocks are evident. To help you conduct a successful town hall meeting, invest in an enterprise video platform that makes the process simple. 

These videos can then be recorded and converted into internal communications videos for better employee engagement towards the brand.



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