How to Take Photos of Jewelry Sets


 Letter Pendant Pearl String NecklaceIn addition to the single-product jewelry that can play a finishing touch in daily wear, there are also jewelry sets that are also the best choice for many fashionistas. When these uniform jewelry sets appear together in your dress, they can play a very good decorative role. They not only make your outfit look more coordinated but also leave a harmonious and beautiful impression. Usually, many women share their daily life in a circle of friends. In addition to sharing some photos of food, clothing, selfies, etc., actually sharing photos of exquisite wholesale jewelry sets is also a wise decision. So how do you shoot good-looking jewelry set to be ingenious? I hope the suggestions given below will help you.

Here are some methods recommended to help you take photos of jewelry sets.

    1. Give Jewelry Sets some Clean Backgrounds

       Cut-out Butterfly Pendant Multi-layer AnkletYou can choose some clean backgrounds for the jewelry set you want to photograph. The most common clean background is naturally a pure color background, without any messy things, so that people can see the jewelry you want to shoot at a glance. For example, there are many bloggers pursuing minimalist style on ins software, and they will choose to use this method to shoot their own jewelry, which not only reflects their own style but also makes the photos look extremely good.

      You can choose the three most classic solid background colors of black, white, and gray. These colors can make the object to be photographed look more advanced when used as the background, and no matter what kind of jewelry set will look very textured.

    2. Add Elements to Your Jewelry Backgrounds

       Disc Decor Colorblock Stone Shell BraceletIf you think black, white and gray backgrounds are too common, you can try to change to other more special colors. For example, light green or light purple are good choices. Then add a little flower and green leaves to make the foreground blur to embellish the effect, so that the whole picture can become vivid.

      When you want to make your photos more advanced, you can use sunlight or other light sources. Let the light jump around the jewelry, the photo will become much brighter, and people’s moods will follow. If they are very design and three-dimensional jewelry, you can also take a picture of their shadows. Hold the jewelry in your hand and shine a light on them, the shadows displayed will look very creative.

    3. Jewelry with Personality Stone Backgrounds

      Cross U-shaped Tassel Chain Ring SetWhen you feel that the ordinary background is not enough personality and you want to pursue a different feeling, you may try to find a stone outdoors as a background. Find a solid-colored stone, wipe it clean with a paper towel, and place the jewelry sets on top of the stone for shooting.

      But it should be noted that the color of the selected stone must have a certain contrast with the color of the jewelry to highlight the unique design and texture of the jewelry. For example, if you use black stones and gold jewelry together if their colors are reflective, the photos you take will not look good. So you can change the jewelry to a matte material, which will look more balanced visually.

    4. Choosing Jewelry Style should be Unified

      Disc Tassel Pearl OT Buckle Pearl NecklaceMany women may choose to put their jewelry in a jewelry box and shoot directly. However, if your jewels are not neatly placed inside, they may appear to have a lot of various elements, distracting people and making it impossible to grasp the main points of one of the jewels.

      At this point, you can try to make the style of the jewelry more concise and use only a few pieces of jewelry or the same type of jewelry. For example, put jewels with pearl elements together, or choose a series of jewels with clearly the same logo. These combinations will look more uniform and can avoid looking messy. Finally, you can add packing box elements next to it to make the photo more stylish.

    5. Shoot Jewelry with Beautiful Props

       Simple Geometric Line Pearl Ring SetIn addition to using jewelry boxes or packaging boxes to shoot jewelry sets, there are also simpler props that we can use. For example, you can put the earrings through the white paper and hang them up and take a photo against a clean background. White paper not only won’t steal the lens of the jewelry, but it will also give the photos a sense of hierarchy.

      You can also use advanced and minimalist-style marble plates. They are also props that many bloggers use when taking photos. Round and square marble plates are the most common. Use them as props to make jewelry more prominent. It is also good to choose green plants to bring out the exquisite jewelry. Green plants can not only reduce the cold feeling of the white background in autumn and winter, but also add a bright color to the photos.

    6. Take Photos of Wearing Jewelry Sets

      Geometric Colorful Rhinestone Hair Clip SetJewelry sets are used to decorate people, so how do take photos to look more natural? The easiest way to pat earrings is to pat the ears. You can show your face or choose not to show it. But the most important thing is that the earrings should be in the center of the photo, so that they will be more conspicuous.

      Taking pictures of the ring should be in the top three teams in the circle of friends who have the jewelry. But for people who don’t know how to compose a picture, the photo will appear to be more casual, with a messy background and lack of texture. how should I solve this? You can set the shooting distance a little farther away, the placement of the object into the lens can present a triangular shape as a whole, and then make a gesture of holding the cup with your hand. The photos taken in this way will have a lot of feeling.

    7. Jewelry Sets with Some Photo Poses

       Blue Butterfly Pendant OT Buckle Necklace Bracelet Earrings SetYou can use some photo poses after wearing the jewelry sets to make the photos have an atmosphere, which will be very vivid. Hand movements are very helpful to enhance the atmosphere of the photo. For example, you can cover your face with your hands to make your face look smaller, or you can gently pull your hair back, exposing your ears and neck, which will make you a little charming and sexy. You can put the focus of the jewelry on the hand with your hair, which will highlight the design of the jewelry.

      You can also face the camera obliquely and pretend to be tidying your hair, so that you can naturally reveal your fashionable jewelry set. Finally, you can use a body scrub to exfoliate your skin before shooting and then you can wind up your long hair and put on a low-necked suspender dress to expose your smooth back to set off the uniqueness of jewelry.

 Letter Constellation Diamond NecklaceIt turns out that there are so many ways to take a good photo of a jewelry set. So after reading this article, you no longer have to worry about finding a suitable shooting method. I hope you can use these methods to shoot a set of your favorite jewelry sets fashion blockbusters. Our OOK JEWELRY online store can provide you with many high-quality and inexpensive wholesale jewelry sets. If you are interested, you are welcome to click and browse.

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