How we Decided on Marble Countertops and How to Care for Them

Marble Countertops
Marble Countertops

Designing with kitchen marble countertops provides your home an aesthetic, sleek look. You’ll be able to enhance the natural class of your home with marble inlays. Associate adorned style on your marble floors, backsplash, countertops or shower, can impress your guests and cause you to be pleased with your way.

Follow these six marble maintenance tips to stay your marble trying spic-and-span.

Tip #1: use space rugs in areas:

In areas with kitchen marble countertops, use a carpet or a runner. You ought to conjointly wipe your feet off on a mat once you enter the house. For safety functions, ensure the rug contains a non-skid backing.

Rugs forestall the unfold of dirt throughout your home, enhancing the look of your marble floors. For optimum kitchen marble countertops inlay floor care and maintenance, you should clean your carpet a minimum of once per week. To scrub a locality rug:

  • Shake smaller rugs outside.
  • Determine the proper setting on your vacuum for space rugs.
  • Sprinkle sodium hydrogen carbonate on the carpet to forestall odors.
  • When you vacuum the carpet, watch out not to run the vacuum on your marble floors. The plastic or metal attachments on your vacuum will cause print marks within the marble.

Tip #2: watch out of what you set on your marble countertops:

kitchen marble countertops add a clean look to your room and loo. As you utilize them typically, they’re vulnerable to stains and etches from the product you use on high of those surfaces. Within the room, you would like to safeguard your marble countertops from:

  • Food preparation:
  • Meals:
  • Drinks:

In the lavatory, you ought to conjointly be careful with shampoos or beauty products that might discolor your marble tiles. You’ll be able to maintain your marble inlays in your lavatory by:

  • Using a receptacle for your toilet article product rather than golf, shot them directly on your marble surfaces.
  • Turning on the associate fan whereas you shower to scale back wet buildup.
  • Wiping your marble surfaces with an artifact once each storm.

To prolong the lifetime of your kitchen marble countertops Richmond, you ought to conjointly avoid sitting or inserting weighty objects on any marble countertops in your home. Marble isn’t versatile. Therefore the further weight may cause cracks in your countertops.

Tip #3: Proper cleaner for marble:

Marble care and maintenance often involve cleanup marble surfaces. Marble is sensitive to acid. Thus you would like to settle on a cleaner that won’t hurt your marble surfaces. Mistreatment of offensive materials with any acid may lead to dull spots known as etches.

Avoid mistreatment cleaners with vinegar, lemon, or orange as this product may print your marble surfaces.

It would help if you conjointly avoided abrasive cleanup agents. The products created for granite countertops are too harsh for kitchen marble countertops Reston. Even once you’re cleaning up the lavatory, you shouldn’t use lavatory and tile cleaners unless they’re specifically designed for marble tile.

Here are the various sorts of cleaners you’ll be able to use:

  • A ph-neutral cleaner:
  • A home-brewed cleaner:
  • An ammonia mixture with chemical element peroxide:

Along with the sort of cleaner you utilize, you ought to conjointly contemplate the kind of brush or artifact you employ to use the cleaner. Solely use harsh cleansing brushes for infrequent deep cleanup. Unless they’re using notably stubborn stains, cleansing brushes may scratch the marble stone. Use soft cotton or chamois to scrub up regular stains and to dry a wet space.

Tip #4: clean stains as shortly as doable:

Spills are inevitable in your room and loo. Once you spill one thing, blot it up directly thus it doesn’t stain your marble countertops or floor. Wiping up a spill may unfold the liquid to different areas of the marble surface.

Cleaning stains within the room:

Kitchen backsplashes are vulnerable to stains from food and drinks. Suppose you notice paint on your backsplash, whereas your change of state or uptake pack up the color as shortly as doable. Blot stains with a towel and wash with a ph-neutral cleaner created for kitchen marble countertops Herndon tile. Once cleanup, dry the world with a soft artifact.

For proper marble care and maintenance, here is a way to clean various stains in your kitchen:

  • Oil-based stains:
  • Organic stains:
  • Mold and mildew stains:
  • Ink stains:
  • Paint stains:
  • Water spots and rings:
  • Metal stains:

Cleanup stains within the lavatory:

The product you utilize within the shower may cloud or discolor your marble, including:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Soap
  • Shaving cream
  • Facial scrub

After use, clean a marble shower by rinse off the tiles with heat water and dry with a soft towel. To scrub the shower, take away soap scum with a ph-neutral cleaner that’s safe for marble tile. Use correct ventilation whereas you clean to avoid wet buildup and tile discoloration.

Tip #5: take away dirt and dirt from marble floors and countertops:

kitchen marble countertops Ashburn may be a delicate stone that’s prone to print marks, stains, and scuffs. Marble inlay medallions want further care. As a result, they need natural etching at intervals in their styles. To safeguard your marble floors and countertops, you ought to dirt and clean them a minimum of once per week.

How to clean marble floors and countertops:

Create a dusting schedule supported by what percentage of folks board your house. The additional traffic in your way, the other types you’ll have to be compelled to dirt. Here ares the various strategies for cleanup your marble floors:

  • With a non-treated dirt mop:
  • With a soft-bristled dirt mop:

If you would like to use a vacuum on your marble floors, solely use brush attachments. The wheels of an associated upright vacuum may harm the end of your feet.

Dust your countertops a minimum of once per week. To get rid of dirt from marble countertops, use a dry microfiber artifact. If you utilize a wet artifact to scrub up the ground, ensure you follow a dry artifact to eliminate any excess damp.

Tip #6: deep clean marble a minimum of once a month:

You should deep clean your marble floors, countertops, and showers a minimum of once a month. If you have got marble in a very high-traffic space, you ought to schedule a deep cleanup additionally typically. Use a ph-neutral cleaner to scale back streaks within the marble end.

  • To deep clean your marble surfaces:
  • Remove stains from the marble:
  • Clean the grout:
  • Polish the marble:
  • Seal the marble:

Please choose from our choice of marble at kitchen marble countertops Loudoun County:

Our trained worker professionals at kitchen marble countertops Loudoun County inlay specialize in marble inlay styles for your home. At Aalto, every one of us may be a work of art. We’ll provide you with a style set up for your room, lavatory, or lounge. You’ll be able to opt for your plan, your color palette, and a basis for the ground’s design.


It’s arduous to match the classic class of kitchen marble countertops! They flip a standard room or lavatory into extraordinary, and once they’re combined with new cabinetwork and different contemporary decoration, the transformation is superb. Whereas their quality will rise and fall from time to time.



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