Importance of Using Artificial Grass Accessories

Artificial Grass Accessories

When installing an artificial lawn, it’s important to have the proper artificial grass accessories. Some of these are Jointing tape, Garden hose, and infill. These products will help keep your lawn looking its best. Other items to use include ZeoFill and Envirofill. This article will highlight some of the most commonly used artificial grass accessories for artificial grass installation.

Jointing tape

Joining tape is used for joining two pieces of artificial grass together. It is made of non-woven fabric and white release paper with an adhesive coated on one side. It is available in different lengths and specifications. Suitable for many types of grass, it has a wide temperature range and can last up to six to eight years.

It can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, such as landscape grass, athletic fields, and personal putting greens. It is also useful for non-turf applications, such as pool surrounds, patios, and loosely-laid flooring. This tape is easy to apply, makes the joining process quick and hassle-free, and enables the turf to be installed as quickly as possible.

Artificial Grass Accessories

A high-quality jointing tape is a vital part of the artificial grass installation process. Used in conjunction with an adhesive, it ensures a smooth seam, a clean, even look, and a long-lasting surface. A low-quality adhesive, on the other hand, can damage the artificial lawn and cause seams to lift and pull away from the tape.

When joining multiple pieces of artificial grass, jointing tape is essential. This tape covers the entire length of the join and acts as a base for the adhesive. To calculate the exact length of the tape needed, simply multiply the length of the join with two. For example, if you are joining two 4m sections of grass, you will need approximately four metres of jointing tape. The tape is easy to apply – simply insert the tape between the two pieces of grass and apply glue to the surface.

Garden hose

A garden hose with an attachment for cleaning artificial grass is an essential accessory for the upkeep of your new lawn. Unlike traditional garden hoses, these hoses do not kink and are lightweight. They are perfect for rinsing your new lawn and cleaning up liquid waste. You may also want to buy a leaf blower for easier cleaning. Rakes are also necessary for keeping the fibers fresh and healthy. Plastic or wood rakes are recommended over metal rakes. A spray nozzle is also essential for cleaning solutions and rinses.

Artificial Grass Accessories

If you want to keep your new turf looking as good as new, a no kink garden hose is the best option. This hose comes with a V-notch that ensures even coverage. This reduces the risk of adhesive seeping through the seam. You can also place staples at intervals of six inches, straddling the seam, for added weight during curing time.

You should also have a cleaning solution at hand, because artificial grass does not self-sanitize. Regular sanitizing will help prevent bacteria from spreading, and it will also save on water. Luckily, there are cleaning products available for synthetic grass, such as the ones from Purchase Green. These products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for children. Besides being a great option for cleaning your new lawn, these products also save you a lot of time and money.

Envirofill infill

Envirofill is an acrylic-coated infill material produced by USGreentech and treated with microban antimicrobial technology. It is placed within the base of a synthetic turf system and acts as a ballast and footing element for the turf blades. It also has a shock-absorbing quality for athletic use. While some turf system owners have historically used crumb rubber as infill, Envirofill provides an environmentally friendly, safer and more attractive alternative.

Envirofill is also non-toxic and safe for pets and children. Its antimicrobial technology inhibits bacteria, mold, and mildew growth, preventing the deterioration of the product. Unlike traditional infill materials, Envirofill is able to withstand harsh environments and last for a very long time.

Artificial Grass Accessories

Envirofill infill is the perfect solution for enhancing the performance of your artificial grass. With a 16-year warranty, Envirofill has proven to be the most reliable and durable infill material available. Furthermore, it is highly resistant to outdoor elements, making it the perfect choice for any sports management project.

Envirofill is a highly durable, non-toxic infill material for artificial grass. Its acrylic coating contains Microban antimicrobial protection, preventing bacteria, mold, and mildew from growing. It also helps reduce the level of ammonia produced by pets by up to 99%.


If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly solution to fill your grass, you may want to check out ZeoFill’s infill products. Made from 100% natural zeolite, ZeoFill infill is completely safe for dogs and humans. It also helps keep water consumption to a minimum. The infill product has a shelf life of 30 years.

Artificial Grass Accessories

The infill contains Clinoptilolite, a naturally occurring silicate mineral that is formed when seawater meets molten volcanic lava. The honeycomb-like structure of Clinoptilolite traps negative ions that would otherwise gasify in a lawn. In addition to reducing smell, this material also helps stabilize artificial grass surfaces.

ZeoFill is the safest and most environmentally-friendly synthetic grass infill on the market. It also neutralizes ammonia, the main odor-causing agent in pet urine. Unlike conventional synthetic grass infill, ZeoFill’s unique composition prevents ammonium from turning into gas and emitting unpleasant odors. It is listed by the Organic Resources Management Institute (ORMI) as a non-hazardous substance.

ZeoFill is a pet deodorizer

ZeoFill is a pet deodourizer that is effective and eco-friendly. It contains no heavy metals or silica dust and is 97 percent pure. Its antibacterial properties also prevent the formation of bacterial growth. This product also helps pets to stay healthy by preventing the buildup of odor-causing microorganisms.

The granules that make up Zeofill are composed of a natural, organic substance that binds to ammonia-based odors in pet urine. Like baking soda, the substance works by absorbing water and cations. The micro-pores in the granules act like magnets, soaking up odor-causing liquids and preventing them from spreading to the surrounding environment.

Artificial Grass Accessories

This pet deodorizer is safe for use on your turf, and it is best when mixed with the turf fibers. It is recommended to apply a single pound per square foot of turf to a small dog’s yard, and two pounds per square foot for medium to large-sized dogs. Once in the turf fibers, ZeoFill’s granules adsorb the ammonia bacteria and prevent them from forming ammonia gas.

ZeoFill is made with the purest clinoptilolite zeolite available. It has the highest absorbtion capacity and is softer than silica sand. It is also durable, so it can withstand heavy traffic and not degrade. Plus, it’s 100% natural and organic, which makes it a natural and eco-friendly product.

Bella Turf’s Golf Cups

The Bella Turf Golf Cups are brilliant white and will make your backyard putting green pop. They are durable, have minimum taper and have been tested on over 1000 golf greens. Whether you are practicing your short game or trying to perfect your golf swing, you can trust the Bella Turf Golf Cups to last for years.

Artificial Grass Accessories

If you are looking for a putting green that looks great and is easy to install, Bella Turf’s Golf Cups are a great choice. You can get them in four distinct styles and two distinct shapes. The kits come with everything you need to set up a putting green and provide instructions for installation. Whether you’re a professional or just a family looking to improve your game, this product is a perfect solution.


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