Import and export data can be used to track trade

Trading analysis is essential to strategic decision-making as international trade tensions increase and more tariffs are imposed. US Trade Data Analysis provides key insights into domestic and international markets that will help you make better business decisions.

Accessing data

Consumption evident

Even if production estimates are not possible, trade analysis can still help to determine local demand. Apprent consumption refers to the country’s need.

Analyze the supply chain

By displaying the volume and value of exports, data can provide insight into different countries’ prices for export. According to the US International Trade Commission, 48 million kilograms (or $28million) of soybean seed were exported from the United States into Canada in 2017. These numbers can be used to estimate the soybean seed export price of $0.60/kg. This is an estimate of the entire HHS code. The estimates could be affected by trade flow reporting errors. All users should understand these steps.

Sometimes, inputs from other countries are necessary to produce the final product. Trade analysis can be used to identify which countries supply bulk materials and how much material flows among them.

Trade analysis is a method that can be used to determine the origins of raw materials and their prices from different countries. Trade analysis can be used to determine the origin and price of raw materials.

Trends over time

Trade tensions are increasing. To analyze the impact of current trade policies on regional and global goods movements, you can use both imports as well as outgoings data.

If there is an increase in production capacity, exports to other countries may decline. Many industries depend on components from around the globe for their production processes. This could indicate that the source needs to be reviewed.


Users should be aware that there are possible caveats when interpreting trade data databases reports. Multiple items can be tracked using the same HS number. You can ship additional items, which could result in lower trade volumes. These additional items are not included in trade flows and can result in lower trade volumes among nations. There are several ways to spot discrepancies.

  • Primary research is necessary to determine the average trade rate of manufactured goods.
  • Find out if flow is underestimated
  • You can use volume- and value estimations to approximate the export price. Compare the average or estimated price of goods.

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