How to Win Best Yard in The Neighborhood Every Time


You want that house. You know, it’s the house that everyone drives by and admires because of the quaffed landscaping and superior curb appeal with the amazing front yard. How do you take your home from mundane to stellar with a few simple tricks? It can be done, and accomplishing this significant feat just requires creativity and elbow grease.


Ways to Transform Your Yard into Award Winning

Some neighborhoods have an award program, but many areas don’t have such an honor. However, you don’t need a reward when you have a home that’s the envy on your street. Here are some ways to ensure your landscaping is superb.


1. Mow Your Grass at Least Once a Week

It seems like an easy task to take care of your yard, but when you mow your grass once a week it’s helpful in creating that picture-perfect lawn. You need to take time and ensure those rows are aligned perfectly, as well as get rid of any weeds around tight spaces the lawnmower can’t reach.


2. Install a Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems ensure your lawn maintains a lustrous green color when the heat is scorching. It wastes water and isn’t as effective when you use your hose, as a sprinkler system will target the specific areas you need hydrated, and it will not spray everything else that doesn’t need water.


3. Keep Bushes and Trees Groomed

Nothing’s more unsightly than overgrown trees and bushes. If you have dead shrubs or trees in your yard, you need to remove them. Not only does dead and dense vegetation hurt your property values, but it also can become a refuge for dangerous pests and vermin.


While you probably can handle the bush maintenance yourself, you should rely on tree service Portland for the arborist work. Trimming trees is not for the untrained, as dealing with these massive plants can be dangerous. You need someone licensed and insured to help.


4. Add a Pop of Color

You need some color in your yard. One easy way to do this is by adding plants that appeal visually to the space. The only issue is that most plants only bloom seasonally, so you will need a wide variety to keep color all year long.


Another way to add a pop of color is by painting the front door a vibrant hue and adding colorful shutters. While a red door is a classic, many colors are being used to help bring life to a once dull part of the home. Why not consider a sapphire blue, a bright yellow, or even a citrusy orange?


A little bit of color goes a long way and can help you win the title of the best yard in the neighborhood.


5. Use a Water Element

Water elements are not only visually attractive, but they’re also calming. A lovely fountain or a koi pond may be just what you need to take your landscaping over the top. Who doesn’t love a peaceful fountain with ample lights that brighten this feature at night?


6. Add Visual Interest

To make your lawn stand out from the rest, you need to have design elements that draw attention. Something as simple as a porch, deck, or pergola, can give you the appeal you desire. It helps showcase them by adding lovely shrubs and flowers around the perimeter. What visual element will work best in your space to enhance the feel of the area?


7. Enhance the Fine Details

Other small things to consider that have a significant impact are street numbers, lighting, stones or walkways, porch swings, lawn decoration, and anything that adds to the space. Remember, you don’t want too much going on, or it can be pretty busy. However, enhancing the fine details of your yard and landscaping can make all the difference.


Final Thoughts on Winning Best Yard in Your Neighborhood

What’s the first thing you notice when you drive by a home? Of course, it’s the yard and landscaping. You can always tell the homes that take extra time and effort to make their space look fantastic.


These days, the yard is just an extension of the living space inside, so why not jazz it up and make it the envy of your neighbors?




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