How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Tracker

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If the user does not have time to track their target person at all times or daily, TOS allows them to automatically send live location recording instructions. Then TOS automatically sends recording at users’ Usually, in organizations, employees do many things hidden from the employer. Like, visit other departments or take their laptop/mobile to other colleague space, or goes outside of the company for enjoyment by lying. These things badly affect business growth and goodwill also. Likewise, kids go outside with friends without being informed to guardians/parents. Asa result, kids found in unethical/ harmful activities. And sometimes stalkers make them target which later affects their future as well.

In these situations, both parents and businesses face problems. As children become involved in bad companionship and parents are unaware, it gradually affects both the child and parents. Similarly, an employee’s performance affects the performance of the entire team.

Spy technology provides a GPS tracking system to track loved ones/ children and employees at all times. Although the GPS tracking system has been in operation for many years, spy technology has made it easier for people to secretly and remotely track a targeted person. TheOneSpy is a popular tracking spy software that provides specialized tracking apps for android devices. Let’s see the details of this Android mobile Tracker App.

TheOneSpy Phone Location Tracking App

TheOneSpy is itself a powerful spy software that provides a variety of apps to spy on various activities done on the targeted device. It also serves users with special apps for Android devices, which work smoothly with all versions of Android systems.

The TOS GPS location tracker gives the user the option of monitoring the precise location of his or her loved one or employee. The user can see the location directly and take action if a targeted person is doing something harmful.

4 ways of Tracking Phone Location with TOS

TheOneSpy serves users in four different ways of tracking GPS. Let’s discuss the TOS GPS location each function separately, to see how these works and helps users.

  • View Location History

online portal.

Therefore, the user can view daily, weekly, monthly or annual location history according to the package. The GPS Location History Recorder records all living locations with the same time and date that users can easily monitor where their loved one/employee is routinely visiting.

To get this amazing feature you need to get TOS GPS app subscription. After three minutes of the installation process, you can begin monitoring immediately.

  • Real-Time Location Tracker

Finding the exact location of your target person is only possible via the TOS Real-Time Location Tracker. Whenever a user sends a command to an online portal to view the location directly, the app starts immediately working.

This feature of supervision keeps parents and employers from worrying. It also enables them to monitor the correct location, if a child/employee is lying to them. If a user is busy anywhere, then TOS also allows the user to send instructions of the automated recording of the target person’s live location.

  • Track Location through SMS

In it, the user has to send an SMS directly to the target Android phone to track the exact location. Once the message sent, the user can immediately track the location of the targeted person. It provides an exact and real-time location that users could react without any fear.

In addition to TheOneSpy GPS Location Tracker, TOS also empowers the user to check the status of the targeted GPS by getting access to devise information. A user can remotely track whether a user has enabled GPS or not.

  • Tracking Without GPS

This is an amazing TOS feature that enables the user to track a target device without GPS.

This requires targeted phone SMS and call in the users’ phones. It works correctly and does not cause any problems. With no delay, you can take advantage of this amazing feature.


We conclude that TheOneSpy is a powerful phone Tracker spy app that facilitates users with four different ways of tracking location. Each way has advance features to track the real-time location of the targeted person. Over time, TheOneSpy will bring users more advanced features to more conveniently detect anyone.


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