How Video Marketing can Boost your Sales in 2022

How Video Marketing can Boost your Sales in 2022
How Video Marketing can Boost your Sales in 2022

Large players in consumer markets like Apple, Samsung, McDonald’s, Cocacola, tend to associate their identity or product to their consumers. The connection, then, is built as a result of an effective video marketing strategy. You can learn more about these brands and use these survey results for the benefits of video marketing’s latest trends.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is the use of video media as a tool for promoting brand recognition and corporate sales. It has developed for many years from traditional media to digital media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. It has grown in popularity and is more effective today

Types of Video for Marketing

  1. Demonstration Videos (or demo videos)

These feature various types of product lines, their function, and specifications. These are used in the market where the most detailed specifications can be competitive to produce an advantage. Hence, the length of these videos is usually a bit long. Behind the scene, these videos reflect a company’s culture, which is the best way to indicate how a company works behind closed doors. This adds a human touch and builds trust while highlighting reliability.

2. Customer Voice

When a customer using a camera is confident that they have used your product and had a good experience with your brand, nothing is exactly the same. These videos can show customers who have used your product or service in a very open way. They can be used as excerpts or as part of a mini-documentary.

3. Mini Documentaries

These are non-fiction video series that can subtly emphasize the product in the frame, but the focus is on the topic of documentation.

4. Branded Short Films

These films have a great story that uses the same tones as the brand, and mainly the characters here use or recommend the brand’s products. Sometimes these videos are being shot at the brand location.

Movie producers often approach brands for product placement in exchange for finances.
This builds a connection with people via an emotionful ad. Because these types of ads have a long impact on viewers, it is ideal for branding and placing multiple products in history. For example, in the  Coca-Cola ad, the key point from the ad is to sell “happiness, joy, connection”.

5. Livestreaming

Live interaction with prospects is great for feedback and brand building. This can be done on multiple social media platforms. Cutouts or highlights can be used for montage videos. The videos can be shared later in different formats. Montages can be easily created with a high-quality montage video maker.

6. Corporate Videos

These can be specially created for B2B pitching to generate more interest in the brand from potential investors. These videos show how the company works through a storyline aimed at deploying multiple products.

7. Animated Videos

These are great for highlighting virtual products that are otherwise complex to demonstrate. Therefore, if your target audience is kids, it’s a good idea to make it a lot of fun.

What is the future of video marketing?

So how will video marketing evolve in 2022? With 5G deployed around the world, things will move faster than ever! Internet advertising can put your business ads in front of millions of consumers every day. In many cases, it’s much cheaper than traditional media marketing stores. The higher the engagement, the more attention you have to the product. Video content offers the best opportunity to reach the most influential audiences for your business.

The future of digital marketing is undoubtedly in video advertising. Let’s take a look at what could be the biggest game-changer in video marketing next year.

Understand how things will evolve in 2022

Vertical Video Instagram, YouTube Shorts, IGTV, Facebook Watch, TikTok, and all other platforms, vertical video goes beyond normal format It suggests that. These videos are easy to make on a smaller budget. The best thing about creating a portrait video is that it takes very little time to record. Editing them can be difficult unless you have a video maker that supports vertical video editing. There are also numerous templates to choose from for social media advertising.

Better Product Placement

Viewers want an uninterrupted viewing experience by purchasing YouTube and other premium versions of OTT, so product placement in the video continues to grow. Hence, influencers and celebrities using products in videos without actually selling them will continue to be a trend next year. If you’re just starting out, you can focus on micro-influencers in your area.

Viral Video Challenges

Online video challenges are known to increase engagement. They prove to be a great way for brands to get immediate attention. McDonald’s McSpicy Challenge used influencers to amplify the challenge and encourage organic reach in marketing.


Finally, when cinema reopens, video ads will skyrocket as few companies want to target movie fans. The Cinema Hall makes branded movies look bigger than they really are.

AR Filters

Augmented reality (AR) filters are computer-generated effects designed to be superimposed on real-life images. Usually intended to emphasize or enhance them. Filter games, including brand or product placement, are great combinations.

Apple is attached to LIDAR technology. You can also see other companies connecting to the bandwagon. LIDAR easily detects and can measure distance and depth, which exceeds that it is ultra-fast for AR placement. If you have a furniture business, you can see if the beds will fit in the room before the consumer delivers. As a result, this helps with immediate sales transformation and reduces unnecessary costs.

Final Thoughts

The High-Speed ​​Internet represents a seamless browsing experience. Our technology has evolved and will soon be used more than ever. This has an immediate impact on your interaction with your device and social media. You can’t ignore how it works with modern technology and data analytics, artificial intelligence, extended or virtual reality, and mixed reality. You may be heading for an unimaginable consumer experience.

This helps benefit your business, as ads seen by potential customers can easily be converted into successful sales. Lastly, social media videos are here to stay because they are largely consumed all around the world.


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