Importance of Teachers in this Era of Digital Learning

Importance of Teachers in this Era of Digital Learning

In the current era of digital learning, anybody can learn everything from the freely available content on the internet, most commonly in the video format. And in the last decade, the internet has been loaded with the learning resources for school going students as well. Thus making it more feasible for the student at the level of school education. Then as an obvious question, it becomes intriguing to know the importance of teachers in this era of digital learning.

Now reflecting on the rise and development of the education technology and online learning portals. It may seem that these online formats of education might replace formal schooling in days to come. However, the majority of the educators suggest that although online education can support the proper classroom studies, it can’t replace it. And in either format, the importance of the teachers would remain of utmost importance.

Importance of Teachers in terms of their role in Academics

It is quite obvious that today’s internet is loaded with more information on a variety of topics that nobody can ever pose and withhold in their mind.

However, it’s just like the heap of some valuable resources as seen in the junkyards. That cannot be fully utilized if the person doesn’t know how to extract and what to extract for their use. So we can clearly say that the information in the form of some random piece of information is of not much use.

Additionally, it’s the wisdom of the teacher that these digital learning tools lack. Thus it’s not hard to conclude that although you can get information through the internet. However, you will need a teacher to impart the requisite wisdom. So you must not underestimate the importance of teachers, especially when it comes to the factor of wisdom needed on the part of students to become wiser.

Moreover, the teachers will always be required to evaluate and determine the reason that makes any child a poor performer. Hence, only a teacher can help them get over their weaknesses and do better.

The role of teachers as the mentors

Even the most interesting online learning platforms filled with amazing learning resources and tutorial videos for all the topics of any course will always find a void. Thus it will require support and intervention from the side of the teachers.

Now considering the aforementioned fact, let us highlight an important angle of the learning. Although the syllabus and the required study resources are the same for any course of study, the different student needs a certain personalized angle to the learning.

For instance, if we try to look at the NEET and JEE coaching courses, then we can surely say that the webpages, JEE and NEET Video Lectures and other learning resources are made for the general audience or say, normal students. Thus it would be hard to resolve the problems of every student that they will get to face during the self-study, and will require a mentor to help resolve their doubts and problems.

Hence it is not hard to conclude that only the teachers who have been with the students can fulfill the role of mentors. Furthermore, they can also guide them and help them find a way out of any doubt or problem.

Thus teachers are the main reasons that the various formats of schooling like day boarding and boarding schools that are chosen by the majority of parents for their wards. Since they trust them to groom their child properly and to induce personal development in their child.


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