How To Use Facebook Power Editor For Better ROI ?


From last six months, I am promoting my blog through Facebook ads.

Initial days of my ad campaigns I used to use Facebook Ads manager to target the audience and ad placements because I don’t have much knowledge about these ads.

Slowly after gaining the experience and knowing about the dynamics of FB ads, I started using Facebook Power editor to access the advanced features of Facebook Ads which are not available in traditional ads manager.

Most of us don’t know the difference between Ads manager and Facebook Power Editor, today I am going to share difference between Ads manager and Power editor and how to create campaigns, ad sets and ads in it.

What is the difference between Power Editor and Ads Manager?

Facebook power editor is a plugin which works only with Google Chrome browser, we have to download this tool every time from Facebook Power editor interface to work with our ads, because it downloads all the previous data from ads manager, after completing our work with power editor we have to upload these changes in the interface to activate our changes in ads manager.

It looks very confusing if you are using it for the first time.

Here is the screenshot which shows download to power editor button and upload changes buttons.

Now I will share major differences in Power Editor VS Ads manager

  • Text Length restrictions:

In ads manager we have text length restrictions for headlines and description but in power editor we can extend our text length a little bit more, we can add special characters and display URL in the power edit whereas it is not possible in Ads manager.

  • Device Targeting:

We have the option to select the right-hand column, desktops news feed and mobile newsfeed in ads manager but in power editor we can select the mobiles which are connected to only WIFI and we can specify the devices.

Dark Posts:

If we don’t have published a post in the Facebook page and we want to run the ad for an unpublished post then it is possible with these dark post option.

Look a like audience:

If you have good email list, custom audience to promote your blog then Facebook will analyse your email list(custom audience) and creates look a like audience which has similar behaviour like your custom audience to reach new people.

Better Optimisation & Pricing:

In power editor we can select the bidding price on our own even Facebook suggests the bidding price range to know which bid price can give us good results or we can even select daily unique reach to bid on impressions(usually for 1000 impressions).

Now we know some of the major differences between Power Editor and Ads manager, next I will share about how we have to navigate and power editor and use it.


Navigating power editor

We can directly go to Facebook Power Editor from this link or we can go to ads manager and click the power editor tab from the top menu bar.

Once we enter into the power editor interface we have to click download to power editor options tab at the top which I will show you in the below screenshot, do remember that power editor only works in chrome browser.

After clicking this download to power editor, it will display the account name asks us to download the editor to retrieve information from ads manager.

Once we click the download it imports all the information from the ads manager, if we have any running ad campaigns then it will show that ad or it will show blank interface.

At present, I am running one ad for page likes so it is showing one campaign.


Now we have successfully downloaded the tool and our data from ads manager.

The campaign is the term where we set the objective for our ads, we have so many options in Facebook ads where we can choose our required option.

  • Clicks t website
  • Product Catalog Sales
  • Website conversions
  • Page post-Engagement
  • Page Likes
  • Mobile App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generations


After selecting our desired campaign now we have to select the Ad-set where we will define our targetted audience, budget, schedule time for our ad campaign this is the most important part in this process because it gives us the results.

As you can see in the campaign section screenshot from there only we have to type the name for our ad-set or we can use our existing ad-set if we have pre-defined ad-set in ads manager, my advice to you is better to have different ad sets for every objective(campaign).

The first option we see in this ad-set is budget, for every objective Facebook has defined minimum budget per day, for example, website clicks minimum budget is 40 Rs (Indian rupees).

The second option we get is schedule, here we have to select the ad start date and time, and end run date, time if we want we can run ad continuously which is not recommended.

Next we will have the Edit audience option where we have to define our targetted audience based on our requirement, before defining these audiences do some research about persona analysis, like who are your targetted audiences, what is their age, where do they live, what topics they are interested in, who is the influencer in your niche and what is their Facebook page name.

If you all these persona analysis data with you then defining audiences is very easy but we can’t guarantee all our analysis will fetch good results we have to test different audiences to decide which influencer’s Facebook page and which audience are giving good results.

In the location section, I have selected India, you can choose your desired country or city based on your requirement, next option is the age we have the option to choose between 18 – 65 years I have selected 20 -50, in the same way, we have to select gender.

Connections option is to choose different combinations available in Facebook to choose Facebook pages and its related people, like who are connected to the particular page, friends of people who are connected to a specific page and we can exclude people who are connected to the specific page.

Next option is languages choosing English is better if your blog is in English language or you can select your regional language through available options.

Interests are the place where we optimize our audience based on their behaviour like activities they do on Facebook, pages they liked, topics they are engaging with and other activities they are participating in.

Behaviours is the other advanced option where we can choose where people are admins for Facebook pages, who has recently involved in FB payments and other advanced options to optimise your audience in a deep level.


After completing the Ad-set, we have to design our ad.

The first option we find in ad design is adding our Facebook business page, if you have multiple pages it will ask us to select one page from the options.

Next we have the option to use existing post or creating a new post, here we have two types one is the single image single article or carousel ad where we can promote up to four articles with four images.

Right now I am selecting single article promotion in this demo.

In website URL, we have to select our article URL where we want to send our targetted audience, next we can select display URL which is optional to display in ads.

Next we have to type our ad message in text option to grab the target audience attention, next we have to choose the headline for our ad then finally we have to write our link description at the bottom.

Once we finish designing our ad finally, the ad will look like this


After doing all the work like creating the campaign, optimising the ad-set and designing ad, now we have to click upload changes button at top menu bar to include these changes effect in ads manager

If we don’t click this upload changes we lose all our customizations in this campaign so this mandatory.

Afte uploading we have to place the order for approval from Facebook.


I have shared my experience about how to use Facebook power editor for better ROI, I am requesting all of you to share your experiences, thoughts, opinions about this article in the comments section. I have also purchase a some of bulk facebook accounts from the for social media marketing. It is another best way to branding your business.


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