Importance Of Easter Umrah Tawaf

Easter Umrah

Tawaf is a derivation from the Arabic term Tawaf. It means “to travel round and round”. Tawaf means “to stroll about” or “to encircle anything.” Tawaf is the act of circumnavigating the Holy Kaaba seven times in an anti-clockwise direction. It is a required rite for all travelers wishing to complete Umrah successfully. Because it is a sacred ritual, there are several prerequisites and Duas linked with it. This blog discusses how to perform Tawaf in Umrah, its significance, and a few dos and don’ts.

Tawaf is a significant religious ceremony in Umrah. Tawaf was performed naked by Arabs during the Jahiliyyah period. It was before the time of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), as an ancestral ceremony. It was a belief that clothing was sinful and allowed people to stomp on them. Many legends exist to explain why Tawaf is performed. Scholars provide multiple reasons for the significance of Tawaf. They also tell its methodology. One of the reasons pilgrims conduct Tawaf in a round pattern is in one direction. It is to reflect their belief in the one and only Almighty Allah. Easter time is a good time for Tawaf. So read Tawaf Rules They are giving you Easter Umrah Tawaf Rules.

Rules Of Tawaf:

It is critical to follow the following rules when performing Tawaf:

  • During Tawaf, one should be in the Wudu state.
  • It is also necessary to do Niyyah for Tawaf.
  • Pilgrims should begin their Tawaf journey at the black stone.
  • Pilgrims must conduct a counter-clockwise circumambulation of the sacred Kabba seven times.
  • They should leave the circumambulation to do Vitr prayer during Tawaf.
  • Pilgrims should return to the Tawaf after offering Vitr prayer.
  • Pilgrims should attempt to kiss the black stone. If this is not possible due to the crowd, one can touch the stone and kiss the hand for blessings.
  • Furthermore, if one is unable to approach the black stone, one can point in its direction and proclaim, ‘Allahu Akbar.’

Contexts For Seven Circumambulations

Some consider each circumambulation of the Kaaba to be a step towards the seventh heaven. While others see it as a surrender to Allah and a complete dedication to worship. One of the most prominent contexts for seven circumambulations is present in Ibn ‘Abbas’ story. When Prophet Ibrahim left his wife Hajra and son Ismail in Makkah, they quickly ran out of food and water. To obtain water for her thirsty son. Hajra ran up and down the Safa and Marwa hills. This explains why circumambulating the Kaaba seven times is an important Umrah and Hajj practice.

How To Perform Tawaf During Easter Umrah

  • Ablution

The first task in Tawaf is to create Wazu (ablution). Wazu can be performed on the premises of Holy Kaaba or from wherever one is staying.

  • Wearing Ihram

Ihram is the prescribed dress for all pilgrims for Tawaf. It should be pure and cover your satar. Satar is the part of the body that is covered according to Islam. Ihram should be two unstitched white clothes. Men wrap it around their bodies. Women’s Ihram comprises plain clothes. It covers the satar and a hijab (veil). Women have no requirement to hide their faces. Wearing Ihram will be comfortable for you on Easter days. Grab the opportunity of Kabaah Tours with Uk Easter umrah packages.

  • Mataaf

The traveler should then enter the Mataaf, or the region in Makkah where pilgrims perform Tawaf. It is the area surrounding Kaaba.

  • Niyyah

Pilgrims perform Niyyah (intention) in front of Hajr-Aswad. It is a black-colored stone. It is sent from heaven to Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH) while he was constructing the Ka’bah. Black stone has a location at Kabbah’s eastern corner.

  • Kiss the black stone

Following the Niyyah, one should turn around and face Hajar-Aswad, reciting Takbeer (Allahu-Akbar) and kissing the stone.

  • Complete seven rounds

Then he or she should begin walking anticlockwise around the Kaaba. In this method, a person has to complete seven circles. He has to do this on foot. The Tawaf must be done in one sitting, and the pilgrim must remain until all seven rounds have been finished. Completing these rounds is a difficult task if there is too much hot weather. So, avail Easter holiday umrah packages for your ease.

  • Pray two rakats

Complete the seven rounds. After that, pilgrims must stand in Al-Masjid Al-Haram. They pray two rakats.

  • Drink Zamzam

Then, while saying the dua, they must take water from the Zamzam.

What Is The Best Time For Doing Tawaf?

There is no set optimal time for Tawaf. Although certain periods allow one to finish the circumambulations in peace. This occurs precisely around sunrise, just after the Zohar prayer. This is the best time to visit if you have older folks or youngsters. Due to this fact, you can grab Easter holiday umrah for pleasant weather Umrah. It is because the heat is comfortable and the Mataaf is less busy.

Pilgrims Are Free To Do Many Tawafs

Tawaf is walking around Kaaba seven times in an anti-clockwise direction. A pilgrim can perform as many Tawaf as he or she like before traveling to Sa’i. Sa’i is walking between the hills Safa and Marwah as a ritual in Umrah). A person can conduct Umrah on behalf of another person who is not currently present in Makkah.

Tawaf Dua

There is no requirement for Duas to recite during Tawaf. One can read passages from the holy Quran, take Allah’s name, or say personal Duas in any language.

Things To Avoid During Tawaf In Easter Umrah

Several things are Makruh during Tawaf in Makkah and must thus be avoided. Makruh means disliked or insulting. These are their names:

  • Petty and worldly matters

You cannot discuss petty and worldly matters during Tawaf.

  • Selling and purchasing

Trading merchandise, whether selling or purchasing is a prohibition while performing Tawaf in Makkah.

  • A phone call during Tawaf

If one receives a phone call while in Tawaf, they are required to accept it. You can answer the phone. Their talk, however, cannot include earthly or commercial topics, as this may be termed Makruh. It is best to turn off your phones while in Tawaf.

  • Do not pray or recite Quran during Tawaf

Do not pray or recite the Quran aloud since this may disturb those practicing Tawaf.

  • Clothing

It is not advisable to perform Tawaf while wearing unclean clothing. To wear Ihram is a requirement. It is Tawaf basic white clothing that is free of color, perfume, and deodorant. It is a prohibition to stitch for man.

  • Tawaf during Namaz or Khutba

To continue Tawaf when Namaz or Khutba (Preaching/Bayan) is taking place in Kaaba is a prohibition.

  • Tawaf during hunger

It is not appropriate to do Tawaf while hungry or furious. Perform Tawaf with a calm and serene mind. Remembering Allah during Tawaf.


When practicing tawaf, numerous guidelines must be followed. During the rite, devotees must refrain from discussing trivial matters, conducting business, or repeating prayers publicly. Tawaf is a Fard rite. It is a requirement to complete Easter Umrah pilgrimages. It entails making seven counterclockwise circles around the Kaaba while offering Duas and prayers. Tawaf Umrah and Hajj are nearly identical in most ways. Tawaf represents togetherness and equality because people from all over the world gather at one spot, regardless of their status. The end of Umrah, emphasizes spending time in the devotion of Allah and blossoming as a new personality. Furthermore, Easter umrah packages 2023 are looking forwards to you.


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