Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces are a good choice for people who want to straighten their teeth. Not everyone who needs orthodontics has clear braces because clear braces won’t fix some serious problems that can cause crooked teeth.

Many people don’t have straight braces since they were young. and when older They decided they wanted straighter teeth. These individuals are older and often reluctant to walk with metal wires and braces for a few years with Traditional Braces Invisalign clear braces making them less visible than traditional braces.

If you have symptoms that you believe can be corrected with clear braces You will want to find an orthodontist who performs Invisalign clear aligners.

Some of the benefits of Invisalign clear aligners include:

• Invisalign aligners can be removed when eating and drinking. to avoid damaging or contaminating food or beverages Traditional braces cannot be removed when you eat and drink.
• When you have finished clear braces. You don’t have to worry about the braces leaving marks on your natural teeth. Traditional braces can leave discolored parts on your natural teeth that are visible after removing the wire and braces. These discolored areas can last a few weeks, months, or your entire life.
• You don’t have Invisalign clear braces every few months. Traditional braces are tightened periodically to allow the tooth to push in the desired direction to continue moving. This is the painful part of wearing braces.
• Your coworkers may not even know you are wearing braces. These are almost invisible to the naked eye because they are so clear.
• You can remove braces and clean teeth and accessories. thoroughly This eliminates bad breath. When you wear traditional braces Food scraps may get stuck behind the wire. cause bad breath
• When you receive the device Show that you have paid for the change of clothes. If you lose or break your device You can get a replacement device for free.
• Your dental options are kept more private. Since not everyone will notice the device clearly. if you work in business You will find that wearing braces makes people take you seriously. but with a device that is almost invisible, You don’t have to worry
• The price of the machine is comparable to the price of the traditional mounting bracket.
• Most orthodontists can install these devices.
• The clear version requires less care to see an orthodontist. Traditional metal wire and braces It is necessary to see an orthodontist at least once a month. These visits can be difficult for workers because they will cause you to miss work. Clear devices require less traffic. This means you need less time off.

Different types of braces

There are many options for braces. which is not only the appearance only but also the material treatment time, price, and location on the teeth or mouth as well

Traditional braces

Traditional braces are the standard metal that most people think of when they hear the term “braces.” “Braces”, the latest innovation in this form, is a combination of the metal with nickel-titanium. instead of just stainless steel One problem with traditional orthodontics is that teeth can be stained and still be visible. If you are allergic to nickel You can have gold-plated braces. Traditional braces are made of stainless steel and are attached to each tooth through a process called brazing. where braces are attached to the front of the teeth These are the cheapest types of braces.

Ceramic bracket

Ceramic braces are used in the same way as traditional braces. by holding each tooth separately The difference is the type of material and the appearance that follows. Many are translucent and are sometimes referred to as clear braces. However, you will still see a metallic line running along the front of both the upper and lower rows of teeth where the ceramic element attaches to the tooth. Unfortunately, the disadvantage in appearance is that ceramic braces are not as strong. They are brittle and can break.


Lingual braces are behind the teeth and are not visible from the front. As you might know from the name (Language means tongue) Braces can be tricky because they interfere with the movement of the tongue. in the beginning, Many wearers have difficulty speaking before adjusting to language constraints. They are generally more expensive and more difficult to maintain.

Clear hanging line

Clear braces are clear plastic braces. These are often available in progressive trays that will change over time. These types of braces come off for eating and brushing. Insert the trays or braces for a period of time until the teeth correct themselves to the alignment process. then put on a new outfit These are almost imperceptible and do not require threading or tightening. Invisalign is a clear aligner, like Originator and ClearCorrect normally not used for major corrections and can be given by both dentists and orthodontists.

Smart braces

Smart Brackets is a new type that has not yet been created. It contains a microchip that measures the force acting on the teeth and braces. Ideally, the use of this technology will reduce the treatment time. the patient’s discomfort and hopefully there will be costs involved.

Wear braces when growing up

While there seems to be no official information. It seems highly likely that children who have been advised to wear braces in the past tend to avoid it. by changing dentists or not returning to regular check-ups Although this is clearly undesirable. But it’s completely understandable considering the amount of teasing and bullying that can happen during our teenage years.

However, by avoiding the dentist and increasing the likelihood of tooth decay and other damage to the teeth, it is very likely that many of these children are adults with wisdom teeth.

For the most part, this is probably what they thought they would be with for the rest of their lives. It is highly doubtful that many people may consider wearing braces as adults.

However, the good news is that braces can now be worn. but don’t be shy New invisible braces which are made of medical-grade plastic It’s a great way to straighten teeth while being almost invisible.

Unlike conventional metal braces, this new type of clear braces is not the same. instead of doing multiple sets, Each set will put your teeth in a new position. This is done using X-rays and impressions of your first cosmetic dentist visit. Simply put, you put on your first set of braces. which is similar to a mouthguard and you wear braces for about 4 weeks until the wisdom tooth moves to the intended position, do it. Just remove the braces and insert a second brace in place. And continue with this procedure until your teeth are in the right place.

The benefits of invisible braces don’t stop there. Not only is it invisible when worn. But you can also wear it while eating. Different from traditional orthodontics That can make it difficult to eat and also increase the risk of food getting stuck in it. which can lead to spoilage Just remove these braces before eating. and when finished Have your teeth clean and put the braces back on.

Of course, they have the disadvantage of being much more expensive than conventional braces. but with the benefits, It is probably a price worth paying.


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