How to Update QuickBooks to the Latest version?

How to Update QuickBooks Desktop to the Latest Release

You don’t know about the procedure to update QuickBooks to the latest version available? Updating the application is very important to function properly; otherwise, it can lead to multiple errors and malfunctioning of the system, and your related to company files and payroll lists. QuickBooks is a multi-featured software that can be operated by multiple desktops using common company file information at different locations.

However, if one of the systems does not have a proper upgrade of the QuickBooks desktop, it may lead to some critical errors that can affect your company file and future processing in this application. So, we will be discussing how you can find out the version running in your system and how you can update QuickBooks to the latest version. Thus, keep reading!

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Advantages of New Updates

  • New updates always come up with new features that can provide more efficiency and ease to work on the QuickBooks desktop.
  • The update also terminates many glitches and bugs from the previous QuickBooks desktop version.
  • If there is any error in your QuickBooks application, then installing the new update can also eliminate most of the errors people generally face while working on this platform.


How to Check the current version of QuickBooks Desktop?

You can manually check the current version of QuickBooks in two simple ways.

1st: Open the application and press Control + 1 or F2 key to open the information regarding the product running in your system. 

Product Information Image 1024x536

Verify the current and latest version release date, licence certificate, and Version Type. So that you can distinguish between the two versions, and if you have an old version, then you can proceed to the updating process.


Quick Ways to Update QuickBooks Desktop to latest

Check these ways to update your QuickBooks desktop to newest version:

1st Way: Release Download 

If you are facing issues with the updating feature of QuickBooks, or if you do not want to use that process. You can directly download the new update from the internet and install it over the previous version. It will automatically rewrite the older version to a new version by updating the whole QuickBooks Desktop. 

If you are a user of QuickBooks premier or pro version, you are sharing a company with multiple desktops. In this case, all the systems in which your company file is available should download the new update. In order to maintain the record and proper functionality of the QuickBooks software.

  • To update all the QuickBooks desktops, open your company file in QuickBooks.
  • On the top menu bar, you will find the help option where you can drive a cursor to the Update QuickBooks desktop.

Update QuickBooks Desktop to Latest Image 275x300

  • Now you have to choose the options selection.
  • You can navigate your cursor to the Share option to update information with all the computers in which your company file is activated.
  • Finish sending notification by clicking on the Yes button, and all the computers having QuickBooks desktops will get a reminder.


2nd Way: Updating QuickBooks manually

The following process begins with closing all QuickBooks desktops operating in the background and all the company files.

You can take the help of the task manager to close all the QuickBooks desktops working in the background.

  • Hold the button Control + Shift + ESC on your keyboard.
  • Navigator mouse to the process section in the task manager
  • Close all the QuickBooks desktop applications functioning in the background by selecting the process individually and doing the End process.
  • You can also restart to avoid any problems.

After finishing this process, you must open the QuickBooks desktop to Run as an administrator. 

  • Instead of opening the company file, press the help menu on the top to look for the QuickBooks update.

Update QuickBooks Desktop Screenshot Image 1024x618

  • Select the Option and mark all to install the update and press the save button.
  • Choose the update now option in the tab and select the Reset update box.

Update QuickBooks Desktop to Latest Image 275x300

  • Finally, you have to select the update option, which will automatically download the update and install it in your QuickBooks, which will overwrite the previous version. You will find a new version with the latest features.



Updating the QuickBooks software is crucial for the company files and the users to avoid any loss or error issues. So, you can directly use these methods to update the QuickBooks desktop, or you can take advice from our QuickBooks desktop support experts who are dedicated to providing you excellent assistance with your accounting problems and update issues.

Feel free to reach us by our toll-free 1-800-615-2347 or via Live chat option. One of our best executives will attend to you with your problems, and personally provide you with a solution within no time.


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