Important Basic Features of Android app Development

Important Basic Features of Android app Development

Important Basic Features of Android app Development

One of the main elements that drives the traffic on your mobile app is the numerous features. You should be aware that Android app development is still ahead of the pack with its holding on to around 85.9 percent of the global market share.

The Android app development dominate the majority of the businesses including social media apps, messaging and e-commerce applications, as well as on-demand apps, as well as enterprise applications. It is essential to Android app developers to work in detail and with dedication when integrating essential features. They have be attentive to the smallest details since there is no doubt that competition is extremely competitive.

Furthermore, the mobile application is constantly evolving with the potential to incorporate new and intriguing features that attract the user’s immediately and are user-friendly and user-friendly. There is always the option of modifying the features in keeping with the company’s needs.

Here are the most important and fundamental features of Andoroid app development.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

The most important feature you must incorporate in your Android app development process is the simplicity , with a hint more sophistication in your user’s interface. It is essential to ensure that the app’s functionality is easy to use, meaning that even people who do not have any prior experience using smartphones can use it effortlessly.

Remember that the majority of users form a positive impression or negative of the mobile app in just a few minutes of using it. So it is more effective to streamline what you are creating with the User Interface design and focus on it when creating the wireframes.
The application will be efficient in the time that users can access the page they desire in only several taps and not waiting for too long. Thus, creating an app shortcut for the most crucial functions could be an additional benefit.

In the current trends that are influencing the world of technology, gesture control has evolved into an integral part of the application that allows app developers to create blocks that incorporate newer capabilities. This ultimately results in the improvement of user experience.

The Login or Registration Page should be simple

A majority of mobile apps nowadays require users to sign-up using their mobile and email addresses. Users may be required to create a profile that allows the owner to gather the crucial data, particularly in the case of an app that is available on demand.

However, you need to ensure that your registration form is simple and concise. People may become annoyed by lengthy forms and unneeded questions. It is best to stick with your names, mobile numbers or email address, and, if needed, the address.

Integrating the Social Media Tools

The different platforms of social media are, without doubt one of the most efficient. And efficient marketing tools to use for Android promotion of your app. Therefore, it is crucial to connect to the social media platforms. Like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in order to advertise your app and give information regarding changes to the app. Users are also able to share their experiences making use of the application.

Implementing the Enterprise App Features

The Enterprise mobile app development has accelerated in the past couple of years, and because it has a variety of benefits, enterprises are slowly showing their interest in it.
One of the most significant advantages that it can provide is streamlining the process by enhancing communication between employees and the various teams. In addition, it is focused on providing strong security, which implies that your personal information is protected.

The enterprise apps also have chat or messaging features in order to let employees communicate with each other easily. Enterprise apps also include additional features, including ERP, CRM along with SAP integration.

The Space for User Feedback

Feedback from users is believed to be among the most vital aspects of your mobile app that decides if your brand’s reputation is a success or flop. Let and encourage more users to give you valuable feedback on your app, either through writing comments or via ratings.

As you receive more positive feedback from your users, the more you get from your potential customers the more opportunities you will have to enhance the features of your app. It is an essential part of the task to assess its performance Android application on a regular basis. Actually, it’s an excellent and encouraging gesture by the app’s owner and developer, expressing his concern regarding the app’s users.

Fast Loading Speed

One of the primary reason why the majority of mobile apps don’t make any kind of impact in the marketplace is due to their slow loading speeds. People prefer applications that have speedy response. So, if you’re integrating features of your Android application development, it is essential to ensure that this is on the top of your list of priorities.

It is essential to ensure that the loading time of your app is not 10 seconds, which could go to over 15 seconds. It should be extremely responsive, and all functions must function effectively when used any time of the day.

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Making it Compact is the Key

Users often complain about the absence of memory space because of the fact that they’re not able to keep their essential information. Now, it is your responsibility to fix this issue when you develop the Android application development.

So, what you could do is reduce or compress the size of your application, much in the interest of users. It’s evident that the larger the app’s size is bigger, the larger space it will take up, and it will take longer to update or download.

Keep in mind that each update expands the size of your app as you add more functions and features to serve your users better. It is recommended to eliminate functions that are not necessary in the application.

Supporting the Multiple Languages

Another feature that is sure to provide your Android application development an advantage in the race to win is the integration of support for different languages. The language you choose to use should be determined based on the intended audience. And region in which you will be releasing your application.

It must provide assistance for the most widely spoken languages in the world like English, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, and many more. If, however, you are creating the application in Asian continent, then Hindi and Arabic are also essential to be integrated. The integration of languages also depends on the financial capacity of the app’s client.

Should Work in Offline Mode as Well

It’s not possible to connect to the internet all the time and be online every day. So it is essential that your Android app must offer offline mode, as well.

It is important to give users the benefit of app accessibility even if there isn’t an internet connection. Users will be delighted using the app’s features without wasting their data.

Cloud Computing and Payment Integration

As technology is constantly evolving cloud computing could be considered a significant advantage for your Android app development. Cloud computing is an attribute that lets you develop a range of different apps, including messaging apps, etc. It will increase your app’s performance and make it prominent in the web traffic.

Furthermore, you may consider integrating the payments gateway function. Today, a majority of apps allow users to purchase the product or service via the app and not through any other tools.


The Android apps are today fighting an intense rivalry in all the inductors. One of the key elements that will help your app stand out in the pack is providing users. With unique, user-friendly and simple features.

The people of today are very discerning and it is essential to choose the most crucial features cautiously before implementing them. It is recommended to conduct market research or design an MVP of the product. To gain an accurate picture of consumer and market desire.If you have ane query about this article. You are feel free to Contact our Android app Development Experts.


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